Caleb Jorva

Basic Information
Race: Attuned
Nationality: Outlander
Profession Teacher
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Heath Ledger Strength: 8 /30
Age: 24 (Leafchange 286 PC) Dexterity: 10 /30
Height: 5’11” Endurance: 10 /30
Weight: 160lbs Luck: 7 /30
Gender: Male Relationship Status: Lol wut?
Orientation: Pansexual Deity Alignment: Lol wut???
Oak brown eyes shine with ghosts of a tortured past hidden behind them. He has soft features, complimented by his dirty-blond hair that usually stays curly and somewhat uneven and messy thanks to the way that he cuts it. He rarely lets himself get scruffy unless he just doesn’t have access to a razor, as he just doesn’t like the way beards feel. He is muscular and well-built, but he is definitely thin for his size, which makes his strength somewhat lacking.
Caleb is a bit of an enigma, and he tends to basically switch who he is at the drop of a dime. That’s because that’s exactly what he does. Caleb has five distinct personalities, all extremely different, and all with their own purpose in his life. At the same time, all of them do know about all of the others.

Caleb: Caleb is the main personality. He is sweet and intelligent and willing to please. He’s an all-around sweetheart who lives to make people smile. Though sometimes his sensitivity can make some people uncomfortable, he’s simply an extremely empathetic person and really wants to make sure anyone he’s close to is happy and taken care of.

Akos: Akos is flighty and remarkably spontaneous. He is witty and doesn’t fully understand responsibility, so he can be kind of unreliable when asked to do a certain task. He’s not exactly the brightest, but he always tries his hardest at whatever he does.

Nestor: Nestor is charming and can be devious sometimes. He enjoys having fun, be it sex, drugs, danger, or whatever else. If it means he’ll have a good time, he’s there and all in. He’s a terrific liar and is very good at charming people to get what he wants, and no, he doesn’t feel remotely guilty about that.

Urias: Urias is dangerous. He is brilliant, crafty, and not at all afraid of pissing people off or hurting them to get what he wants. And what he wants tends to change minute to minute. His word means nothing to him, and he’ll break promises or trust without hesitation whenever it suits him. He’s manipulative and sly, and it’s incredibly difficult to know what’s truly going on inside of his head.

Sawyer: Sawyer is quiet and has a habit of coming across as withdrawn and secretive. He doesn’t smile often, but he’s a sweetheart when he decides that he trusts someone. Alone time means a lot to him, but he does often enjoy one-on-one time, whether it’s spent with casual conversation or just sitting in silence and reading. He’s very laid back, but there’s a passionate side within him that’s just waiting for a chance to shine.

Caleb was “born” in a dystopian society where the natural circle of life wasn’t exactly a thing. Instead, all babies were grown in scientific labs and sterilized before release. This process was a form of population control the government had come up with to ensure citizens couldn’t procreate on their own. When parents wanted a child, their DNA was taken and analyzed, then if they were approved, it was combined in an artificial womb where a fetus would grow and remain until someone died. The soul of the deceased was harvested and magically implanted into the baby to give it life. Then, the new parents would get to take the baby home.

In Caleb’s case, something went wrong. When his soul was being implanted, the lab accidentally used the wrong one. Rather than the one that had been set aside for him, Caleb ended up with the soul of a DID patient who passed away. As a result, upon implantation, the five individual personalities split apart into five individual souls, something that had never been done before. Thanks to his extremely unique situation, Caleb wasn’t released to his parents, instead kept in the lab and studied extensively.

As he grew up, he was taught what it meant to have more than one soul - though it was never something he actually understood. He knew all of the technical terms and what it meant when it came to potentially interacting in society, but he never actually understood how it affected him versus what it would be like to have only one soul.

When he turned ten, Caleb was to go through his soul passage. That was something that every child in the society went through as a kind of coming of age ceremony, and in it, the child would meet and accept the soul of their animal counterpart. Caleb’s caretakers weren’t sure how this process would work on someone with five souls, but the religious and government bodies both agreed that it was the boy’s duty and obligation to go through the passage. And so he did.

The ceremony ended to reveal that all five souls had taken on an animal counterpart, which made Caleb also the first person ever to have more than one animal shift. Akos had a falcon, Nestor had a fox, Urias had a cobra, and Sawyer had a mountain lion.

Though he was given the necessary nutrients and artificial sunlight and social interactions and all of that stuff that was needed for growth, Caleb was denied everything else life had to offer, instead being forced to live for twenty-two years in the same laboratory that he was created in. He was educated and mentally stimulated enough to keep himself from getting too bored, but he never knew what else there was beyond the white walls he knew so well.

One day, when he was twenty-two, his caretakers decided to perform a new experiment on him. Because of how well he lived with multiple souls in him, they decided to try something brand new; implanting a soul into an adult body. It was supposed to potentially help people who have become brain dead or locked in comas or whatever else - he wasn’t really listening.

As he was prepared for the implantation, Caleb closed his eyes. When he reopened them, he felt a rush of panic crash over him. Where was he?

Caleb has learned how to trigger/call each of his personalities through touch or physical sensations. Caleb = soft items, Akos = cold sensations, Nestor = smooth items, Urias = rough items, Sawyer = warm sensation

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