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  a bone to pick
Posted by: Adam - 01-16-2022, 09:57 PM - Forum: Shrine - No Replies

Adam was in a bad mood, to put it lightly.

It had already kind of sucked, coming back to life: sure, he was alive, but he couldn't drink or fuck, couldn't go out during the day unless he made sure to stick to every shadow (he'd never been that kind of rogue - Adam wanted the world to see his handsome cunning face) and had to go to a Shrine or drink out of some weird pervert's wrists every couple of weeks.

And now, he'd had to leave his beloved Torchline for the dump that was the Grounds, all because of the two fangs in his mouth.

The heavy boots he wore sending loud thuds around the hall of the Atheneum, he headed to the shelf where he'd been told a shrine was set up, though Adam's intentions were far from quiet reverence.

[say]"Look-"[/say] He said as he got close, holding up a hand to punctuate the word. [say]"I know you're probably just going to fucking ignore me like you did all the other times I've tried to talk to you. And that's fine, whatever, I don't even know if you're listening, but I've got stuff to say."[/say]

Planted firmly in front of the shrine now, staring at it as if it might stare back, he began, speaking loudly enough that anyone else ensconced within the shelves would hear: [say]"Why do you make being an Ascended suck so much ass? All I want to do is get drunk and have sex. Those are like, parts of living. But you don't let us, cos I guess it's not calculating or pure enough or whatever, so instead I'm just bored and depressed and I can't even go for a fucking daytime walk without worrying about being fried-"[/say] He was losing his point. Adam stopped, sighed, and only continued after a moment's pause.

[say]"...I hate this. I hate this war, I hate having to be involved in it. I hate what all this has done to my body. I feel like a fucking ghost. And I know I agreed to it, but..I didn't know then how bad it would feel, and I don't get why you've made it that way."[/say] The aggression he'd started with going as quickly as it had appeared, Adam simply stood before the shrine looking dejected.

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  dont know where your mind is
Posted by: Bastien - 01-13-2022, 09:53 PM - Forum: The Spire - Replies (1)

It had been a while since Bastien had had a proper conversation with Az. They popped into say hello every so often, but his child was off in the world having a life of their own now, and he tried his best to respect that. It could be hard, especially on days when he missed Rexanna and thought of how much she had missed, or just how much Azrael's eyes looked like hers. He had a book of sketches of Azrael as they'd grown up, and he often thumbed through it late at night.

But they had a task to do together, something that would take a while, so he hoped they'd have a real chance to talk. Beaming like the proud dad he was as they walked towards the Spire, rod in hand, he asked: [say]"So, Azrael, tell me what you have been doing since I last saw you. Have you been busy? Explored? I do hope you were careful, but as you've come back to me in one piece, I assume you were."[/say]

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  blue tipped fingers [rq]
Posted by: Remi - 01-13-2022, 05:08 PM - Forum: Sidhe Village - Replies (4)

With jars filled with Nate, Neron, and some unknown ascended's fluid having been mixed together by he and Juniper, there was now just this final step to complete before the Greatwood's first regional quest was finished. Staring at the jars just now, Remi was struck by how easily it had all come together, and yet felt as though there was still some as of yet unknown cost lurking. Glancing over his shoulder as if expecting some debtor to appear demanding payment, the Lullaby sighs and ruffles a hand through his curls. He'd had a fight with Isla that had nearly cost them their friendship, had been forced to let Neron sink his fangs into him, and had walked away from Nate bow-legged thanks to the kick to the balls that the demigod had delivered. If that wasn't payment enough, gods help whoever tried to exact any more flesh from Remi.

With plenty of daylight left, the alchemist judged that only the heat would slow them down, but he was convinced they could make their way around the circumference of the Greatwood before the sun set or anyone came down with heatstroke.

PQ for Remi, Fiadh, Felix and Camilla to complete the GW's RQ!

Please write your characters arriving! We've got about 9 posts each to get through, so lets keep it all short and sweet!

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  (SE) no past or future here
Posted by: Varus - 01-09-2022, 06:28 AM - Forum: Fields - Replies (8)

Moonlight shines overhead and Varus, despite how often he tells himself he’s done training, he pushes it and pushes it more and more. Even more so now, given the recent news of the Draig and his quiet wonder if the Order plans to begin throwing the war ahead of time. He’s left a note for Isla that he’s in the Fields, that if he’s not home by a certain time that she can come and find him – because he’s in his usual get up, too, the sleek black of his outfit with the mask, the way he’s testing everything out that he can to make sure it’s flawless.

And after a few seconds, a few targets he’d set up temporarily off in the distance, Varus takes the disk he’s got, activating it with its bright blue electric edges, sharpened and honed, and he effectively throws the disk at the target, clearly cutting off its head.

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  The first wandering step
Posted by: Ray - 01-08-2022, 05:58 PM - Forum: The Labyrinth - Replies (1)

Ray eyes the entrance to the Labyrinth warily. She's heard the stories about this place, about lost souls and crumbling walls. It's probably not the safest place to be but she's determined to fulfill her quest. She's not sure what Frey has in mind, but if one of he ingredients had taken an entire quest for her to find, it must be something worthwhile.

Squaring her shoulders back and tightening her grip on the pack slung across her shoulders, the herbalist enters the Labyrinth. She hopes she doesn't get lost. Running a hand along the wall as she walks in will hopefully help her at least somewhat keeping track of her path. Getting lost wasn't an option, she had Efas Herbs to collect.

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  [se] stay above the tide
Posted by: Melita - 01-08-2022, 12:33 PM - Forum: The Bodega - Replies (12)

Stepping down from the skyboat, which she would love to use just about every day out of sheer enjoyment and amusement, her eyes took in the Sidhe Village. She’d been here only a couple times before, and most of it had been on business (or making snowmen). Without Maeve there with her though, it felt as if she wasn’t truly supposed to be here, and that unsettling feeling continued to crawl down her spine as she drifted further down the market-square. So she perused a few stalls, putting on an air of pretenses of calm and composure, when her eyes were really just looking for one person in particular.

After a few seconds, the honeybee realized she probably should’ve sent a note instead of impulsively launching upon a skyboat, but then again, that tracked all her other actions to date. Quickly grabbing hold of some paper in her bag, and Fangorn grumbling (and rollng his eyes) at her antics down by her ankles, she jotted down a miniature letter on a piece of charcoal for Ronin, and then went to ask a few Fae where he could be found, if it could be delivered. And that there was a promise of muffins for the occasion.

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  Night Creatures
Posted by: Peter - 01-08-2022, 08:04 AM - Forum: Fields - Replies (4)

It's strange. Not running away, not exactly, Pet is used to putting his back to something and leaving when he can, but... coming back. He hasn't gotten to do it much.

He's with Adam though, and together they could do anything. Together they could make another home, could occupy some other hole and live their lives, and well, the Grounds just made more sense than Torchline, what with the rumblings going around. It wasn't like they couldn't leave again.

They step out of one moon-soaked vista and into another, though calling the Grounds a "vista" is a generosity it does not deserve. Pet takes a deep breath in, eyes darting around them, then looks up at Adam, his brows furrowed in an expression that on him looks almost hopeful. He takes the first step, not looking ahead of them, and then another, just as blindly, walking them vaguely in the direction of a place he'd called home, Gods only knew how long ago now.

"[say]It's... probably better here anyway?[/say]" There is a definite lilt in his voice, a wavering uncertainty. "[say]Less... less sun. Less...[/say]" A hand reaches out to grab Adam's tightly, Pet entwining their fingers together. "[say]Less murdery... everyone.[/say]"

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  [SE] be soft but unafraid to conquer
Posted by: Aurelia - 01-08-2022, 06:40 AM - Forum: Ludo's Woods - No Replies

They had only departed from the shrine the night before, setting up a small camp in Ludo's Woods thereafter so that they might prepare for what would come next. Aurelia's heart pounded against her chest, reminding her of its presence again, again, again; thump, thump, thump against her ribs. Sleep hadn't come easily. Dawn is more reprieve than anything else.

She doesn't bother Hotaru until she's gathered together something to eat, a spread of mushrooms and meat from the surrounding area. Coffee is brewed, as well; dark and rich from the grounds Aurelia's brought with her. It's a meager start, but they will need the energy if they're to commit to any search of the Greatwood.

Aurelia sits upon the dirt, using her cloak for padding, and sips at the black coffee in her tin cup for a time. Until the energy sparks within her mind enough that she can begin to think about the quest they've recently been tasked with. [say]"I can manage what Ludo's asked of me,"[/say] she says seriously, green gaze shifting from the haze surrounding them and turning upon Hotaru's presence, [say]"it won't be easy, but the time will come and I can fulfill my end of the deal. Do you think you can accomplish what it asked of you?"[/say] Desecrating Atlas' grave, wherever it may lie, seemed a cruel task as well. Aurelia's brows shift with the concern she feels for that, wondering how Hotaru planned to go about it.

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  My love is where you are
Posted by: Hotaru - 01-04-2022, 08:20 PM - Forum: Crimson Cataract - Replies (4)

Early in the morning, she had leaned over her daughter's bed and whispered her name, running gentle fingers through golden hair and across the ridge of her brow. [say]"Flora,"[/say] she had sing-songed into her daughter's dreams, time and again with infinite patience until the girl had awoken at last. Grinning, Hotaru had lifted a finger to her lips, ensuring the girl's silence. [say]"We're going on an adventure. Come now, don't wake your brother."[/say] And, leaving Enzo slumbering, she had secreted Flora out the door and onto the forested paths of the Greatwood.

It's important to her that she spend time with both children individually as well as together, and with Longheat's oppressive rays it is a wonderful day for swimming. She had dressed the girl in her swimsuit before they left, her own underneath the dress she is wearing, so the plan for the day is not much of a surprise - but the location is.

The Cataract is beautifully crimson as always, the clinging lichen awaiting at the bottom of the pool. So long as you jump from the rocks however...

Hotaru spreads out a blanket on the bank, setting her bag down and gracefully folding down next to it. Patting the space in front of her, she beckons Flora with a loving smile. [say]"Let me braid your hair for you before we swim honey, and you can tell me all about the day you had in Torchline."[/say] And she keeps her own thoughts about that well-hidden from the perceptive child.

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  {SE} do you have a moment?
Posted by: Lilliane - 01-04-2022, 07:02 PM - Forum: Sanctuary - Replies (4)

Strolling through the streets felt odd to Lilliane. It wasn't like she had never done so before, yet the situation was so fundamentally different now. Within a whole new world and and an entirely different city. Despite her visible uneasiness, she still tried to keep an open mind. Wandering about, she tried to watch everything, to get a feeling of this place and the people living within it.

To be honest, she really wanted to talk to someone here. The things Cam had told her were still fresh in her mind and she wanted to get at least a second opinion of another person from the Hollowed Grounds before venturing out and checking out other areas.

After wandering about the Sanctuary for about the third time over, she decided that enough was enough. She'd never be able to ask someone the questions she wanted to ask if she didn't get it together and simply did so. Walking up to the next stranger which didn't seem busy, she asked: [say]"Excuse me, do you have a moment?"[/say]

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