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The 'moon', a great, roaring sister to the pale orb that hangs in Caido's skies, grows larger.

And larger. And larger still.

There is no dawn, that first day of Longheat, only an oppressive violet horizon and the sort of visceral rumble that is felt in the bones and behind the teeth.

When the meteor hits, far out in the Arclight, all feels eerily, peacefully quiet.

Until it isn't.

Stormbreak gets the best seats in the house, and from the Spyglass the scale of the destruction will be all too clear. The biting light that spears into the air on impact, the undulating ripple of a shockwave that forms, and then begins to consume islands and coastlines in a devastating tsunami.

Torchline is hit first and worst, and no amount of monsoon protection can stop the waves from raking over sand and stone, wiping out buildings and some unlucky ships in their entirety.

Halo comes next, icy but nonetheless coastal, and glaciers ride and splinter on the force of the incoming tide, swarming towards the Citadel and taking out arable land and tundra alike.

As for the other regions, comparatively lower (but no less deadly) tides cause chaos and wide-scale damage, and as the proverbial dust settles, veins of startling purple still streak the sky, even in daylight.

The death toll is innumerable; the destruction absolute.

And the meteor, in its turbulent arrival, squats in the Arclight, a new and ominous island in the surf.

Welcome to Longheat 317 PC! If you're interested in the weather for your region during this time, please visit our SEASONS page!

This event will run from January 1 to February 29. All requirements must be met to complete the event. Multiple characters can participate, but the threads do not carry across! (I.E. Both characters must complete all threads to gain +2 stats each).

Please include {SE} somewhere in your thread title. Once all requirements are met, post them here with your OOC account, linking the necessary threads and where you'd like your +2 stats to be allocated! Threads must be archived before the end of the season in order to be accepted.


  1. Complete a thread trying to repair the devastation in one of the affected regions.
  2. Complete a thread talking to a character from another region about the changes they have experienced there.
  3. Complete a thread encountering one of the new species of void flora/fauna that have appeared.
  4. Complete a thread planting or healing something (consider this an apology for missing Fiat Lux!).
  5. Complete a thread making something by hand - even better if it helps someone/the community!

The Flora and Fauna page has been significantly updated with new Void creatures for each region!

Torchline has suffered a devastating -30 to their regional score. All businesses along the coast (the Hanged Man+guild inside, the port (and skyport), ) have been destroyed.

Halo has suffered -15 to their regional score. Svaturis Bay is now a lake with water right outside the citadel gates.

Consider the Oerwoud and Feverlands are mostly submerged.

Visiting the Starfall board will likely result in a KQ set to extreme difficulty and will not be based on level. Visit at your own risk.

If you are interested in participating on the side of the VILLAINS or as plot fodder, please msg your admin chat.
Code blatently stolen from queen of codes, Sky!

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