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  test # [redacted]
Posted by: the VOICE - 5 hours ago - Forum: The Underground - Replies (5)

This wasn't her first and wouldn't be her last. But in this moment, it was more most treasured and adored.

How was it all possible? From where did the soul come, the spark of life, the 20ish-year-old body? Well now that would be telling, wouldn't it.

Any who tried to find their way to where the Voice knelt in the Underground would find themselves constantly turned around, her magic keeping her location—and the things she was doing—private. The cavern was filled with light and the Voice's expression was one of utmost concentration. Sitting down with her feet folded across her knees, eyes closed as if meditating, a form before her was gradually taking place. Into it she poured all that she'd learned since her least attempt; more power, more purpose, more understanding. More complexity and detail, and hopefully, more life.

Drawing in a shuddering breath, the Voice leaned back slightly, white with exhaustion. Letting herself settle and the colour slowly return to her cheeks, the static hum of blue light around her faded until it was just she and the form before her.

[say]'Open your eyes, my bright one. Open your eyes, and see.'[/say]

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  Hit me with your best shot
Posted by: Joshua - 8 hours ago - Forum: Shrine - Replies (1)

People kept insisting over and over to him that these Gods were real, so Josh had decided to suck up his pride once again and come see if he could attract one of them; a part of him was still sure this was just a case of over-devotion on the part of the townspeople and he was just believing a cult's rumours...but he'd seen Stone Golems and magic here. He couldn't just discount this.

From what he'd heard of the Gods, he thought Frey would be the most interesting to speak to. Having been told they liked fruits or things classically associated with virility, he arrived with an armful of fruits picked from the woods and a bottle of honey wine he'd traded for a rock he'd found in the Spire and told the market seller contained a spirit.

Hey, for all he knew it might have done.

Putting his gifts on the shrine he stood before it, hands in his pockets, and waited. Eventually it struck him that it might be prudent to say something, so he spoke: [say]"This is for Frey. I want to see you."[/say]

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  so you could follow me
Posted by: Amun - 04-01-2020, 06:28 PM - Forum: Domiciles - Replies (6)

Amun had managed to get Letha to cover just as the first fingers of dawn crept onto the horizon. They'd huddled up in an inn by the portal. As they waited for nightfall, he answered what questions he could of hers.

However, it was eventually dark again, and he brought her over to the portal. Then through it, giving her careful instructions for how to navigate its mists. They emerged into the Spire, and he led her up the stairs. [say]"Welcome to the Hollowed Ground. This here is the Spire. I'd stay away from it except to use the portal."[/say]

Emerging into the woods, he glanced up at the sky. [say]"I figure I'll take you to my studio, get you all sorted out. Sound good?"[/say] Without waiting for her response, he began leading her through the forest, heading for the Sanctuary which was a good distance away.

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  six impossible things before breakfast
Posted by: Petra - 04-01-2020, 05:12 PM - Forum: The Spire - Replies (25)

Picture this. You stumble out of bed in the wee hours before dawn, like, two hours before the alarm is about to ring. Actually, more close to an hour and a half. Groggy and still half asleep, you stagger to the bathroom, blind yourself by turning on the light and do your business, still more asleep than not, trailing the line of the floor with eyes that can't quite rememeber how to focus. And when you're done, and have flushed, and washed your hands, you push said bathroom door open again to head back for your nice, comfy bed...

Imagine, in that instant of opening the door again, you're hit full in the face with a flashing light that really should not be there, stagger forward with lights flashing before your eyes... and find yourself standing in the pouring rain. Outside. With a gloomy overcast sky to obscure the time of day - it definitely is day, which of course is impossible - and a sweeping view over a vast, barren landscape that has nothing whatsoever to do with the small town views you are accustomed to.

In a few moments the pyjamas has become soaking wet - and there's a moment of relief that you even have pyjamas on at all, because let's face it, it's not always the case - and with a numb disbelief you look back, to see where your bathroom went.

Only to find that it is gone. And the only thing that is behind you is a huge, tall, looming black building that is clearly the result of someone who's trying to compensate for something.


This would be the most eloquent response a great number of people could come up with. And it was exactly what spilled from her lips. In a dazed, numb, half-asleep kind of way.

Now, a few things could possibly explain this. A, she had dropped back to sleep, or B, she had tripped and hit her head and was now in a coma, with this being a dream - the most logical assumption. But the rain was very wet and the wind that sent it whipping about was cold enough to make her shudder, and she'd never har a dream like that before.

[say]"Oookay...?"[/say] Wiping at the water when it began to roll down her face, she turned on the spot. Stepping in place, her bare feet very wet and very cold on the gravelly ground. There was still no sign of the bathroom. Or the door. Or any other part of the apartment.

And as she scuffed her big toe on a rock and dug a pebble into the heel of the opposite foot, and began to hiss and curse and wobble around while pain shot through her feet... that was when her heart began to race.

[say]"Uhm... uhm... okay... eeh.."[/say] The anxiety was a very physical thing. Shortness of breath, a sinking, nauseating feel of the stomach, and a ringing in the ears that har her lift her hands to the head, to the messy - now sodden - tangle of mousy blonde hair. Then they came down again, as she wrapped her bare arms around herself, trying very hard to keep breathing.

[say]"Oh fuck. Oh fuck, someone has got to be kidding me."[/say]

Only, there was no one around. Not that she could see.

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  Spiritus Ludos
Posted by: Delphia - 03-31-2020, 10:59 PM - Forum: The Outskirts - Replies (5)

It had been a long time since this ritual had been done. But given the scary monsters that were due to come out in the Hollowed Ground in one season, perhaps it was time to pull out and dust off some of the old ways. Notices had been posted around the the various lands so any who wished to participate could. It was why she had chosen this specific spot - the border of the Greatwood and the Hollowed Ground, somewhere even the Ascended could go.

As the sun began to set, Delphia arrived, setting up a large bonfire for people to gather around and keep away the Leafchange evening chill. On her person she wore various relics and flowing fabrics - no doubt the seer was the child of a priestess of Mort. With the stage set, all that was left to do was wait for everyone to arrive.

This ME is a required prep thread for the trick or treat event (event link HERE)! Please post your participating characters arriving!

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  from little acorns
Posted by: Alina - 03-30-2020, 11:45 PM - Forum: Undercroft - Replies (4)

Alina's weapons were carefully placed on the wall beside her. A scowl seemed permanently etched onto her features. Her eyes practically bored into the page before her. However, it wasn't long before she found herself flipping to the next, and the next after that, until she reached the end. When she did, she groaned and tossed it onto the table before her.

That table already held a less than tidy pile of scrolls and volumes. They were all on the lands outside of the Greatwood, in particular Halo and Torchline, though most were little better than myths and rumors. Standing up, she began pacing, turning neatly on her heel when she reached the other end of the Undercroft. Her expression was still annoyed, and she found herself muttering under her breath.


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  not much but it's home
Posted by: Phoebe - 03-30-2020, 02:18 PM - Forum: The Settlement - Replies (5)

Phoebe had led Noah back through the portal, into the Hollowed Ground. She hadn't been sure how much history he knew, but she also didn't want to inundate him with information. It was a lot to take in ll at once, and he had already made rather clear he wasn't the adventure-y sort. That he had decided to come to the Hollowed Ground instead of returning to Halo was a surprise honestly. But it wasn't an unpleasant one. He was perhaps a bit awkward but endearingly so.

As they walked from the ruins of the Spire, he would see that the Grounds were filled with such relics. Ramshackle buildings, remnants of great structures. Sure, some had been rebuilt and were functioning. But unlike Halo's Citadel, which was clearly occupied despite the difficulties of surviving there, the Hollowed Ground looked abandoned in places. But as they reached the settlement, signs of human existence became much clearer. [say]"That's the Temple. It is where the main shrine is, as well as the Infirmary and my college."[/say] she said, pointing out the looming structure in the distance. [say]"This is sort of the main marketplace. Most of the guilds have their halls here and it's where most of the farmers and other craftspeople bring their goods to sell."[/say]

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  call me daddy
Posted by: Aisha - 03-30-2020, 12:56 AM - Forum: The Spire - Replies (24)

It was just a glimmer, a faint twitch of the air around her, but not a wave of heat. She was used to those, summers were always harsh where she lived and she'd spent many a day lounging in the the courtyards under the glaring sun. These were not heat ripples, of that she was positive.

But here she was, head cocked, light hazel eyes scrutinizing over a subtle tear in reality. The cat begged her to investigate, and so Aisha prowled around it. It remained in place from every angle, taunting her and coaxing her. Perplexed, she now found herself instinctively reaching for it. Maybe not entirely instinct, as otherworldly forces were in fact in play, however the cat woman would never admit to doing anything without conscious volition.

Aisha's fingertips came in contact with the rift, and in that moment she saw nothing but white.

When she next awoke there were stars in the sky. She didn't need to lift her head to see them, only stare forward. That was odd at first, but then she became aware that she was laying down. The next thing she became aware of was the prickly grass that tickled her golden skin, and as soon as she was cognizant of it her whole body began to itch. She was uncomfortable now, still woozy, but at least she knew that she didn't want to be laying anymore.

Standing was no respite to the discomfort, as soon as she was vertical a chilled breeze whisked past her. No not just chilled, cold. Aisha was very cold. Another odd thing, because you know, it was summer. As grateful as she was to be coming to her senses, it certainly would've been easier to remain asleep.

Her brain finally began to piece together what had lead her to this situation, it'd taken her a moment to remember the shimmer in the sky, the touch, and the flash. Now that she had, she began to grow anxious. Where was she, why had she passed out, who had moved her? Aisha felt up and down her body, clenching her clothes as if they held a secret to what was going on. They were as they always had been, just fabric and leather.

I don't know what the fuck this is, but somebody's gonna be in deep shit, she purred to herself, trying to tide down her worries with sarcasm.

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  a bouncing baby android
Posted by: Bastien - 03-29-2020, 10:05 PM - Forum: Shrine - Replies (4)

Well, the day had come.

Rexanna had said to wait until the right time, but both of them had realised that it would likely never come, not when Caido was determined to throw every kind of disaster and tragedy at it's people every other week. What would he rather do? Live his life in fear and not do what they wanted, or risk it and potentially have a life of happiness before them? It seemed better to bite the bullet and ask for what they wanted.

He was assuming the Voice could even help them, anyway.

If Rexanna had to get pregnant, he hoped she was ready for that; if he could somehow carry the child..well, it would be unorthodox, but he would be willing to. His lifestyle probably suited it better. He hoped though that The Voice might be able to give them a child without anyone having to carry it; she was capable of many miracles after all.

He wanted this badly, more than he'd ever thought he'd want fatherhood. More than that, he wanted to do it with Rexanna, who he was sure would be a wonderful mother and mentor, that she was the only woman that could have lit the parental flame inside him. Together, they were taking this step, and that thought put a smile on his face during the whole walk from town.

Heading to the Underground shrine with the thought it would be private, he squeezed Rex's hand tight on the way down and when they got to the statue of the Voice he knelt. [say]"
Signora d'oro...I hope you remember that I once asked you if it would be possible for us to have a child. We are wondering if you would grant us that wish; we will do whatever work it takes."[/say]

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Trigger Warning are the spirits listening
Posted by: Weaver - 03-29-2020, 06:52 PM - Forum: Ludo's Woods - Replies (2)

She has been here once before at Sunjata’s request. He had come looking for wonder puddles, and she wonders what drove the curiosity. Rarely people go looking for magic simply for the thrill of it, or at least, that has been her experience. They are all creatures driven by some sort of curiosity or another.

As a whole, Weaver generally steers clear of the Greatwood, knowing it is not her place to come. But today she seeks someone in particular, who had said to come here and call to the spirits. This did seem like the most appropriate place for a child of Mort to be found. Weaver knows a little of the demi-god, Maea having spoken briefly of Delphia and suggesting that perhaps she could help locate her brother. The idea still niggles at her, and perhaps, she could sneak that in to the conversation today.

Weaver is not here for her brother today though, but rather Maea. Her scythe is on her back, the blade sweeping behind her like a grim halo. It is with her most places, and though she thought about leaving it to seem less hostile, she also knows she may need it. In the end, she chose to be prepared, rather than poliet. Weaver makes her way into the forest, trying to figure out exactly how to tell the spirits she is looking for Delphia. She has no idea, so she simply says it, hoping the intention is enough. [say]”I am looking for Delphia. She said you could help.”[/say] Weaver says to the air, wondering if the spirits were always listening.

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