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Clouds clear, the sun shines through and heat soaks the land; heat to thaw grief and warm hearts, heat to bleach away thoughts of tomorrow. Because time marches on, relentless in its pace, and those who have been keeping track (whether they like to or not) will undoubtedly notice that the approach of war has reached its halfway mark.

Half your time will have been gobbled up by the close of this season.

Mortal or demigod, child or adult, now is for decisions. Important ones. Where - and who - will you be when it all goes down? Tick tock, Longheat lovers. Tick tock.

This event will run from January 1 to February 28. All requirements must be met to complete the event. Multiple characters can participate, but the threads do not carry across! (I.E. Both characters must complete all threads to gain +2 stat each).

Please include {SE} somewhere in your thread title. Once all requirements are met, post them here with your OOC account, linking the necessary threads and where you'd like your +2 stats to be allocated!

1. Participate in two training threads OR explore two new areas
2. Complete two threads interacting with flora/fauna that you've not yet come across
3. Participate in a thread finding out someone's opinion about the coming war (even if they don't know it's happening - that still counts!)
4. Host or participate in a PQ focusing on an organisation (e.g. a guild or leadership)

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