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  you've been chosen
Posted by: Rexanna - 6 hours ago - Forum: Temple - No Replies

Loren’s apology is unexpected, but a welcome one. And while they didn’t exactly get a chance to talk at that instance, far too much preparing before darkness fully hit and the doors were locked and guarded, she figures that now once things have calmed down she could seek the Launceleyn out. To formally accept his apology – an easy enough idea for her. She typically isn’t one to harbor any frustration toward others, unless they’ve directly affected her. Like Zariah.

But things like what happened between Loren and her? She can forgive that. It’s easy, a simple forgiveness from a forgiving person. That’s definitely one of her faults, but she out of everyone believes in second or third chances, however many it might take. So she scopes out, searching for Loren in the dark candle lit halls of the Temple, the edges of a smile crossing her face when she finally spots the man. “[say]Loren, got time to chat?[/say]”

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  temple fun times (open)
Posted by: Oliver - 8 hours ago - Forum: Temple - Replies (2)

The Temple had a lot to offer. Totally. Okay...not really.

Oliver didn't quite have much to do. He had far too few personal belongings, not enough to really keep him satisfied, if that's the correct terminology. He didn't really know what his thing was yet, what he was talented at or what he could do for hours on end. So instead he found himself sitting on the floor in the Temple over by one of the lights. One of his very, very few non clothing items was a small book filled with blank pages.

Using a makeshift charcoal pencil, Oliver tried his best to sketch out whatever came to mind. It wasn't much, but it became a game almost for him. He'd begin one thing, move on to another when he got bored, then go back to the first thing when he got bored with the second. He'd add as many intricate details. One page was only filled with flowers and vines, snaking around the pages filled with very small details. When he couldn't think, he'd tap the pencil against the paper and chew his lip.

Really, he wanted something to do. Anything. Drawing seemed like an obvious answer, sure, but there had to be something more, right?

Sometimes he'd look at someone and draw what they reminded him of. He'd engage in people watching, or try to. It's kind of hard to when you're confined to one small area.

In short: he was bored as hell and drawing all alone was only going to last him so long.

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  swingy swingy hit hit (open)
Posted by: Oliver - 8 hours ago - Forum: Temple - Replies (2)

Okay. Maybe Oliver had absolutely no idea what he was doing, but man did he have a lot of nervous energy right now. He wanted to go outside, run around, do literally anything! But alas, LongNight had begun and there wasn't really anything available for him to do.

So instead he had taken the time to find a secluded part of the Temple, one where he wouldn't be a bother to others and would have enough space to do what he had planned. He had brought his sack of belongings with him as well. As trustworthy as he could be, Oliver didn't feel too good about leaving behind absolutely everything to get stolen. He had so few things that what he did have was cherished and held dear, after all he only really had a couple of things to his name.

With the basic staff in hand, Oliver flipped it around. Making small circles with it and occasionally needing to grab it with his non-dominant hand to prevent from dropping it. For now, he was just kind of aimlessly twirling it, not exactly sure what he was supposed to do with it. Really, he just wanted to burn off all his energy, maybe figure out how to actually use it and be, well, useful. Loren did say he should learn to protect himself and worry about not dying during LongNight, might as well combine those into one.

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  A light softly calling
Posted by: Random Event - 10 hours ago - Forum: Monster Hunters Guild - Replies (7)

They come as they did last year, and how they remember. They remember the death and sorrow, the bleakness and blackness and they want to flee from it. But the hearts of those within call out to them; Amalia and Melita who have sang so brilliantly, Lily with her music box that reverently sings...they will brave the darkness for this. For love and light and joy and beauty; for the optimism of those within, they come.

They stand.

White fuzz against the ornate Gothic columns the herd meld against each other like summer cotton. They croon to one another, nuzzling against their kin and kindred spirits. A wall of light to banish the darkness.

A LARGE Luxere herd gathers outside the Monster Hunter's Guild.

If you are going to be inside the MHG for LongNight, this needs to be your first post. Nothing specific, just that you're here, somewhere in the guild.

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  Refract bright like a diamond
Posted by: Random Event - 10 hours ago - Forum: Temple - Replies (7)

Many have called out to them, many have sung and cajoled and breathed sighs of hope and peace into the wintry air, and oh, how they've heard. The luxere crowd the streets, their pale bodies otherwise blending in with the snow save for the brilliant glow of their antlers. They come in happy and joyful droves, bleating out harmonies that defy the soundlessness that normally accompanies LongNight. Let the monsters see them, hear them, and be banished by their light and grace. The efforts of those like Oliver and Loren have made an impact, and though they are skiddish around the ascended, they sense Bastien and Rexanna's devotion and newly kindled love, Wessex' bravery. Phoebe's kindness pulls them as well, as do the hearts and minds of the others within.  

A MEDIUM-LARGE Luxere herd gathers outside the Temple doors primarily. Some scatter down towards the Rathskeller door as well.

If you are going to be inside the Temple for LongNight, this needs to be your first post. Nothing specific, just that you're here, somewhere in the Temple.


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  let's play a game
Posted by: Wessex - 10-12-2019, 02:51 PM - Forum: The Labyrinth - Replies (11)

Did you know that in the past year and a change of being an Ascended, Wessex has never sparred with her own kind?

It’s kind of tragic.

Good thing she has a flunkie, now, the kind of person that’s supposed to be around when the Queen wants something - or to do something - and gets it done for her. @Anum can’t take away all of her tension, but he can be more or less a sentient punching bag. Probably less. He might get a strike or two in! Calling mentally to the man,’Anum? Meet me at the Labyrinth’ she exits Theskyra House and heads for the darker darkness that is overgrown hedges and trees.

There’s no plan tonight, no weapons. Just their Ascended senses and upgrades.

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  like a chicken with it's head chopped off
Posted by: Wessex - 10-11-2019, 06:05 PM - Forum: Rathskeller - Replies (12)

Secret stash of snow moss collected and an extra rug scavenged from god knows where, Wessex comes laden with all the things to the Rathskellar through the tunnel from the Temple. Through the door Remi made, to the warmly lit interior. The Queen heaves it all off her shoulders, the mess of moss, carpet, and various soft, cloth-like things falling into a messy pile on the floor. Hindsight is 20/20, or so they say, and now that they’ve got the Rath open, it needs to be prepped accordingly.

The Queen begins by heading to the store room and removing all the extra boxes, crates, and booze from the dark interior, piling the bar-things in the center of the room. It isn’t a happy place, exactly. Certainly not an ideal place for keeping three to five kids in the event of an emergency. But it will have to do.

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  we all poisoned you
Posted by: Ronin - 10-10-2019, 06:23 PM - Forum: Shrine - Replies (13)

It was done - apparently. It was over. Finished. They were cured, or they were getting there at least. So why did Ronin feel so heavy, so terrible?

His boots crunched beneath the snow and icy twigs of the glade, the hunter’s breath clouding the air before him as he approached the stone circle. With him he carried his offering for Safrin - a rolled parchment, containing a sketch that had been painstaking given that each star had been copied exactly as it should have been in the sky the night he’d drawn it.

This, alongside a few candles which flickered feebly in the Deepfrost wind, lending light to the otherwise pitch darkness, would have to do. Ronin settled on his knees before the shrine, his head bowed, his eyes closed. [say]”Safrin,”[/say] he said quietly. [say]”Safrin, there is... my heart is heavy. May I speak with you?”[/say]

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  between the lines
Posted by: Loren - 10-06-2019, 02:18 PM - Forum: Monster Hunters Guild - Replies (10)

Although it wasn’t strictly Loren’s responsibility to help out at the Monster Hunter’s Guild—because he wouldn’t be staying there and he wasn’t supposed to be doing the LongNight preparations there—he figured he should go check it out anyway. He might be able to help, and worst case, he might be able to get some ideas for the Temple. So, even though he knew it was probably best for him to steer far clear of the place (given that Ronin and Remi lived there and the Launceleyn's orders from Wessex) he made his way over to the Guild anyway. He was past the point of caring what others might think of him these days.

Once more, Astra was by his side. Unfortunately, she didn’t necessarily trust him to be on his own, not after the incident with Phoebe. That remained true even after his conversation with Remi. While it had ended less antagonistically than it might have, it hadn't exactly ended on an entirely hopeful note, no matter what the alchemist might think. Although the summoner was glad to see her, her glow wasn’t enough to entirely dispel the shadows he seemed to carry in his wake. If anything, it just intensified them. It didn’t help that his gaunt and lean form was wrapped entirely in black form-fitting clothes, a black fur-lined cloak billowing behind him. It made his too pale skin and icy blue eyes stand out more than they usually did.

Stepping inside, the Launceleyn’s gaze swept swiftly across the interior, scanning for any sign of someone he was either avoiding or who might be mad at him. The coast appeared clear, so he walked further in, hood still covering his head. If he could get in and out with no one the wiser, so much the better.

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  A Good Time For A Joke
Posted by: Nate - 10-06-2019, 07:59 AM - Forum: Monster Hunters Guild - Replies (5)

The hour was late, and he was on a borrowed bed, but Nate had a real skill at sleeping through just about any circumstance. He’d been on park benches before, and in other places most people would turn their noses up at. That’s what made it so strange when he woke up in the middle of the night, the room pitch dark, the bed cold.

Nate sat up, rubbing at his face and listening, as if that might help him figure out his issue. But it was silent. Grumbling, he laid back down, and reached an arm out to curl around Sam, his hand touching nothing but blankets. He snapped up again, pawing at the bed and blankets, as if he’d somehow lost a whole man in them.

Panic gripped him, panic that Nate tried t rationalize as sensible. His friend was gone. Anyone would worry. So why did it ache behind in his chest, with the best of his heart, rather than in his guts where fear always coiled before. Why did he feel so... abandoned?

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