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  things i wish i didn’t know
Posted by: Ronin - Yesterday, 08:30 PM - Forum: The Artist's Sanctuary - Replies (2)

Some days baby steps. Others - giant leaps. Ronin had felt the pull to visit his friend since he had been able to get himself around without falling apart at random. He hadn’t been able to face it straight after LongNight, unsure whether the sight of wreckage would trigger unwanted memories, but one morning he’d had enough of himself and... well. One portal trip later found him here, outside the Artist’s Sanctuary, gaunt and tired and still healing, but here.

Taking a long breath in through his nose and out through his mouth, Ronin reached out to knock at the door. [say]”Bastien,”[/say] he called, his voice more gruff than he would like. [say]”It’s Ronin. Are you here?”[/say] Because the Dark Star knew the pain of something like this; knew about what came after, what edges Bastien might be standing on.

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  [se] the moon sings every night
Posted by: Mabel - Yesterday, 07:46 PM - Forum: The Settlement - No Replies

Cleaning up after LongNight was an accustomed thing; normalcy for Naturals to come out of their shelter or homes to discover remnants of what they’d left behind. It used to be scattered portions of their farmhouse, shingles loosened, tossed, or thrown across terrain, portions of sheds broken off or away, doors off hinges. But since she hadn’t stayed amongst their old world, and strayed within the Temple instead, a witness to all those dramatics, trials, and tribulations, the youth didn’t bother heading towards the family homestead; leaving it abandoned for now (unless Evelyn was interested).

Instead, she meandered through pathways of the Settlement, familiar haunting grounds from a child until now, amongst the dead of night. She had no need for the moon’s light, but it was there, prominently in the sky, just the same. Her cloak was drawn over her features, the lantern light of houses compelling an eerie, spring like glow, too ethereal, too enigmatic. Mabel meandered from place to place, checking over fragments and slivers, until she ultimately came upon a main square, noting bombardments of debris, rubble, and ruin over the cobblestones. She could start there – still a semblance of pride for the only world she’d ever known. The Ascended grabbed hold of a few shards of glass (perhaps from a fallen window?) and started making a pile of the debris to dispose of later.

{Open to anyone!}

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  Here and there and everywhere
Posted by: Chulane - 07-07-2020, 05:54 AM - Forum: Sanctuary - Replies (3)

The Hollowed Grounds were an endless well of new information, new knowledge to be learned, new sights to behold. It was a place rich with history and lore, all of which he was excited to see. Upon delivering his notes to where the Loreseeker's Guild had been (he'd been quite saddened to learn of Jigano's departure), he had left the Athenium with a few more borrowed books to keep himself learned whenever he had a moment to sit back and read.

Wandering about, his movement sedate as his thoughts percolated about his head, he explored, here and there, mostly directionless as he couldn't find himself able to focus on any one thing in particular at this moment.

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  We have highs and we have lows
Posted by: Chulane - 07-07-2020, 05:33 AM - Forum: Ruins - Replies (3)

The funeral had been hard, though least of all for him. He hadn't known the woman, the queen, the mother of his lover. After seeing her likeness painted over and over again, and hearing stories of her here and there, he felt he had known her, in some ways at least. Her similarity in appearance to Kia couldn't be denied, and her tenacity for life seemed to be genetic too - he felt like he could have been friends with her, could have respected her as a queen, could have enjoyed hearing about her life before portals came and disrupted everything.

He gave the hand he was holding a squeeze, as they made their way through the settlement. But when it came time to enter the house, he gave a gentle tug, a silent nod to the path that would take them on a wander through the ruins that littered the place, a hint of a smile softening his expression.

He didn't know for certain if she needed to walk, to move, but he knew he was feeling too restless to lock themselves back up in to a house for the afternoon. Let them walk, let them move and stretch their legs, and get this restless energy out of their system. He lifted the hand he held to his lips to press a kiss to it. He had no surprises in store for her here, just himself, his company, his heart.

[say]"What's on your mind?"[/say] he asked softly, knowing full well what the answer might be, and asking anyway, prepared to catch her should she need him, prepared to hear her out, no matter what she might need to say.

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  The Wound Heals But It Never Does
Posted by: Nate - 07-07-2020, 12:16 AM - Forum: The Outskirts - Replies (5)

It will be his greatest shame, for a long time, that the first trip he makes after Longnight is not through the portal. Is not into the Hollowed Grounds. Is not to take care of Clemente. There had been so much to deal with, so much that happened through Longnight, and this was the most distant, the most painful, the one Nate had to block out the most. Things had stabilized, in the strangest way, but it meant he had no other traumas to distract himself with, no choice but to face this.

Finding where Clem had been taken was the first, hardest task. Maybe, if he wasn’t alone, he would have lost less time hovering in the temple, a wordless ghost. If he’d been here, could he have done something? Maybe... maybe. The Safehouse is his next thought, his next thought that matters. A single, barely finished thought of, oh, Rex runs through his mind, but no, no. The safehouse is most likely.

There’s no one else around, which is a small mercy. It gives Nate a moment alone, to try and hold himself together, while he gathers the young ascendeds body. Too light, in his arms. Too small, too still.

The pain in his chest shouldn't feel so familiar. Shouldn't be so heavy, when the body in his arms isn’t. He's carried it before, though never so literally, that was with the crutch of substances to abuse, at the price of an entire year lost to a swirling, dizzying nothing. It might not do anything for him, but there's still a flask, hidden away in his jacket pocket, as much an anchor as it is a representation of his failure.

He takes some time finding a spot, hidden, quiet, and he spends a few breaths saying things he would otherwise never get to. Things he would never get to say again. Things he should have had time to say. Nate falls quiet sooner than he thinks, but he can’t bring himself to light the body before him, and keeps still, sat before it, flask now in his hand and his eye unfocused, brimming with tears.

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  here’s to being imperfect
Posted by: Vervain - 07-05-2020, 08:42 PM - Forum: The Wildwood - Replies (6)

Two steps - one into the portal, the next into the Greatwood.

And the hush of the rain and the roar of the sea was replaced by softly chirping birds and the gentle whisper of branches, their leaves still fresh and bright. Sun filtered through the boughs of the Mathair behind them, and Vervain took a deep breath of the sweet air and let it out again. Flowerbuds and moss, it seemed stronger now than before.

[say]”So this is the Greatwood,”[/say] she murmured, glancing over her shoulder to Zeph to see what he thought of the canopy of trees, the sea of green all around them dappled by gold streams of light.

For her part, the witch was dressed in leather and fur, her bow and quiver over her shoulders, dark hair braided back out of her face. [say]”Fancy a little target practice?”[/say]

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  (SE) Feathers frolicking on rooftops
Posted by: Chulane - 07-05-2020, 12:48 PM - Forum: The Settlement - Replies (3)

Discovering his second shift had been, in a word, brilliant.

He found himself roaming the skies on those moments where he and Kia were apart, unable to resist the call of wind beneath him, the view of the land stretched out below him, the call of a world that was suddenly so much more available to him. He never roamed far, using the link to check in with her every now and then, and otherwise, finding a use for himself.

The settlement was as he remembered it, but also completely different. When he had visited initially, he had seen a small town rising up out of ruins after dusk, now he beheld that same town rising up out of the impenetrable darkness of Longnight, battered and bruised but also determined to endure. And he was here to help it.

The monsters of Longnight were still something of a mystery to him, a tale told by others that he firmly believed in now, moreso than he had before at the least. This world was still so mysterious to him, so puzzling, the idea that such forces as the Voice and the Old Gods simply existing still hard for him to accept, the fact that they wrought such changes upon the world and those who lived within it harder still for him to swallow.

Something his new shift was good for, was getting to high places. Technically, his leopard shift could do that too, but he felt a need to feel the wind beneath his wings today, and so he helped a local family with removing damaged shingles from their roof. He would hop along the apex of it, identify a damaged shingle, then spread his wings and swoop towards it, grabbing it with a talon or beak, and deliver it promptly to a wheelbarrow below.

It was dull, repetitive work to any onlooker, but he found enjoyment in the simple act, for it was a distraction, an opportunity to use his new shift, and a way to remain close to Kia.

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  (SE) Feet upon the ground
Posted by: Chulane - 07-05-2020, 11:55 AM - Forum: Fields - Replies (2)

Things had gone… differently to how he expected. But then, perhaps it was foolish of him to have expectations at all, given how just a few months ago he had expected to return home to Australia from his expedition in Antarctica. He still clung to routine, to some kind of normalcy, where he could, for it was within his nature - but he was also adaptable, and while he had hoped he and Kia would return to smiles and welcomes, he would take what he could from what they had actually returned to: Most of her family still alive to welcome them.

He'd done what he could to comfort her, to console her. He'd been the pillar of support when she needed it, her warm embrace, her hand to hold when she felt lonely. But there were many hours in the day, and as the days ticked by, they could not spend every moment together - Kia was back home, her attention pulled in many directions even as his had been when they were in Halo.

So Chuy did what he always did, and found work to do. There was a great many more animals in the Grounds than in the snowy plains of Halo, and he had found himself making friends as he shared his knowledge of animal medicine and husbandry. The effects of what the region had gone through were evident, but he had given what help he could on preserving the healthiest bloodlines, and treated some immediate wounds that had become apparent of one particular farmer. After having been invited to assist with ploughing the fields, he agreed with warmth and enthusiasm, and so found himself this day driving a horse through a paddock, feet upon the plough as it dug into the soft, damp earth below.

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  When your heart has expired
Posted by: Bastien - 07-03-2020, 06:27 PM - Forum: The Artist's Sanctuary - Replies (12)

It had been the hardest installation of his life to set up.

The studio in the Artist's Sanctuary had been transformed. At the far wall from the door there was a table adorned with gold fabrics and several of Rexanna's favourite pieces of jewellery and other objects she had held dear. The one painting of her he had been able to handle looking at was above this alter, depicting her looking sideways out towards the audience, a hand coming up to play with her hair and her mouth slightly open, as if she was about to speak. She had sat for the portrait only a couple of weeks before her death and he felt it captured the woman she had been beneath the title of Queen: his wife, human and wonderful.

A small pot sat before the painting, containing a handful of ashes he had taken from the pyre. How much of what was in there belonged to Rexanna he could not know, but with no body left to display it was the next best thing.

From the alter rolled out a carpet in an aisle along the floor, blue with golden stars and swirling designs; the kind of glamour and beauty that he and Rexanna had bonded over and found solace in: this motif was followed through on the ceiling, which bore dark blue paint and hanging golden stars and moons, some of them lanterns which dimly lit the room as the curtains were drawn shut. On either side of the curtain were chairs in rows for people to sit and by the alter there was a podium for anyone that wished to speak to take; he would have it first, once they had all gathered.

For the first time, Bastien was nervous and scared to see people arrive at his sanctuary. Would they think this was enough for her? Would they think he had failed her? Had he failed her? Nothing would be sufficient to capture the person she had been and he hoped in his grief they might permit him some tropes and reuse of old ornaments. The point of the gathering was to honour her after all, not to show off his skills. Gripping the edge of the podium he looked off to the side, where Azrael slept in a cot next to the set up peacefully and Pittore dabbed at a painting underneath, kept quiet with the promise of as much paint as the little gremlin needed. His family, bereft and broken, waited in silence for guests to arrive.

Mini Event for Rexanna's funeral; please write your character arriving and sitting down or coming to speak to Bastien. Once everyone's in, Bastien will speak, then everyone else will have a chance to if they want to!

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  {SE} flower gleam and glow (open)
Posted by: Oliver - 07-03-2020, 12:42 AM - Forum: Fields - Replies (2)

It felt like only yesterday that Oliver was out planting seeds in the hopes that things would potentially grow.

Honestly, he was hopelessly optimistic at that point, thinking that he was somehow going to make things just magically work. It's kinda embarrassing to look back on it now. He's learned so much and grown a lot in his mind.

The Spire was far from a good place for planting anything but from his research, which was just asking around and reading some books, the soil at the Fields was apparently perfect for this sort of thing. Which is what led him to setting out with a few bags of different seeds. Most of his seats were wheat and grain based, but he did manage to get a couple of berry bushes! Even two fruit trees!

All in all, he had a nice set of seeds to work with and honestly, getting outside kind of made him feel a little happy. So much so that he was even wearing a hat of sorts to shield his eyes from the rays of sun. Otherwise his outfit was simple, a sleeveless shirt and some shorts that went to his knees.

Today was... going to be maybe a good day, yeah.

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