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Are you feeling good? Caido sure is, though it has a funny way of showing it. After the snow and darkness of Deepfrost, the pale sunlight is a blessing representing the dawn of a new year. A time for renewal, rebirth and new beginnings, there's a fresh energy buzzing through the regions, though it might be fair to say that some things are better left asleep.

Alas, the world is awake, with all of its bizarre trimmings, and if you don't go out to experience it for yourself, it might just come to you instead. Happy Flowerbirth!

You may notice some strange weather across Caido this Flowerbirth!

Torchline will experience some exceedingly high tides, with record-breaking waves. Great for surfing!
Stormbreak is under seige by very stormy weather well beyond the norm. Constant thunder and lightning make it difficult to get around.
In The Greatwood, extremely high winds have stripped the trees of their new leaves. The trees are not happy about this.
The Hollowed Grounds will not experience a single sunny day this season. It is constantly raining, and the region is at risk of flooding.
A heatwave has come to Halo, the likes of which has never been seen before. Ice is melting that was previously considered permafrost.

There are also some curious (dare we say it, ominous) flora variants appearing in the regions. What a total random happenstance!

Spinebloom (infected variant - The Climb): Once a vibrant flower with razor-sharp petals, the Spinebloom has succumbed to the influence of void energy. The petals now emit an eerie, dim glow, and their edges have become even sharper. Touching the Spinebloom now can cause an unsettling numbness, and the once sweet fragrance has turned into a foul, otherworldly scent.

Void Whisperer (infected variant - Hollowed Ground): Originally a sentient book, the Void Whisperer has been tainted by the void. Instead of transporting people to fictional worlds, it now traps them in nightmarish realms filled with distorted realities and haunting echoes. Those who venture into its pages may find themselves lost in the twisted corridors of their own fears.

Void River Stars (infected variant - Greatwood, King’s End, Oerwoud, Torchline): The carnivorous River Stars, tainted by void energy, have become even more sinister. Their once vibrant appearance has faded into shades of deep black and purple. Now, instead of waiting for prey to step onto their centers, they actively seek out creatures, using void-infused tendrils to ensnare and drain the life force from their victims.

Void Tangleweed (infected variant - Hollowed Ground): The normally spherical and sentient Tangleweed has been corrupted by the void. Its limbs, once resembling branches, now writhe with shadowy tendrils. Touching the Void Tangleweed not only induces numbness but also opens a temporary connection to the void, causing unsettling visions and hallucinations.

Void Lotus (infected variant - Hak Etme): Once a symbol of purity and enlightenment, the Void Lotus has been tainted by the void. Its petals, once pristine white, now shimmer with ominous shades of deep purple and black. The serene fragrance has transformed into a haunting scent that induces a sense of unease. Those who linger too close risk being drawn into a nightmarish dreamscape.

Echo Ferns (infected variant - Greatwood): Originally vibrant and harmonious, the Echo Ferns now resonate with void energy. Their once-green fronds have withered into darkened silhouettes, and each rustle of their leaves emits an unsettling echo. Touching the Echo Ferns not only causes physical discomfort but also triggers haunting whispers that echo through the depths of the Greatwood.

Nether Vines (infected variant - Oerwoud): The once-sentient vines of the Oerwoud have succumbed to the influence of the void. Instead of playfully disrupting travels, the Nether Vines actively seek out unsuspecting prey. Covered in shadowy tendrils, these vines ensnare creatures and drain the life force from them. The air around them is thick with an oppressive darkness, making it challenging to navigate through the once-vibrant Oerwoud.

Void Blossom (infected variant - Torchline): Originally a breathtaking flower along the coastal regions of Torchline, the Void Blossom now exudes an aura of impending doom. Its petals, once radiant with fiery hues, have turned ashen, and a sickly sweet scent wafts from its corrupted bloom. The Void Blossom attracts not only insects but also the shadows of void-infused creatures, making it a perilous sight for those who venture too close

Ethereal Frostbloom (infected variant - Halo): Once a delicate and otherworldly flower that thrived in the icy landscapes of Halo, the Ethereal Frostbloom has fallen victim to the encroaching void. Its petals, which once sparkled like freshly fallen snow, now emit an eerie, pulsating glow. The frosty fragrance has twisted into a chilling scent that seems to pierce through the coldest winds. Encountering the Ethereal Frostbloom sends a shiver down the spine, as it draws energy from the void, freezing the surrounding environment and everything in its vicinity.

Welcome to Flowerbirth 317 PC! If you're interested in the weather for your region during this time, please visit our SEASONS page!

This event will run from November 1 to December 31. All requirements must be met to complete the event. Multiple characters can participate, but the threads do not carry across! (I.E. Both characters must complete all threads to gain +2 stats each).

Please include {SE} somewhere in your thread title. Once all requirements are met, post them here with your OOC account, linking the necessary threads and where you'd like your +2 stats to be allocated! Threads must be archived before the end of the season in order to be accepted.

1. Complete a thread either visiting the meteorite crash site (you can do this by starting an SE thread in the main King's End board) OR hear about it from someone who has visited personally.
2. Complete a thread experiencing one of the strange weather patterns occurring throughout Caido.
3. Complete a thread encountering one of the odd species of flora that have appeared.
4. Complete a thread cleaning up after LongNight in your region (or a region of your choice, if you are nomadic).
5. Complete a thread making and flying a kite to embrace the outdoors.

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