Amalia Chandrakant

the Shield of Safrin

Basic Information
Level: 7
Race: Attuned
Nationality: Natural
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Profession Baker / Provost of the Loreseekers
Primary Organisation ☆ Loreseeker's Guild
Secondary Organisation ☆ Artisan's Guild
Character Information
Face Claim: Dichen Lachman Strength: 23 /30
Age: 21 (Deepfrost 287 PC) Dexterity: 23 /30
Height: 5'6 Endurance: 22 /30
Weight: 115 lbs Luck: 26 /30
Gender: Female Relationship Status: in love with Deimos
Orientation: Demisexual Deity Alignment: Old Gods/Vi
black eyesangulardistinct
Striking, slender, her features are captivatingly distinctive, all hard edges and smooth lines, panes and angles. Indeed, there is very little softness to her; from toe to tip she is a sharp creature, muscle and bone and little else.

Still, there is a grace about her, a haunting quality to the way she flickers from place to place, room to room. Nearly silent, a rush of warm air - she might have been a dancer, were she so inclined. As it is she became a scholar, though training with staves keeps her in physical shape.

The girl does not dress up her beauty, perhaps because she does not know how. Her long honey-colored hair is worn pulled back in braids; her clothes are simple and functional, nothing more. At times she will ring her eyes in kohl, her only real foray into makeup. A beautifully wrought gold flower pin is sometimes woven into her hair.

In leopard form the girl remains distinctive, though in a way far different from her human skin. Built of muscle and luxury, she is a dark-eyed beauty in silver and black, strength evident in each muscle and claw. Twenty-two inches at the shoulder, with a length of forty-five, she is a grandiose specimen indeed, weighing in at 90lbs, with a forty inch tail and a two inch coat.

Amalia is a shuttered sunbeam, lighting dark places and revealing the dust. Baker, librarian, acolyte, friend: the girl wears a series of masks, each bleeding neatly into the other, woven together by quiet curiosity and an ardent interest in all she does. She is generous, helpful, quick to jump in and assist- but proud, too, stubborn and withdrawn, never asking for help for herself, too insecure to push her needs on her friends.

Amalia is a studious, thoughtful sort- sometimes to her own detriment. Prone to melancholic brooding, the girl dwells heavily on sins of the past, the dark corners of her mind rearing ugly heads. Anxious, jealous, insecure, she is a swelling undercurrent of isolation, trying every day to pull her way into the light. Infinitely lonely, she fails to see the wealth of friendship that surrounds her... though as time goes on the child of shadows is beginning to find her way to the sun.

she is bornshe livesshe dies
Born in at the end of the Long Night, Amalia is the only daughter of Rishima Chandrakant, herself the only living child of Anjali Chandrakant... and so it goes back in time, as far as time can be remembered beneath the roof of the dome. Her grandmother is a baker, her mother a medic, and Amalia grows in the shadow of strong women, always striving to grow great enough that she can fill their shoes.

As a child Amalia learns many things: baking, crafting, caring, planting. Her grandmother, called Nani by all who know her, is a fixture at festivals and fairs, a pillar of a community in whose glow the girl basks. Her mother, reserved, mixes poultice and potions, creating balms and salves for those burned by her wit. Anjali is pious, a weaver of stories and keeper of culture. Under her tutelage Amalia grows up loving gods and nature, particularly entranced by the lost lord of life, Vi. She vows to spend her life in their service, to the cheering of her Nani and chagrin of her mom.

She loves, she loses, she aches, she recovers. And so all seems well until her sixteenth year, when tragedy strikes in an unexpected way. Caught in the darkness, she and her mother spend the week in the Infirmary, caring for the ill and the lost. But when dawn finally rises and she makes her way home, Amalia finds the bakery open and empty, flour strewn and furniture shattered across the filthy floor. She does not understand: her nani knew better, had warned her and cautioned and kept them all safe. Falling to her knees, Amalia cries, her tears leaving stains in the dusty tile.

And so Amalia is fractured, her life broken and blistered beyond repair. Consumed by guilt, remaining Chandrakants crumble and fall away from each other, becoming near strangers as the days creep by. Amalia sequesters herself in the Antheneum; Rishima retreats to her medical work; and so the once proud family splinters, each passing her years alone.

And when Rishima dies in the summer of her 19th year, Amalia has no room left to hurt. Consumed by guilt, racked by loneliness, the girl retreats further into herself and away from the world, throwing herself wholly into her research, her reverence, until one day when a rain of Outlanders tears through the shield she has carefully built.

At 20, she...
...encounters her first Outlander, Deimos: footprints in the ashes
...attends the Festival of Lights: {SWE} The Festival of Lights her grandmother's bakery with help from Deimos, Wessex, and Jorseval: {PQ} baker's dozen {seasonal event}
...defends the Atheneum from pumpkins and outlanders: {PQ} Gourding/Guarding the Library {Seasonal Event}
...prays to Safrin, and is given a quest: she who loved you yesterday
...inadvertently helps free The Voice: {KQ} Hush healed by Desmond: Healing Hands
...makes pumpkin scones with Rory and Deimos: {Seasonal Event} Good Gourd
...learns of Wessex's death and resurrection: {Mini Event} just the way of things
...helps build the perch for the Spark Bird: {PQ} {Seasonal Event} afire love
...participates in a drop at the labyrinth: {DROP} It'll take your breath away
...meets Jigano in the glade: And it feels like me on a good day {seasonal event}
...tells Rexanna about Long Night: in bloom {seasonal event!}
...makes apple cake with Rory and Lily: {Seasonal Event} warm this weather out of my bones
...purchases fuel for Long Night from Deimos: {Seasonal Event} free of the coliseums
...helps Jigano establish the Loreseekers: {PQ} Rise of the Loreseekers
...feeds luxere with Deimos in the glade: fabled foreign tongues {Seasonal Event}
...finds a red luxere, and helps it shed its antlers: {RE} Turn the white snow red as strawberries in the summertime
...feeds luxere with Seiji: (Seasonal Event) Like Stone Lions
...shelters against Long Night with Rory, Wessex, and Jigano: {Seasonal Event} The Dying of the Light
...dies at Edrei's hands, repairing the Spark Bird perch: {KQ} Raise You Like a Phoenix

At 21, she... reborn, thanks to Vervain's healing: Open this FUCKING DOOR

Jyoti :: humpback starwhale :: bonded
{Image: rSkpwMn.png?1}
Credit to kore <3

Amalia's soul is shared with a creature unlike any seen on earth - literally. Jyoti is a starwhale who fell from the heavens, separated from her mother by a storm and rescued into the girl's heart. Deeply curious, friendly, adventurous, and joyful, Jyoti spreads stardust in her wake, soothing those she meets through magic and song. Currently still a calf, she is about a foot long. Due to her fall her growth is severely stunted, and she will likely never grow to more than three feet in length.

Snow Leopard | Barn Owl | Small-Clawed Otter

  • Magic: Can speak telepathically with other Attuned even when not shifted
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic
  • Magic: Can compel like-minded animals for assistance (1 large, 3 medium, 5 small, from the same animal family)
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic
  • Magic: Can partially shift into animal form
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic

  • Items
  • Type: Light
    Vi's Flower | A large lotus that will never die or wilt

  • Type: Grey
    Horn of Plenty | Truly magnificent to behold, this minotaur's horn is decorated with a simple amber stone. When filled with liquid, the horn will never run dry - so be careful what you choose to pour in!

  • Type: Light
    Luxere Staff | A staff topped with magically glowing luxere antlers (These antlers glow a soft red despite being detached from the luxere. They will provide constant light and will protect anyone who holds them during LongNight), imbued with minor healing abilities (upgraded level). (Made by Remi)

  • Type: Dark
    Magical Crystal | When (abandoned) magic is cast at this device, it can store the power and reuse it as controlled by the wielder. (Made by Remi)

  • Type: Dark
    An ornate titanium shield covered in star sigils. When (abandoned) magic is cast at this device, it can store the power and reuse it as controlled by the wielder. (Made by Remi)

    JYOTI - Mythical - Starwhale (Humpback)
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