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  The Iron Leaf
Posted by: Darkeye - 06-23-2022, 01:46 PM - Forum: Domiciles - Replies (3)

A broad smile was seen as Darkeye set to work at his forge he would forge another heavy iron spear and try to make the blade look like a leaf. The shaft should also be made of iron but look like a branch. He would then try to work runes as well as animals and plants into the metal. That everyone could see from whom this spear was.

He fired up the coals and had extra iron and a few blocks of bronze and hoped that he could work out some of the markings but he would need help because bronze and iron are very difficult to combine with each other he would need help and hoped that soon someone would come to help.

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  (open)Herbs in the Labyrinth
Posted by: Darkeye - 06-23-2022, 01:39 PM - Forum: The Labyrinth - No Replies

Darkeye looked at the old walls, reclaimed by nature, and thought about how best to gather the efas herbs he needed. He wanted to make some ointments from them and also some for the task he had with Frey.

So he stood at the entrance of the labyrinth and thought back to the last dream coincidence will hardly be. But he could get lost and maybe it was necessary not to do it alone. He wanted to fulfill the task in Frey's head and hoped that he would meet someone here. Time will tell and maybe he could make new or old contacts.

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  First Aid is needed
Posted by: Darkeye - 06-23-2022, 12:53 PM - Forum: Infirmary - Replies (1)

Darkeye had a very precise idea of who he could ask for the first help for the queste that Frey had given him. He went back to the infirmary and hoped that he could find Isla there who could show him the knowledge. It might not be bad to have such skills in the future.

He hoped that this time it would not become such a conversation again. It was also a question of the price she wanted to pay for the knowledge. He had taken the precaution of a few Landhai teeth and skin with him. maybe it would also be possible to fulfill her a diest for it. [say]"Hello Isla I hope I am not disturbing you. I need help and thought you might know someone. I would like to learn first aid and hope that someone can take the time,"[/say] he said kindly.

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  so long and goodnight
Posted by: Vervain - 06-22-2022, 04:03 PM - Forum: The Wildwood - Replies (2)

There is no sun or moon at LongNight, but the Greatwood has its own tricks and treats. Vai is gathering hardy flowers that glow as if infused with moonlight, on her knees in a dense and dark patch of the woodland. Fireflies and wisps drift through the naked branches and settle in her dark hair, giving her further illumination to work by as she carefully unearths one of the plants.

Loosening the roots from the cold dirt and snow and carefully placing it in her basket, she plans to replant a few of them around her cottage. They will make a nice addition each Longnight, she thinks. Humming under her breath and moving on to the next flower, the witch feels an almost obscene sense of peace as she goes about her task. It's as if she's exactly where she's meant to be.

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  the skin of a predator
Posted by: Isla - 06-21-2022, 06:06 PM - Forum: The Settlement - Replies (4)

It isn't often that Isla finds cause to even go this far out into the Settlement. She doesn't need food or water and most of the time she's capable of digging up whatever herbs and other medicinal plants she requires herself. And anything else comes via deliveries to the Infirmary. But this is a special request, from the most special of goddesses, and so out Isla comes. There's a tanner on the very fringes of the market (of course) and she needs some leather made.

This isn't any leather, though - the pelt she carries is from a bear, gifted from a hunter who had needed to visit her clinic to take care of some injuries. (Injuries caused by the bear). And although it might be pitch black and although it has only been a couple of years since monsters roamed LongNight, the number of Ascended plus the relative safety has allowed the Grounds to operate on something of a business as usual basis.

Crunching through the snow with the pelt over her shoulder, Isla approaches the tanner without delay.

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  [SE] do you see what I see
Posted by: Neron - 06-11-2022, 07:29 PM - Forum: Ruins - Replies (8)

He'd agreed to meet Wessex out here for some training, but whereas, as an Abandoned, Neron would have absolutely overslept and been embarrassingly late, not needing to sleep has eliminated that issue. He arrives in his customary black, hands resting in the pockets of his coat and his collar turned up against the falling snow, raising his eyebrows at a flurry of evergreens that seem to be flanking the nearby ruins.

Not having expected anything to grow here, let alone some fine looking firs, the Hailstorm strolls deeper into the impromptu forest to inspect them further. He's lingering next to one that seems adorned with gift tags when he realises the trees have sort of... closed around him, almost? [say]"If this is how I die, it will be very embarrassing,"[/say] he informs no one in particular, trying to peer through the trees to see the path he'd been following.

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  [open se] all is calm, all is bright
Posted by: Wessex - 06-07-2022, 08:46 PM - Forum: Woodland - Replies (2)

LongNight draws near again. It always does; time has no intention of stopping for them. And though she has no need to collect snow moss to dampen footsteps or block out stray beams of light, there is something both morbidly comforting in doing it again. Besides… the Barracks could probably use something to plug the bits that mortar missed, or has since been chipped away. Surely some other houses might need some repairing - or warming - too.

With a large basket and several knives in tow, the General heads out into the Woodlands to seek the old places she knows well. She makes clear tracks across a cover of newly fallen snow, the crunching of her boots becoming more muffled the deeper into the trees she goes. For the most part, she thinks she’s alone - and that’s just fine with her - that is, until she comes across another pair of footprints.

Huh. Curious...

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  baby, it's cold outside
Posted by: Andromeda - 06-07-2022, 05:47 PM - Forum: Sea of Branches - Replies (3)

The planks beneath her running shoes groan slightly as Andromeda walks carefully over them, her chocolate eyes set upon the river. Frost clings to the wooden walkways in the early morning air as a soft breeze’s icy fingers grasp at loose strands of hair framing her face. Lifting a gloved hand to push the unruly strands beneath her beanie, Andromeda halts for a moment and lifts her chin, breathing deeply.

It had been awhile since she’d been to this area of the Greatwood, but it never ceased to amaze her with its beauty. It was a wonder, even during Deepfrost, that the Wood took such good care of its inhabitants. Even during the coldest months, the ancient trees provide enough shelter to halt the worst wintery days.

Staring out at the placid river, Andromeda begins her stretches, pulling a knee to her chest while practicing her breathing exercises, preparing her lungs for the cold. Today was a perfect day for her usual morning run, slightly colder than yesterday but without the cloud cover. With the warmth of the rising sun heating her cheeks, she releases her leg before lifting her other and turning her attention to the Treehouse nearby.
“I wonder what he’s up to this morning,” she whispers to no one, head tilting as she contemplates the Guardian that no doubt knew exactly what she was doing this morning. No, she hadn’t met him, her mother had kept her under wraps for a long time - she had met a sparse few of her fellow Greatwood residents. Perhaps, it was time to change that.



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  can your mouse tell jokes?
Posted by: Charlotte - 06-03-2022, 09:28 PM - Forum: The Settlement - Replies (1)

the world turned on me, as if I cared for it

Memories passed in Charlotte's mind as she set up for her first performance on the streets of the settlement in the Hollowed Ground.

Her mother. A small speck twirling in the sky. Even from high up above, you could catch her mother's beautiful figure move amongst flashes of eye-catching silks. Then a memory of her father. His bellowing voice that carried in any space that he spoke in. Calling in droves of people around her family's small performance. Lottie's parents were interesting and successful performers, travelling when the people began to lose interest.

Lottie was never skilled with any of her family's talents. She had just been a small and weak girl tasked with rounding up the coin tips. The one to fetch her parent's drinks at the end of the night and then hide in the shadows. How was a girl who was taught to be talentless and invisible supposed to pick up the tricks of her parents?

She felt like a fraud standing there in her juxtaposition of a vibrant violet cloak over her plain brown dress. Along with her she had lugged a small birdcage that held Magnus, a little mouse that she found scrounging around for food. It was a relatively light object but Charlotte was so weak that carrying even this across the street had forced her to take a few moments to catch her breath.

After a moment to catcher her breath, she placed the cage that held Magnus on a nearby large pile of wooden debris so that Magnus was more eye level with people who may want to view her trick. She forced her mind in that of a performer as she scanned the streets for anyone, someone, that might be intrigued enough to stop over.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Umm... gorgeous people of this beautiful town", She let out, internally kicking herself for sounding ridiculous. For one; the town was not known for it's current state of beauty. And second; she sounded incredibly silly. If only she had been given her father's charm. But she had something that her father did not have, magic.

"Would any of you like to hear a hilarious joke spoken right from the mouth of the funniest mouse in all of Caido?" She tried again but was met by silence. Lottie would not be disheartened, her eyes met another's and she clung to them. She would not let go. "You there! Have you ever heard a mouse comedian? Surely not, come close!"
my soul burns just as bright  

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  Way down we go
Posted by: Ophelia - 06-03-2022, 07:10 PM - Forum: The Underground - No Replies

Winter is inarguably the best season to be an Ascended. The sunlight is muted by thick cloud cover, and hangs in the sky for fewer hours. The cold can’t be felt even when the snow piles up against dilapidated buildings and pockmarked stone streets. It’s ironic then that Ophelia chooses now to investigate the Underground’s cavernous depths when it would be a more suitable adventure for a day when they need to hide out from the sun. But the days are long and boring, and their life is otherwise empty - a depressing thought on the surface, but with the entire world at their fingertips after a lifetime of relative confinement and oppression, Ophelia finds the idea of such freedom exhilarating.

They haven’t made it very far into the tunnels, armed with a torch and little else aside from basic defensive weapons. And, childlike in their inexperience in the world, they pause in the opening and lift a hand beside their mouth. [say]“Echo!”[/say] they call, and their face brightens as it echoes down the tunnel back at them, heralding the giggles back that follow summarily as well.

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