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The wheel turns full circle, and Caido's coldest season comes around again. Nights draw in, temperatures plummet in all but the hottest of areas, and thoughts turn to cozy evenings in and taking stock of the past year.

Only this time around, there's more than foraging and snowball fights on people's minds. Change is in the cool air. It doesn't feel dangerous or loaded, - not yet, not like when war so recently reared its ugly head. But it's different enough for the world to sit up and take notice.

Maybe you should, too.

Welcome to Deepfrost 316 PC! If you're interested in the weather for your region during this time, please visit our SEASONS page!

This event will run from September 1 to October 31. All requirements must be met to complete the event. Multiple characters can participate, but the threads do not carry across! (I.E. Both characters must complete all threads to gain +2 stats each).

Please include {SE} somewhere in your thread title. Once all requirements are met, post them here with your OOC account, linking the necessary threads and where you'd like your +2 stats to be allocated! Threads must be archived before the end of the season in order to be accepted.

1. Complete a thread either hearing about or telling someone about Safrin's disappearance.
2. Complete a thread creating a light to hang outside your home/business. It can be a candle, a lantern, something bioluminescent, etc.
3. Complete a thread dedicated to deciding what you couldn't live without.
4. Complete a thread preparing for Longnight, whether through cleaning, stockpiling food/fuel, or other such things.
5. Complete a thread during Longnight, enjoying someone else's company in whatever way you see fit.
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