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Posted by: Random Event - Yesterday, 08:18 PM - Forum: Rathskeller - Replies (22)

For the third time in so many days, there is a-knocking at the Rathskeller door. This time there is no plea for entry, no insistent banging followed by screams.

Just a soft tapping, barely audible at first, before growing loud enough to be heard over the clink of glasses.

It stops for a few seconds when there is no reply, then starts up again.

Knock, knock, knock...

Someone in trouble?

A trap?

Perhaps a mix of the two... The decision, either way - to condemn, or to save - is in the Rathskeller's hands.

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Posted by: Random Event - 02-14-2019, 09:57 PM - Forum: Rathskeller - Replies (12)

Fool me once and all that...but you would too.

[say] “Ha- hey!”[/say] This time it isn't the pleading voice of a woman, but the voice of a man. Awkward, uncertain.

[say]“HEY!”[/say] He calls again.

You can hear him turning against the door, addressing something in the shadows. Some one.

But you're not stupid enough to fall for this again.

You saw what happened last time.

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  Raise You Like a Phoenix
Posted by: Court Official - 02-14-2019, 08:01 PM - Forum: The Settlement - Replies (15)

Trouble in the square sounded like splintering wood and hideous laughter. In the ink black darkness, punctuated only by the heavy, silent fall of snow, something had happened to the Spark Bird's perch. Those foolish enough to part their curtains or shutters and peek out their windows - those with a view of the square, anyway - would see...

Nothing, obviously. Nothing but the dark draped over the world, and the terrible somethings that lurked within. A few particularly unlucky souls might find that those somethings were very interested at sudden, curious faces at the window. Very interested, indeed.

Regardless, it was clear that something had happened to the perch, and any hope of attracting the elusive and blessed creature would be gone unless someone went out there to investigate. Undoubtedly, there would be no shortage of volunteers...

Welcome to the Key Quest! This quest has four open positions:

1. Edrei
2. Rory
3. Amalia
4. Jigano

This quest will move on in 48 hours even if all positions have not been filled. (It is incredibly time sensitive, can you tell?) It is first come, first served - please post your character staggering into danger going out to investigate to participate!

REMEMBER: KQs are rewarding, but dangerous. They may cause death and/or permanent changes to your characters - enter at your own risk!

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  On this winter's night with you
Posted by: Remi - 02-14-2019, 07:40 PM - Forum: Rathskeller - Replies (18)

Remi was...moving things.

After seeing Celosia so unceremoniously torn from the threshold of the door, all confidence Remi had in the safety of this place—of his and Vai's plans to provide some sort of haven for everyone—had been shaken entirely.

All she'd done was try to help...and now she was...just gone.

Eyes wide though he didn't really see, Remi stumbled into the back of the bar into one of the rooms used for storage. There he had left the majority of the liquor he'd made, and he vaguely thought to bring some up for a...toast? A..speech?

He didn't know.

With a shaky breath, Remi's fingertips ghosted over one of the crates, but he didn't move to lift in. Instead, he placed an arm against the wall, set his forehead against it and closed his eyes.

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  [SEASONAL EVENT - CLOSED] the longest night of my life
Posted by: Ronin - 02-14-2019, 07:39 PM - Forum: Monster Hunters Guild - No Replies

Ronin sat in the corridor of the guildhall in the dark. The lanterns had guttered out some time ago and the fires were low. The cold worked its fingers into the walls, the floor and his bones, and were it not for the soft glow of Luxere antlers through the windows, the shadows would be infinite.

It was deafeningly silent.

The first couple of days of LongNight had been as expected. Dark, ominous, and full of creeping about and cracking jokes and getting bored of being locked inside. Vanya had been in good spirits, despite being too pregnant to do much more than suffer through Ronin's attempts to entertain her.


She had been.

The possibility of the baby arriving during LongNight hadn't remotely occured to Ronin until it had happened, and he had been caught with panic in his throat and a sickening lack of knowledge or preparation. Vanya, though - she had done this before with her siblings, and whilst it wasn't the same when it was happening to you directly, her calm, her bravery and her confidence had been unshakeable.

There was nowhere to run, nowhere to go, and the couple had been at the mercy of nature in all of its wonder and its cruelty. But they had done it, through some stroke of luck or another - together, but with Vanya responsible for the lion's share of the work, of course. In the bedroom of the home that they had made, with every towel and every drop of hot water that Ronin could get together, in blood and sweat and screaming...

Vanya had brought their daughter into the world.

And she was perfect. Healthy and perfect, and those first few hours had been a bliss that Ronin would hold in his memories fiercely, like a precious flame against the ice of winter.

But Vanya... hadn't stopped bleeding. Couldn't stop. Wouldn't stop.

It didn't matter how much they tried to stem the flow, or how desperately Ronin had searched for answers or treatment in the limited supplies of the guildhall.

It just wouldn't stop.

Vanya had known, Ronin realised belately, that their story only had one ending from there.

He had held her as she grew pale and weak in his arms. He had whispered to her softly, about finding her family, about joining her with the rest of the Hali clan and their new addition. He had told her that he loved her and that he always would, and that they would see each other again. She had slipped away then, awash in crimson, in a room where the air smelled like copper.

Ronin sat in the corridor of the guildhall in the dark. The lanterns had guttered out some time ago and the fires were low.

And a baby squalled in the room where he had kissed Vanya goodnight for the very last time.

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  [Seasonal Event] The Dying of the Light
Posted by: Jigano - 02-14-2019, 07:03 PM - Forum: The Outskirts - Replies (2)

The light was failing.

Walking the woods with Isuma bouncing at his side, Jigano, haggard from lack of dreams, had noticed the drift of herds of luxere suddenly moving with a coordination he’d not yet seem from the great antlered creatures. He had slept longer than he'd thought, trying to find the dreams he'd traded away, and the day had been so short he’d barely found food for himself and his companion. They hadn’t even made it towards town before it seemed like the sun was setting again. The gryphon was restless, and the naturals had warned them that the Long Night was almost upon them, but Jigano had though the last day would be longer. He’d meant to spend the week with Isla in the Infirmary, but there was no time, now, to do anything but coax Isuma onto his back, ignoring the painful cut of her claws through his fur as he ran grimly across the snow.

He followed the tracks of the luxere that headed towards the nearest source of shelter he knew of. Rory’s farm would surely have space for a lanky fox and small gryphon, wouldn’t it? His friend might even be glad of the quiet company for the week. A week spent in his foxform would be longer than he’d ever gone before, but with the blond hunter at his side it seemed not only doable, but unexpectedly something he found himself looking forward to. A little beacon of light against the anxiety that sent his heart pounding as he raced the setting sun.

He caught up to the medium-sized herd of glowing-antlered deer as the last straggler filtered down from the woods to set up their perimeter around the farm, where it stood between fields and trees. A few of those who had already arrived snorted solemn greeting – and perhaps warning? – at him as he finally slowed his steps, Isuma peeping politely back at them from her perch on his back and shoulders. The farmhouse and its sturdy door were just ahead, and not a moment too soon as the sun was more than halfway down the horizon. Ears perked forward, the fox began to trot towards it—

Five scents caught his nose as he drew close, all familiar and two reassuring, even if Amalia’s was unexpected. But of the other three each, in their way, was enough to raise his hackles. Two belonged to the dogs, canines who had offered him violence before. Their tracks led to the door and beyond it, into the warmth and light that Jigano had been yearning for. That alone would have been enough to give him pause, but the third scent was more complex both in composition and in emotional effect. Blood on the snow, and pain in his friend’s eyes, and anger and betrayal were caught up in it, along with frozen flesh and worn leather and a torn cloak. He froze for long moments he couldn’t afford, ears flattened to his skull as Isuma chirruped in concern, sensing his inner conflict.

A big buck ducked its head to nudge him towards the house, gently but firmly, and Jigano found himself moving again but not without trepidation. The house would have its own dangers for a fox and a gryphon cub, and he didn’t know enough to guess which would be more deadly. But he had to reach shelter, and swiftly. Shying away from the house, feeling the fear building in his chest and echoed from his companion, he curved around to the farm proper, trotting past the outbuildings and following the earthier scents of horses and goats to the big barn, even as the shadows stretched long and ominous across the world. It was shelter, and warmth, and food in the form of the mice and rats who lived in the hay, even if it would be a rough and lonely week. Darker than the inside of his den in the glade, and far from his friends, but hopefully safe for Isuma, which was what he clung to as he shifted smoothly back into his human shape, steadying the gryphlet on his shoulder.

He had gone around to the side of the barn first, where there was a smaller door for people rather than horses, an easier entrance to wrangle open – and to blockade firmly, once inside. He was glad of his warm gloves that protected his hands from splinters, even as he struggled to shift the rarely-moved crossbar. There was no way to replace it once he was inside, but he opened the door just far enough to slide his lean frame through, lifting the bar up as he did so and slipping underneath. He closed the door as far as he could until only his wrist was outside, still holding the crossbar. As the sun slipped below the horizon he raised the bar up, then swiftly and gently closed the door, letting the bar fall back into its brackets outside with a rattling thump.

It was dark inside, the bleating of goats meeting his intrusion as the little herd edged away from him when they realized he wasn’t Rory. He shifted back into his fox form, Isuma squeaking soft protest as he suddenly shrank beneath her. She tumbled into the hay, then blinked big, owl eyes around the barn, the only light from the faint glow of the luxere outside filtering through knotholes in the siding. Jigano nudged her gently with his nose to make sure she was unhurt, then let her take ahold of his tail with her beak as he put his nose down and led the way back to a stall with a familiar horsey smell. Talys was there, calm and warm and unbothered by the little vulpine visitor. With a soft, grateful whine Jigano tucked himself and his companion into the clean straw in a corner of the stall facing inwards, curling himself protectively around Isuma and keeping his ears perked up and straining for whatever was going on outside the barn.

Long Night had fallen.

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Posted by: Isla - 02-14-2019, 06:00 PM - Forum: Infirmary - Replies (35)

The LongNight had dropped upon them like a stifling blanket, one that Isla could see into but didn't want to. She had noticed the single lonely Luxere standing watch outside one of the windows, a soft smile managing its way across the doctor's face. One glowing guardian in the night; just like she was, almost.

There were a few patients who would be unable to leave for home for LongNight. That could be dangerous, given that they were all sick enough not to be able to move about easily, but on the other hand they were less likely to go wandering around and making noise. Isla had moved them all into one ward so it was easy to tend to them - and so they had company - but now they were all sleeping and she had nothing to do but wander the infirmary like a ghost.

She had slid the window open the tiniest bit, posting out a few carrots and roasted chestnuts for the Luxere who had came to be watcher over her post, shutting it once more and smiling as she watched the creature happily dig in. [say]"Thank you,"[/say] she murmured to it, before continuing on her patrol.

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Posted by: Random Event - 02-14-2019, 04:14 PM - Forum: Rathskeller - Replies (3)

The door that led up to the alleyway behind the tavern had been barricaded and locked with several locks. The herd of luxere would be good protection they had been told, but the things that roamed the week-long darkness were not above testing the boundaries where and when they could. And so extra locks had been installed, and all within the tavern were told not to open the doors or windows for any reason.

They thought it would be easy to abide by this request.

Until the banging started.

[say]"PLEASE! HELP!"[/say]

The tavern grew silent.

[say]"PLEASE! I...I did not mean to be so.. so late. But they are EVERYWHERE. PLEASE."[/say]

It was the panicked voice of a young woman. Within you can practically hear the way the palms of her hands become bloody as her fists pound with terrified blows against the door.


The former duchess stood from her place at the bar. She may be new to this world, but that didn't mean she'd left her common sense and decency behind. [say]"We can't just let her die out there. Just because she is late doesn't mean she deserves a death sentence."[/say] Cel announced, her voice ringing clear, her command of the room sudden and complete thanks to her years of working in and with politicians.

But no one moved, disagreement and ascent were just whispers among those watching the young duchess. Cel's auburn gaze looked around and it was clear to her immediately that all before her were too cowardly to act. Too afraid of the responsibility that came with decision making. But no stranger to hard choices was she, and without a moment's hesitation, Celosia walked to the door. [say]"Keep your voice down so they don't hear you."[/say] She said consolingly as her fingers worked at the various locks. [say]"Oh thank you!"[/say] The voice outside wept, her gratitude sounding palpable.

As the final bolt was undone, before the duchess could even reach for the latch to pull the door, the weeping stopped. The wind howled. The door was flung open and a black shadow reached in, grasping at Celosia's cloak as if she were naught more than a ragdoll.

The duchess hardly had time to scream as life was sucked in a bloody slurp from her body.

The door slammed shut.

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  A LongNight with Friends
Posted by: Remi - 02-14-2019, 03:52 PM - Forum: Rathskeller - Replies (8)

(So that we don't have 29348729348 threads to get LongNight seasonal requirements, feel free to post ONCE here, saying you're spending LN at the Rathskeller!)

He and Vai had prepped as much food as they could. Still there was some salted and waiting in the back to hold them throughout the week. As Remi had suspected, there were far more people here than they had anticipated and, of course, many came under-prepared. But that was fine, they had assumed as much and had planned accordingly.

Wood was stacked up high near the fire, roasts and stews were simmering away, the alcohol was plentiful, and though Jigano was not here, enough would-be bards were in attendance that there always seemed to be a low murmur of song throughout despite the rules to keep quiet.

A social creature by nature, Remi wasn't fettered by the number of bodies milling about or the number of things that were touched and moved that shouldn't have been. Behind the bar, he shot Vervain a boyish grin, slinging an arm around her shoulders and leaning his head against hers. [say]"Happy LongNight?"[/say] He chuckled with a shake of his curly head.

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  [SEASONAL EVENT] A Palmer for Long Night
Posted by: Phoebe - 02-14-2019, 01:28 PM - Forum: Fields - Replies (20)

After being absolutely terrified by the sounds she had heard in the woods, Phoebe was quick to gather her things and head to the Palmer house. She had fortunately run into Emmett along the way, who was on his way to get her. Of course he wasn't surprised about the scary thing she heard - scary things happened before Long Night. But she still felt much better having him walk her to his family's home.

She had brought with the necessities she would need personally for the week, as well as the supplies she had gathered. It was the least she could do for the Palmer's hospitality. As Emmett had warned they were indeed a loud bunch, but Phoebe was perfectly at ease with them. Of course when the glowing starry fish showed up with the Luxere, almost following Phoebe in before deciding to stay outside, she had to explain the gift Safrin herself had sent. Hopefully for a family that worshipped Vi, that would be something that worked in her favor with them.

She did take a moment before going to sleep that night to pray and thank Safrin for sending the little glowy fish. The goddess's goodness was well appreciated.

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