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  what is dead may never die
Posted by: Vraska - 17 minutes ago - Forum: The Spire - No Replies

Some muse music: link

Air burst from the mare's nostrils like billows of steam from a furnace. The animal grunted her displeasure and Vraska urged her onward with an unkind kick to the ribs. "Come on!" she growled. Frothy sweat collected on the mare's back where Vraska sat and her bottom was thoroughly soaked in it. She hadn't had time to saddle the mare, you see. When the stable guards had come to investigate the commotion, it was then or never. She leaped atop the palfrey's back and was off, her departure heralded by the long bellow of a horn and a cacophony of eager hounds roused from their sleep. 

She hadn't stopped to consider how foolish she was just yet. Under her breath she cursed the animal between her knees, angrily whipping the reins over and under its neck as she demanded every last bit of vigor from its flesh. She should have known better: this was not one of her father's horses.

Hot tears burned down her wind-whipped cheeks. She could barely see what lay ahead of her, the snow so thick and vengeful that the trees appeared only as dark phantoms in a cloud of blistery white, their disembodied howls biting deep into her flesh. The sounds of gnashing teeth and human voices calling after her had long since fallen behind. Surely they had given up their chase given this monstrous weather, but Vraska hardly seemed to notice.

Onward she insisted, paying no mind to the increasingly precarious footing, the rocks buried beneath layers of white. A gloved hand was raised to wipe the moisture from her face but it was thoroughly soaked and burned her skin. She grit her teeth and whimpered, no stranger to cold but not immune to its cruelty. 

The mare complained. "Oh, what is it? You noble's palfrey, never made to work in the cold and soot!" Another kick, and a hearty groan came from the horse's throat. Vraska had all but forgotten herself. She could think of nothing but her father laying there so pale and weak, thin breath puffing from his discolored lips; her mother sobbing at his bedside like a coward. It was her - she had sold the rest of their horses, the last thing Vraska cared about in the world.

The unkindest cut of all: she sold Crow among them, to some bastard in plate armor who meant to ride her into battle! She —

A snap

A jolt, a cry of pain. Vraska's heart leapt into her throat. The mare took a few jagged steps forward, neck bent down as she struggled through the knee-deep snow, stumbling all the while on the rocky earth beneath, then collapsed at last, crumbling like a clod of dirt between Vraska's fingers.

She was thrown a few feet away and the snow did surprisingly little to soften her fall. For a moment she lay motionless and winced against the ache in her bones. Blood throbbed in her temples and tears still spilled down her cheeks, mingling now with a fresh dusting of bitter snow. She sat up, looking over at the crumbled animal beside her. "Oh, no." Vraska stumbled to her feet, clumsily running over to the mare and collapsing to her knees at her side. The animal's lungs heaved as tired legs flailed uselessly in front of the trembling body. One of them was bent where it should not have been. "Oh no, no no —" Grief struck her suddenly. Regret, cold and heavy, sat down in her chest, and shame - white hot shame - burned deep in her gut like a heap of angry coals.

She grabbed up the mare's head and laid it in her lap as if asking for forgiveness, though she knew that she deserved none. In the mare's eyes she saw Crow staring back at her, cold and accusatory. "You fucking fool." She took off her gloves and stroked the mare's face as she slowly gave in to exhaustion and the life shuddered out of her, which took longer than Vraska could have guessed.

And then she fell back into the snow, warmth spreading all through her body as she waited for the frost to set down into her bones.

She closed her heavy eyelids, lashes beaded in frost. Let the mountain take her in her cold embrace; bury the foolish child of a woman in snow as deep as guilt and rage like another one of her endless secrets.
It must have been more than she deserved.

To her bitter surprise, Vraska opened her eyes to the sun brooding behind a thick, gray shroud of clouds. A burial shroud. She did not feel alive. She did not dare to think that she was even as she breathed deep into her lungs, still burnt with the memory of frost. Sitting up, her hands skimmed the ground. There was no snow, only black dust, like the ashes of a funeral pyre. She grabbed up a clump of it in her fingers and let it sift between them, imagining the life of the mare as she crushed it in a tight fist and flung it to the side.

Dead. There was no life in the air, just a haunting stillness. This is what she deserved, she supposed. She cast her eyes to the overcast sky, wondering if the gods were there looking down on her in pity and hatred.

Defiantly she rose to her feet. "I may be a fool, but I am not a coward," she muttered to the heavens. I am not like my mother.

WOW I didn't expect this to get so long. Have at her y'all

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  everyone looks worse in the light (open)
Posted by: Remi - 12-13-2019, 10:27 PM - Forum: Fields - Replies (1)

One might have thought Remi might have begun the proper construction of his wagon in his shop or in the Artisan's Guild, but what he really needed was space. And so it was that he found himself accompanied by Isla into the heart of the fields where his mad alchemy wouldn't bother anyone. That was the hope, anyways.

With various schematics and notes scattered about him (some desperately trying to fly away on the breeze), Remi knelt in the tall grasses at one with nature and completely lost in his own thoughts. The earth had shifted to lay flat for him and small earthen holds and pillars had sprung up all around to hold the various pieces of the would-be wagon in place.

Isla watched all this with an amused pebble-blue stare, lending a hand (or hoof) where she could, but for the most part the former healer was content merely to graze while Remi hummed some long forgotten memory.

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  twin skeletons
Posted by: Sunjata - 12-13-2019, 09:04 PM - Forum: The Devil's Advocates - Replies (4)

Well, he’d found the box, and within it was an earring that he assumes does something of somewhat importance — seeing as he’s found it here of all places. And perhaps, he’s a bit selfish and greedy in wanting to keep it for himself, despite his ears not being pierced. But that can be changed, and he’s not unfamiliar with altering his body at all, and so he focuses on gathering the materials needed for it before he sits and thinks on who is aware of the Guild, and who might be willing to come and hang out to pierce his ears for him.

Because we all know that if Sunjata did it himself, it would be crooked or terrible looking, and well, we can’t have that.

So he sends a note to Adam, recalling the man’s pierced ears, to see if he might be willing to or know of someone who can. And in the meantime of waiting, he focuses on the earring in the box, inspecting it and wonders what possibilities the earring holds within its unassuming appearance.

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  For you
Posted by: Random Event - 12-13-2019, 06:45 PM - Forum: Artisan's Guild - No Replies


An item is placed upon the guild's steps, with the following item inside

Kintsugi Brush | Repairs cracks in items with gold

** To give this item to a member of the guild, please copy/paste the description and post the item and who it is given to, in the character records updates.

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  For you
Posted by: Random Event - 12-13-2019, 06:44 PM - Forum: The Devil's Advocates - No Replies


An item is placed upon the guild's steps, with the following item inside

hEARs | An earring that when worn, increases the sound of voices (especially whispers)

** To give this item to a member of the guild, please copy/paste the description and post the item and who it is given to, in the character records updates.

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  For you
Posted by: Random Event - 12-13-2019, 06:43 PM - Forum: The Artist's Sanctuary - No Replies


An item is placed upon the guild's steps, with the following item inside

Dancing Shoes | When worn by a member of the guild, makes the character dance flawlessly. When worn by someone else, has the potential to make the wearer dance themselves to death.

** To give this item to a member of the guild, please copy/paste the description and post the item and who it is given to, in the character records updates.

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  Deck the Halls
Posted by: Jigano - 12-13-2019, 05:48 PM - Forum: Fields - Replies (2)

The Artists and the Artisans had stalls for Fiat Lux, so it only made sense for the Loreseekers to make one as well. Their work tended to be quieter and less locally exciting than that of the MHG or Militia, and less physically visible than work from the Artists and Artisans, and attrition over the past year had made it clear that they needed more recruits to keep going. There was a whole new region to explore, the Greatwood reopened, and plenty of mysteries in the Hollowed Grounds to continue investigating, and with so few active members they could only do so much at a time.

So Jigano had sent out a notice to his intrepid colleagues to join him in preparing a stall for their Guild, to get the word out and see if they couldn’t draw a few more fresh, curious faces to their Hall.

Thanks to the initial festival prep there was already a shell of a stall, but it would need some work before it was ready for their guild to move in and start the festivities. Jigano set down another load of supplies and wiped his brow against the warmth of the day. It was cloudy and humid, but the rain looked to be holding off for a bit, and he was hoping to get the final repairs and setup finished before the sky changed its mind. He leaned against the front counter of the stall while he waited for others to arrive, looking out over the other preparations underway all around him as various vendors got their own stalls in working order for the big day(s).

This is a Loreseekers PQ to get their stall ready for Fiat Lux and try to draw in some new recruits! Loreseekers have first dibs (24 hours) on spots, please.

1. Loren
2. Deimos

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  in the wake of closed doors
Posted by: Harper - 12-13-2019, 01:50 AM - Forum: Shrine - No Replies

For how short of a time he has been here, Harper has heard much of the Gods of Caido and their Heralds. He has never been a man of faith, especially having encountered so many aliens, demigods, and multi-dimensional travelers that godhood simply didn't seem real or unattainable any longer. Faith didn't save him from a nasty fight or guide him through tough waters. Religion had been so deeply corrupted in his modern age.

But these aren't the same gods, with rules all of their own. And he still doesn't know what race he is (something he never thought he'd have to consider again). Harper is man enough to admit his own biases, the fact that he might surely insult a god if it deigns to meet him. Which is a terrifying prospect, meeting a god at all. But he is also an inquisitive man, not too bad of a detective either. Someone else's words will not satisfy his curiosity about these gods. So he asks for direction, for instructions on proper form and offerings, and sets out.

He has very little, had been thrown into Caido with little more than his clothes. Creativity is all he has left.

The shrine is a beautiful natural wonder, and he steps carefully, his offering held in his arms. He admits he's not the type to kneel, to pray reverently, but he bends one knee and places his offering in hopes whoever lingers here will understand. It is a candle, made from the wax ends of different dying ones before it that he'd bartered away. Heated and dyed with crushed petals into a swirl of different shades. [Say]"A new beginning made from many old paths."[/say] Sighing softly, he strikes the match he'd found had been far harder to barter for, and sets the wick alight before settling cross-legged before it, watching the flame dance in the fading light of dusk. [Say]"If anyone is there, I would like to meet you. To know you."[/say] More than just to know of them.

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  Spin the Bottle!
Posted by: Phoebe - 12-12-2019, 08:51 PM - Forum: Fields - Replies (7)

Phoebe had been honored to be asked to host a game for Fiat Lux – and this one seemed quite appropriate for a festival honoring Rae and Frey, Spin the Bottle.

A little spot had been prepared in the fields near where the dancing was taking place. It gave a lovely atmosphere with the music after all. Blankets were set out in a circle, and a small, polished piece of wood sat in the middle, atop which the infamous bottle sat. The midwife stood in the middle, a small bowl of mints in her hands, waiting for potential players to arrive. [say]”Everyone take a mint now! You want to make good first impressions, don’t you?”[/say] she said with a light laugh.

Welcome to Fiat Lux Spin the Bottle! Please post your character joining and finding a spot to sit. I will assign numbers at random, which will be used to determine where the bottle lands!

That’s right, who you kiss is up to fate. You didn’t really think I was going to let you pick did you?

This ME will move on in 72 hours!

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  we'll meet again
Posted by: Oliver - 12-12-2019, 03:15 AM - Forum: Glade - Replies (22)

It had been a bit since Oliver could simply relax. He had been so caught up with helping everyone and constantly being occupied that he hardly had anytime to simply go outside and explore. Not where there were bustling crowds and people lining the streets, rather, explore the forests. See the new plant-life that had started to return with the warm, inviting weather. Oliver could hardly even remember the last time. Possibly it were when he met with Remi and met Aoife...maybe that was it.

No matter, Oliver wouldn't strain himself too much. He didn't quite feel safe enough to go on an adventure in his new animal form, worried about what creatures may attack him seeing as he was so tiny and vulnerable. Instead, he stayed as he was, a nice bag strung over his back. He always made sure to come prepared and today was no different. Inside his bag was a sketchbook and a canteen of water. Not much, but just enough to keep him going. He couldn't consider himself really needing anything else.

Walking through the Glade, he made sure to stay quiet, listening to his surroundings and trying his best to simply enjoy this time. To appreciate everything around him.


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