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  Falling slowly
Posted by: Remi - 46 minutes ago - Forum: Domiciles - Replies (6)

So Phoebe was accidentally pregnant and he had to hear about it from Emmett. There were a number of things that bothered the alchemist about that order of events, but for now he could easily set that aside. Would he tell Phoebe she was an idiot, just as he'd done with the boy? Of course.

But congratulations were in order first.

So arriving at her house but not as he'd done a hawk so many long months ago when they'd first met nor when she'd set up her clinic, now Remi was all man, all smiles, with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Knocking on the door, Remi hummed to himself as he waited.

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  we are the music makers, the dreamers of dreams
Posted by: Lily - Yesterday, 09:15 PM - Forum: The Settlement - No Replies

women are like tricks by sleight of hand
which, to admire, we should not understand
It was a no-go on a piano from the Gods, which Lily had to admit, was some sort of fantasy anyway. Would have been a cool story though, anytime anyone sat down to play at it, she could have said they were paying some sort of homage to Frey, or whomever.

Well, perhaps that was the real problem. She hadn’t chosen any God in particular, so it is likely difficult to persuade anyone to pay attention to her.

That’s alright, she has plenty of mortal attention to choose from. And this time, she’s hoping to find a bunch of well-built, eventually sweaty, preferably handsome (but she’s not picky right now, just needs the labor) men to help her put her entertainment haus together. She has the wood from Arthur to make a stage, a smaller sized, abandoned house picked out, some tools and nails… and lots of cool water for refreshments. No one can say she doesn’t take care of her helpers.

The morning dawns bright and early and Lily hauls all her stuff to the little house, throwing open the doors and shutters and letting the sunshine in. Dust specks float everywhere, there are a few animals nests in the corners and some bones, too. She’s happy to sweep and clean, but there’s a hole in the roof to repair and the beginnings of a bar to make. And while the redhead is damn good at pounding things, she doesn’t have the technical know-how to make sure everything is secure and ship-shape.

So she waits a little bit, and hopes a couple of her acquaintances will show up.


This is a PQ to set up Balfour's House of Revelries! 3-4 people needed. She's hoping for men, but please don't let that stop you. Ladies welcome too Wink


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  Grim Omens
Posted by: Bastien - Yesterday, 05:45 PM - Forum: Crimson Cataract - No Replies

Setting off to explore outside the barrier, Bastien had been a little disappointed that all he and Rexanna had come across for a long while was woodland. Pretty woodland sure, a little hard to navigate, with odd shadows and whispers as if someone were watching...but it was all just trees, all the same. He wasn't sure what it was he had been expecting, but it was more than some bark and leaves.

In some ways he was glad. He was still concerned for Rexanna's safety and while trees were boring, they didn't usually leave people for dead or cause them much harm. Thought it was a far cry from the adventure they had planned together...

[say]"What if -"[/say] He asked back to Rexanna, as he stepped over a root. [say]"-The whole rest of the continent is nothing but trees? Perhaps we resided in the one interesting part of the whole land. I've been told of fairies around here, but..."[/say] Bastien shook his head skeptically. He wasn't sure why, given the existence of vampires and Gods walking the earth here, but fairies seemed a step too far into make-believe.

Little did he know they were about to come across something that was not a tree at all, a shock of red on the landscape. Bastien heard the water and turned to Rexanna, not seeing the red behind him. [say]"Where do you think that water is, cara?"[/say]

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  [SE] for a moment I forget to worry
Posted by: Amalia - 04-24-2019, 11:00 PM - Forum: Fiat Lux - Replies (2)

Late afternoon of the festival, and the Amalia who has returned to her post is a far cry from the girl who first opened it. Smiling, the baker greets and gathers, warm welcomes offered to all passers by. Though not gone, never gone, the apprehension and anxiety which infuses her skin is faded, at least, returned to its normal post of watcher, a snake in the grass for now undisturbed. The stall itself feels more alive, vibrant and alight with flowers, banners, and bread, bustling and crawling with festival goers eager to collect pasties and cakes.

By dusk they are nearly out of wares. Foot traffic has been plentiful, the initial apprehensive of the Naturals at last giving way to grudging acceptance of the youngest Chandrakant. So when business at last lulls to a brief stop it is a welcome respite, a chance for the girl to catch her breath. Amalia sighs happily, leaning heavily on her elbows, her leaf green dress characteristically covered in flour. She surveys her remaining stock: a collection of soft buns, sticky and sweet, alongside some cookies and one last loaf of hewa, decorated with a traditional sun. She ought to start packing, she knows, cleaning and sweeping and preparing to take down the stall.

But for the moment she is content to stand, looking out into the vibrant festival and breathing in the warm spring air. Besides, there will be time tomorrow. Today is for pleasure, and happiness, and fun.

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  show me what you got
Posted by: Ianto - 04-24-2019, 05:48 PM - Forum: Wishing Wagon - Replies (7)

The will-o-wisps gathered in droves about the Wishing Wagon, casting it in a merry (ghoulish?) light that was only complemented by the moon and the stars hanging above. The evening was just drawing in when it had appeared as if by magic, torches scattered here and there to mark its place on the Outskirts before the scorch line of the barrier.

Ethereal music echoed from within, promising further wonders and excitement, and for those who gathered, they would not be disappointed. Flinging open the shutters to reveal a polished wooden countertop and rows and rows of delights for the taking, Ianto Dea Arduinna flashed a golden grin out to the waiting customers.

[say]"Welcome all, to the Wishing Wagon!"[/say] He greeted them all as if this were a show - and as a merchant, it very well might be. [say]"Tonight I bring you glorious items from across the Greatwood and even beyond!"[/say] Probably, he didn't know. [say]"Interested? Of course you are. All you need to do is make me an offer I can't refuse on the item of your choice."[/say] He tipped them a wink and propped an elbow on the counter, waiting expectantly.

Welcome to the Wishing Wagon mini event! The items currently available for sale are as follows:

Cool Whip
Shrunken Skull
Lucky Rabbit's Foot
Safety Pin
2 pieces of parchment
Bone Dice

If your character is interested in any of the items, please make Ianto an offer of something in exchange. ;D It does not necessarily have to be an item or coin, etc. (though you can use those if you like). Ianto may consider anything - a song, a story, a promise, a secret, a lock of hair, a love letter... anything you can think of that he may find useful or interesting.

You may make an offer on only ONE item.

If multiple people bid on the same item, Ianto will definitely succumb to bribes and/or favouritism.

If Ianto isn't interested, you may not haggle. However, that isn't to say he won't try to haggle with you...

Enjoy! You have 72 hours to make your offers.

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  25 God-Becoming Tips You Must See To Believe!
Posted by: Bastien - 04-24-2019, 03:33 PM - Forum: Monster Hunters Guild - Replies (2)

It really was some of his best work.

Ronin's likeness practically jumped off of the canvas, the sight of his face actually making Bastien rather emotional for the loss of the man on his later nights painting. There was something about the moonlight and mourning, he thought. Something that had inspired him to paint Ronin laughing, light catching his eyes. He had only a few sketches to work from (for everyone who entered his accquaintance was honoured with at least one sketchbook page, except for Phoebe) and his memory, but he was very proud when he stepped back from the last mark.

Vanya's portrait was more subdued, quiet. Softer, almost as if she was attempting to balance out the light of Ronin's expression. Bastien had only met her the once but he had liked her very well for it, so took time to remember her features as best he could. The two portraits were joined by a golden border that matched up between them. For a moment he toyed with adding Aoife, but decided to not put in a baby among the dead. It seemed wrong, somehow.

With both the canvases tucked under his arm he headed to the Guild, expecting to see Remi. There would probably be tears, he supposed (hoped, for an emotional response was something all artists craved, he believed).

Bastien knocked on the door then began to push it open, yelling his arrival with: [say]"It is Bastien! Accompanied with two rather flat friends!"[/say]

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  I Will Cut It Short
Posted by: Caiside - 04-24-2019, 03:01 AM - Forum: Shrine - No Replies

Caiside wasn’t sure why he was bothering following the same path to the glade again. None of his prayers so far had gone how he had wanted, or even expected. The Gods here were not what he expected, not what he knew how to answer. Of course the Gods where he came from were fickle, and prone to fits of passion and impossible to understand fancies, but there were rules. He didn’t know what they were here.

With a sigh, Caiside set down his bag, clearing a space on the ground where he could kneel, and set up his offerings. While he was growing weary of this song and dance, his offerings were, as always, as quality as he could manage. A crown, made of scavenged silver metal by his own hand, seven thorns rising up from its circumference, moons decorating the spaces between them. On its inner rim a prayer in his native tongue was carefully etched, a hope for prosperity and kind eyes on him. Caiside set it down on a mossy space reverently, using his sleeve to wipe away any blemishes from its surface, then knelt down.

Stripping off his robes and shirt, Caiside knelt down, reaching into his bag for one last thing. A blade, shiny and newly sharpened, made specifically for this purpose. This was the last way to curry favour he knew. The blade went into his hand easily, moving along a thin scar from the few other times he’d resorted to this. [say]”It’s not gold anymore, and I apologize.”[/say] He began, closing his hand and squeezing it into the circle of the crown. [say]”But that is one of the things I am looking to regain. Or at least.... some shade of that.”[/say] Caiside clasped his hands together above his head, then tipped his head back, looking to the skies. [say]”I simply.... I miss what I was. I miss what I did. I want to be a part of something again.”[/say]

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  Bounty on your head
Posted by: Delah - 04-24-2019, 02:33 AM - Forum: Sidhe Village - Replies (12)

[say]They will join you soon.[/say] Delah replies soundlessly to Amalia's plea. And then they are off.

She doesn't struggle, that is good for them, but stupid for her. The Fae value strength, any of the assembled would cut off their limbs and murder their kin before being taken hostage.

It is why they hate the newcomers so much, naturals and outlanders alike. They do not belong in the woods. They can sully and ruin their own worlds, break their own societies and curse their bodies. But the Fae will have none of it, Delah less so than most.

Oh she has seen some of them with their wandering eyes, their curious conversations. She will cut this off at the quick before it goes any farther.

And it starts with one.

This one.

Delah barks orders in a language that sounds like plants growing and winds ruffling through stones. Around Amalia the bonds become loser, falling away entirely. Her muzzle is released, but then again, it wasn't through her feline lips that she had been communicating anyways.

[say]"Jump."[/say] Delah demands, outloud and in common tongue now. Before Amalia is a giant pit, at least 30ft down. There is a man down there, an outlander (Adam) captured earlier, though he appears to be unconscious, or perhaps just...sleeping?

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  shaking like the devil when she lets me go
Posted by: Killian - 04-24-2019, 02:23 AM - Forum: Woodland - Replies (4)

After having helped repurposing a barn for Emmett, Killian thought he might spend the later hours of the day in the settlement. However when the sun crested over the horizon, giving birth to a plethora of brilliant hues, he found himself drawn further from the dull buildings and out into nature. He chased the sun west, following her on fleet feline paws. There was a heightening sort of exhilaration when chasing something, even when that something was inanimate, and promised no reward. Just feeling as though he was headed towards something, gave him a predator’s rush and that thrill seeker’s joy.

So when he reached the tree line and entered the woods, he already felt as though a hunt had begun, he only needed to find a target that was a bit more tangible. The boy paused, taking in the scents around him, tail flicking with anticipation. One in particular caught his attention, a ruminant, not something he’d hunted yet in these woods, that would prove and interesting challenge. Kiki loved a good challenge, so with a soft purr the golden dappled cat began to follow the scent, seeking his prize in the vibrant light of dusk.


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  Trinkets and Baubles
Posted by: Jiao - 04-23-2019, 05:52 PM - Forum: Shrine - Replies (1)

Jiao had not always been the most devout of the Fae. She'd prayed to the Gods at festivals or when she really wanted something, but usually was content to let them lead their lives while she led hers. There was no need for the two to come together, she thought.

But with the loss of the barrier and the sudden influx of people in the wildwood, the exploration she'd done and new (plain, ugly) faces she'd seen...for the first time in life, she was unsure. Unsure of what to do. Was she to continue life as it always had been in Sidhe? That seemed to be what a lot of Fae wanted to do. Stay gated, stay far away, fight off the Outlanders with sticks (quite literally). Or was she to go and talk to these newly revealed people? Make a bridge?

It was not often she had a thought so distracting it took her away from her work, but this one had. Before the shrine she scattered several bright glass gems, coloured in reds, blues, purples...every hue she could find. The gems made soft tinkly noises as they fell down between the statues and she crossed her legs mid-air, looked at the shrine.

"My offering is stones, really pretty ones. I haven't got a lot of purples left, so there's only one of those, but you have two of every other colour...anyway. I...can I talk to someone? About what's going on now?"

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