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  sweet, sweet success
Posted by: Wessex - 7 hours ago - Forum: Shrine - Replies (1)

In the end it wasn’t cleverness that brought them success, but the enemy’s obliviousness. Good timing. Bad timing. Call it what you will, the Wraith left Torchline feeling most satisfied and headed almost straight for the Temple, with an offer for Varus and / or Mabel to join her if they want. They should reap any credit and rewards from their Goddess, should there be any.

A note is sent to Cameron as well, asking them to join the small group of Grounders-who-had-seen compasses and rings in action.

Stepping into the Temple, it feels like a great weight has been lifted off the Queen’s shoulders; the task is complete, protections can be put in place, and most importantly, she can soon pass on her responsibilities. Her buoyancy is obvious; a spring in her step, a pale glint in clear blue eyes, or maybe even an energy of - joy, almost.

[say] “Lady,”[/say] Wessex addresses the marble dias, begining once all are assembled.[say] “We’ve seen what you need us to see. Cameron has seen a ring, and Mabel, Cal, and myself saw a compass.”[/say]


Turning in the Hollowed Grounds RQ for protection against the Order, given here: she that made us first to be

Completed here:
in every hollow, every cloud on the horizon - Wessex and Azrael laying an orb
{RQ} Otherworldly - Bastien, Henry, and Wessex laying an orb
(RQ) the sweetest flowers, the fairest trees - Amun, Oliver, and Belril laying an orb

{Mini Event} enter the dragon - Cameron sees Ronin's ring in action
{Mini Event} my friends, my people, my flock - Mabel, Varus, and Wessex see Gideon's compass in action

Tasks. There is no time limit. There are currently 11 active Grounders. This means 5 unique characters have to participate (SCs do not count - they can participate, but they don't count toward completing tasks). Characters can participate more than once. Wessex, Amun, Bastien, and Oliver must participate in at least 1 thread. Wessex must participate in 2.

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  (SE) close your eyes, all is taken care of
Posted by: Sunjata - Today, 04:52 AM - Forum: Domiciles - No Replies

They’d gone to the Grounds. Together, this time – at least until Nate departs with a kiss and a just for the night, which leaves him and Kamaria to explore. It’s her first time in the Grounds, though they don’t stray too far from the VlamVloed. And despite the rage of everything back home, he knows Nate’s safe. He knows Kamaria’s safe, because she’s with him and he can keep an eye on her.

But then it also leaves entertaining his daughter, without boring her with the simple facts of the Grounds – how it had been behind a barrier for centuries, how her mother had been trapped here for just as long, how it wasn’t as hot as Torchline and didn’t smell like fish and salt and everything else. It was a different experience, but one he was sure she was excited about nonetheless.

So he’s planned a game, had obtained some paint and some brushes, some canvases, and set them up right outside along the Domiciles where she’d be able to experience how different those of the Grounds were in comparison to Haulani. “[say]Alright, so, I’m thinking we make it a game. What do you think?[/say]” He muses, his voice still hoarse but the bruising has nearly gone away, little yellow dustings here and there. “[say]We spy something and try to paint it.[/say]” A glimmer of mischief crosses his gaze with it as he goes to sit beside her with the canvases spread out. "[say]What do you think, my kleintjie?[/say]"

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  (SE) have you seen the rain
Posted by: Varus - Yesterday, 07:51 PM - Forum: Woodland - Replies (2)

It starts off as an easy walk, his arm looped with Isla’s, the moon casting down overhead, and an easy mood that settles into his mind that relaxes his shoulders, picking the trail to the woodlands with idle chatter between them. “[say]You know, I used to run through the woods here when I was young. We’d have battles, branch swords to stab each other as we jumped from tree to tree.[/say]” He hums with a laugh, squinting through the branches as if he can imagine whether or not he can see just how much it’s changed.

He takes a deep breath he doesn’t need, stepping over a fallen log and offering his arm for her to balance herself as she goes to do the same. “[say]The trees are a lot different though. Changed because of the barrier I think, not just the centuries.[/say]” He squints, before he snorts, flashing Isla a fanged smile as he picks the trail up again.

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  Nothing Fades like the Light
Posted by: Nate - Yesterday, 02:31 AM - Forum: Shrine - No Replies

It burns to have to come out to the Grounds for this, when he should be able to simply stay home, make a quick trip out of it. It's nearly dawn by the time Nate arrives at the shrine, his feet carrying him far past it at first, as if they remember the last time he'd been here, and want to forget.

The vial of blood and the diamond are clutched tightly in his hands, Nate's systems telling him he's clenching his first tightly enough for the edges of the diamond to cut into him, but he doesn't seem to notice. "[say]Hey.[/say]" He starts, surprised by how hoarse and small his voice sounds. He clears it and tries again, holding himself taller this time.

"[say]I brought the things for my eye.[/say]" Better, though he's confused as ever on how to actually address the Voice, what niceties he needs to speak.

Nate is turning in for his fancy eye again!

are you scared, because i am too  Retrieving a diamond w Kiada
tongues like sandpaper Getting Sear Cat Blood
struck down before our prime Leaving it out under a clear full moon

He will receive:

Optical Upgrade (Precognition) | A prosthetic eye infused with the blood of a sear cat. The user may ‘see’ a potential upcoming event once per season. Contact the admin team for your seasonal vision!

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  I know the feeling haunts you
Posted by: Seren - 06-12-2021, 04:44 PM - Forum: Oasis - Replies (19)

The road to the Glade and the waiting flower was much longer than Seren expected. When she became impatient with their slow pace, she grabbed Maeve by the arm and unleashed her blessings, lightening them both before taking off at a staggering pace. Running was a fast thing indeed when your feet barely touched the ground and each stride spanned several heartbeats. If her friend protested against the neck-breaking speed that saw landscapes flashing by, Seren was too absorbed in her own thoughts to actually hear it.

As a looming black tower grew more prominent on the horizon, so too did a green speck of lush vegetation near its foot. Seren didn't stop until her feet touched grass that seemed almost shocking in its verdour compared to the faded yellows and browns of sun-baked grasses. Moisture brought a sweet flavor to the air, and as the gravity pulse faded from their limbs, Seren looked around, searching for the source of the trickling, murmuring sound of water.

[say]"Well... this is different. Let's have a look around; but be careful."[/say] The reminder was hardly necessary; this was a Gilded Lily they were looking for, after all. No doubt they would smell the sweet nectar on the air long before they saw the flower.

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  [se] could be ghosts or monsters or a robot-vampire
Posted by: Wessex - 06-10-2021, 09:07 PM - Forum: Domiciles - Replies (3)

The storm clouds had lingered on the horizon, ballooning with rain and an ominously heavy blanket over the Grounds. Humid. Hot. Altogether more swamp-like than their barren little town had any business being, Wessex is content to listen to the complaints while not being able to feel the sweat drip between her tits - better yet, not to sweat anymore.

When the wind finally picks up and the storm rages in, the Queen stands in her window and watches. It’s probably a little creepier than she means it to be, she’s simply… happy to be out of the Underground. Happy to be back here. Not so happy to have her time filled up with war-time preparations when she’d rather be out investigating Tallulah and the Prince (and you sure as hell can bet that theories are bouncing back and forth in her head).

Eventually that very same wind pushes the storm on, out past the ruins to whatever lies beyond, and the Queen leaves her house again as it subsides from a downpour to a drizzle, taking a moment to deliberately splash through the puddles in front of her house.

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  [Open] to see what it means to be free
Posted by: Samuel - 06-10-2021, 04:36 PM - Forum: Ruins - Replies (2)

There had been a twinge of guilt and nostalgia in his heart as he'd set off to the ruins with a bag of things from his cupboards, but Sam had pushed through it and continued to walk to their execution; holding onto everything was doing him no good and the paintings of his parents couldn't come out of the frame and berate him for making this choice, no matter how intensely his father's painted eyes still glared from the dusty image.

The ruins had plenty of large stone courtyards perfect for a small bonfire and was a location far less likely to upset his neighbours. A pile of dry wood he'd brought from the market on the bottom, all of his things on top (evenly spaced) and Sam threw a match from a distance, careful to step far back. It took a few tries, but eventually it caught and he retreated to a nearby but far enough wall to watch the flames.

Little orange embers running up into the purple-blue evening sky seemed far too calm for the precipice they were all stood on. Occasionally he would see through the fire the curling of a page bending up and crumbling away, an old wooden frame crack and fall; between these interruptions he sat with his chin in his hands and thought on his recent successes and failures and the ones to come.

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  A healer's request
Posted by: Ray - 06-07-2021, 08:22 PM - Forum: Shrine - Replies (2)

With everything that was brewing within Caido, Ray had decided set out to the Greatwood shrine. It had taken a decent amount of reflection to decide who to seek out however. Rae had attuned her and was scientific, but Seren has mentioned that her mother might be inclined to help. And with Safrin being the herald of Vi, she seemed like the best choice. So packing her bag with traveling supplies, provisions, and offerings she set out. The journey was long, but she was determined, and made good time. Though her legs were a bit sore after so many days of walking.

Arriving at the shrine, she opened her bag and began to place her offerings. A fresh, homemade batch of her favorite cookies, a prized healing ointment she had made, and a beautiful circlet made from fresh cuttings of highly valuable medicinal herbs. Herbs that displayed an array of beautiful, vibrant flowers and leaves. The circlet had taken a good deal of time and resources to craft. But Seren had mentioned how her mother liked beautiful things, and so Ray had happily made the extra effort.

Offerings placed, Ray kneeled down and began to speak. "Hello, Lady Safrin. I apologize if I'm doing this wrong, I haven't gone to many shrines in my life. But I seek aid if you are willing to give it." She paused, collecting her thoughts. "The war will break out soon and as a healer I wish to be as ready and able as I can. I have already begun to stock up and preserve the herbs and supplies I will likely need the most of, as well as bandages and other resources. But I worry it will not be enough. If it is possible, is there something more that I can do? And if there is knowledge or resources I have yet to acquire that may be of use, if it pleases you, will you give me a clue as to how I may acquire them?"

Ray took a breath, brows furrowing slightly in determination. "If there is something that I can do in return for this aid, I will do it. Besides using my healing to harm, I am willing and ready to do whatever I physically can to earn this, if you are willing to provide it. And if not, I thank you simply for your time."

Ray took a deep breath, a small smile coming to her face. "Also, I think she may have beat me to it, but I promised Seren that I'd send you her love. She's wise beyond her years and I can't wait to see what she does in the future. I only hope she considers me a friend as I consider her to be one." Giving one last nod of respect, Ray finished her speech. "Thank your for your time and consideration." She then fell silent, still kneeling, waiting for a response if one was to come.

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  {SE} no wonder we have trouble sleeping
Posted by: Nate - 06-07-2021, 05:45 AM - Forum: Ruins - Replies (3)

Set post chicken KQ but pre-arson

A note sent him to the grounds, some part of Nate curious about the task Sunjata is helping with, but a much larger part of him bored and irritated by his own misadventures. He should just stay in the VlamVloed, but the sun is setting, and he’s been restless.

So he wanders. Through the ruins, an unlit smoke between his lips, waiting for him to remember and light it. Not that it really changes the effect either way.

It’s pure chance that has him stumbling over Azrael, Nate watching his fellow demigod for a ponderous moment before moving his smoke behind his ear, and entering the ruined building they seemed to be working on.

“[say]Hey Sprout.[/say]” He greets softly, leaning against the doorframe and letting the setting sun silhouette him. “[say]Workin’ hard here?[/say]”

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  those moments in the woods
Posted by: Maeve - 06-07-2021, 02:41 AM - Forum: The Wildwood - Replies (26)

How had so many things happened since they last saw each other? Maeve left him at the edge of the Greatwood only a couple of days ago and in that time not only did she manage to commission a portrait and run into Seren, but she also found herself a dragon. It only took some torn up hands, a slightly numb arm, and a twisted ankle. Well worth it as far as she was concerned. Maeve moves as carefully as she can, trying to not tweak her ankle further, but she manages well enough. Aidon trills softly from his perch on her shoulder, pressing his snout against her cheek in an affectionate nuzzle, sending a feeling of reassurance along their newly formed bond. [say]"I'm okay, peu d'amour. Just have to take it a bit easy. Locke is going to have a field day when he sees me, I'll have you know."[/say]

Curiosity sparks at the edges of her consciousness at the name from Aidon and she can't help the smile that spreads on her lips, [say]"You'll meet him soon."[/say] Maeve reaches up with her free hand, rubbing gently under his chin with the tip, warm affection spreading through her chest. She adjusts her bag on her shoulder as she presses forward for another hour or so, finally growing closer to the edge of the woods where they were meant to meet, eyes scanning the tree line in search of the man that's meant to be waiting here for her. She spots him, legs splayed out and back against a tree, eyes seemingly closed as he relaxes in the dappled shade. [say]"Oi! Not safe to just sleep out in the open like that. Someone could take advantage of you!"[/say] Maeve calls out to him with a grin, lifting a bandaged hand to give him a small wave.

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