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capturing the

With the rains of Flowerbirth gone, LongHeat is a time of light. Legend has it that if the sun is captured, the days can stay long forever, and with memories of the horrors of LongNight still fresh in mind and the hardships of Flowerbirth only days past, keeping the sun around seems a worthy if not lofty task.

LongHeat is a time of celebration and mirth for the Fae. While those in the barrier have witnessed the changing of seasons with a pragmatic eye, the Fae have cultivated tales and legends that usher in the changing of seasons with excitement and anticipation.

Welcome to the LongHeat seasonal event, another 2-parter! The second portion of the seasonal event will begin on June 1.

All requirements must be met to complete the event. Multiple characters can participate, but the threads do not carry across! (I.E. Both characters must complete all eight threads to gain +2 stat each).

Please include {SE} somewhere in your thread title.

Please complete the following requirements:

1. Learn about, or teach someone about, the "Capturing the Sun" myth
2. Weave/trade for/somehow acquire a basket to capture the sun with
3. Capture the sun! Or at least, try to! This can be trying to scoop it out of the water with your basket, using perspective to make it appear as if you have done so, etc, etc
4. Give an offering, sing a song, tell a story, etc to Safrin to keep her occupied so that she stays distracted and doesn't bring the night back too quickly!
5. Create/acquire a present to bring to the Midnight Gathering on June 1.

There are also new records for seasonal flora/fauna!

FlintHoppers (LongHeat): A particularly aggravating species of grasshopper that is rumoured to have been created by the Voice. With rear legs made out of a material not unlike flint, when these creatures rub their legs together they create sparks that during the Longheat drought can cause devastating wildfires.

Bloatbeetles (LongHeat): A metallic blue in colour, bloat beetles have been known to save lives during LongHeat as their bodies store nearly a litre of water inside of their hard shells. Docile and slow, bloatbeetles are typically found in shady and cool areas, lest the water within them boils in the sun and kills them.

Burros (LongHeat): Burros are a species of mole that dig prolific tunnels beneath the soil. Only coming to the surface during LongHeat when the ground is dry and there is little risk of their tunnels being caved in by moisture, these platypus-looking species can often be bribed to help till soil and aerate agricultural areas with berries and sweet cream.


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