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  [Training] a little identity never hurt nobody
Posted by: Samuel - 1 hour ago - Forum: Ruins - No Replies

The war was coming and Sam was...well, himself. In the last years he'd changed a lot of things in himself; worked and trained and tried to be better and stronger, but he was still painfully aware of how much strength someone like Remi possessed. In comparison, he was like a spring breeze blowing against a stone wall. In the last months he'd been trying to hone his body to be at least some use in a fight.

It didn't come easily. The hastily put together sack-mannequin he'd made stood firm despite his swings of the knife he'd brought with him, Sam trying to apply what he'd learnt with Aisha to the techniques he used but still finding that he felt unsure on his feet. Like if this were a real opponent, he'd be on his back within moments.

At least he had his shield and invisibility, but he couldn't run forever. With a determined 'haahh!' he surged forward to stab the mannequin, the motion at least satisfying as the knife sunk through fabric and hay.

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  Stingers for a cause
Posted by: Nikolai - 09-19-2021, 07:54 PM - Forum: Atheneum - Replies (2)

Nikolai rolled his shoulders, tension bleeding from him as he entered the Atheneum. The place never ceased to set him at ease. Surrounded by books and quiet, the young Ascended was happy as could be. Unfortuanly today, he hadn't come to read. Finding a table he set down is tools for the day. A folder, of paper an old book he was willing to part with, and a large jar.

The objective of the day was to catch a paper wasp. Nikolai had seen a few in the past but he'd never attempted to touch one. He'd generally let them be and they returned in kind.  Eyeing the menagerie of items he'd brought, he tried to figure the best strategy to find and acquire one of the wasps.

[say]"Where to begin..?"[/say] He mused to himself, biting his lip in thought.

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  Please don't eat the bark
Posted by: Ray - 09-19-2021, 07:46 PM - Forum: The Wildwood - No Replies

Ray was out in the forest of the Wildwood once more. Next on her list for the day was to gather peppermint bark for her quest. So yet again the herbalist found herself trudging through the snow and keeping her eyes on the trees. The Deepfrost air was cold and already had a bite to it, smothering the scent of peppermint somewhat. The Attuned had partially shifted so that she could better smell the trees, but even so she'd yet to find the bark.

With that failure, she'd dropped the shift and was simply relying on her normal senses at the moment. Delving deeper into the forest, she hoped she'd smell the minty bark soon, so that she could gather what she needed and go home to sleep.

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  Do we really need more cold?
Posted by: Ray - 09-19-2021, 07:25 PM - Forum: The Wildwood - No Replies

Ray had made her way to the Greatwood as soon as she could. Both of the ingredients she needed to find Rae's Lillies could be found here. Today she was looking for snow moss. She'd only come to the Greatwood a handful of times, so she'd never seen the plant before. But the stories about it's unusual temperature were intriguing. If she'd come during the warmer seasons, Ray likely would have been tempted to lay on it. However the snow of Deepfrost was ever present, rendering the idea foolish.

As she trudged through the snow, Ray kept an eye out, scanning the trees as she walked. The snow moss was said to grow at the base of trees so hopefully it'd be relatively easy to spot.

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  [SE] forked tongues and whispered words
Posted by: Mateo - 09-19-2021, 12:30 PM - Forum: Mathair - Replies (8)

The mother tree is a sight to behold at any season, but at Deepfrost it has something like a haunting quality about it. Mateo shouldn't really be here because of the portal, but he can't help taking a detour on the way back to his fathers' boat. There could be who-knows-what growing around the Mathair's roots, and he might be able to get his hands on her fruits or her seeds.

Would the boy try to grow a tree goddess given the chance? Yes, yes he absolutely would. And it's as he's crouched among the hulking roots that a pale visitor comes to see him, unbeknownst to the boy. It's a hanging snake, but not one that Mateo will have ever seen before, and it's quite happily looping its way around his neck without his notice. It'll be fine, probably.

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  the hunter and the hunter
Posted by: Juniper - 09-17-2021, 04:06 PM - Forum: The Wildwood - Replies (1)

Juniper checked her bowstring as she waited for Deimos, her wings twitching nervously. She felt confident in her hunting prowess, usually, but a wicker woman was not a deer. The last time she'd gone after one, with Alina ... Well, they'd gotten away mostly unscathed. But all for naught: now they had to do it twice over again.

It should be all right, though, with Deimos's help. There was a quiet confidence to Halo's former general that reassured Juniper, making it odd to think that technically, she was much older than he was. Such were the nature of the long-lived Fae. But for all her years -- and they weren't many at all by Fae standards -- Juniper suspected that Deimos exceeded her in experience, not to mention raw physical strength. That experience and strength ought to prove quite useful today.

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  bits and bobs
Posted by: Juniper - 09-17-2021, 03:59 PM - Forum: Sea of Branches - Replies (1)

Juniper had, of course, prepared tea and other refreshments for her guest. It had become such a routine by now that she always made sure the embassy was well-stocked. Offering a hot drink was the least she could do for someone coming all the way to the Greatwood to aid the Fae.

The tea sat steeping in the embassy's conference room -- which contained a seating area with comfy chairs as well as a more formal conference table -- while Juniper sat at the front desk, catching up on her correspondence while she awaited Melita's arrival. An absent smile played over Juniper's face; she was glad to make some progress on Safrin's quest. The Fae could not afford to disappoint the goddess again.

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  stairway to heaven
Posted by: Ronin - 09-14-2021, 05:19 PM - Forum: Observatory - Replies (3)

The letters have been sent and the preparations are in order, and even though it's Deepfrost and this is hardly the weather to be sailing a skyskip nor building a skyport, here they are. Ronin, bundled up enough not to feel the cold but not too much so as to lose the ability to climb, awaits the group at the top of the Observatory. They will need to create the skyport on one of the large boughs which branches off into the sky, so as not to impede the fae and their stargazing.

For now the Huntsman is merely checking over their materials; logs and planks of wood, nails and tools and enough fuel to keep them warm and the tree well-lit for long enough that they can do what they need to without working blind. He's got a sketch, too, weighed down by rocks on a small table cleared of snow and ice, so he can refer back to it.

This will be a PQ+ to create a skyport in the Greatwood!

1. Remi
2. Maeve
3. Phoebe
4. Deimos

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  [SE] feeling festive
Posted by: Ronin - 09-14-2021, 04:24 PM - Forum: The Wildwood - Replies (12)

It's a still and snowy afternoon within the Wildwood, and Ronin has no business being a dragon, really. And yet, as he'd come across the clearing and its perfectly crisp, untouched snow, something within him wants to tear it up and disturb its peace. Before he knows it, he has unsheathed wide and leathery wings, and his considerable bulk is thrashing at the trees and the snowfall and ruining the perfect Deepfrost scene.

When he's finished, Ronin flumps onto his starry belly, snorting a flurry of snow into the air and burrowing into it. Coal black, he's about as obvious as it gets in terms of camouflage, and yet it doesn't seem to matter to the dragon. Because as he settles in to enjoy his (relatively minor) carnage, a jingling fills the air.

With a growl that almost seems to hum from his throat, he glances around. There's a further jingling - unbeknownst to Ronin, a jingle bug has just landed on his snout.

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  {SE} I Second That Emotion
Posted by: Nate - 09-08-2021, 06:55 PM - Forum: Woodland - Replies (2)

It’s not the Spire at least. No, this time Nate comes straight to the Sanctuary to collect Azrael, a warm hug and a few easy words offered as a greeting before they set off. He leads them to the Woods, close but not quite at the usual haunt, and steps into the darkened woods without hesitation. Pemota has been left behind at the VlamVloed with Sunjata, her discomfort and sadness a weight in the back of Nates mind that he can’t help but be aware of, now that he’s been reminded that it can vanish.

Considering his size, his steps fall near silently through the snowy underbrush, a grin angled back at Azrael when they first enter, proposing a contest, of sorts. They don’t want to spook their quarry, after all. Though the doctor does still collect dead branches they happen across, a basket strapped to his back, kindly bf to bring home when they’re done here, along with the bulk of the hunted meat.

“[say]Do you think we’ll see any Luxere around this year?[/say]” He asks softly, turning to face his fellow demi-god without stopping and immediately earning a branch in the back of his head for it.

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