Amalia Chandrakant



Age: 21 (Deepfrost 287 PC)
Height: 5'7
Weight: 135 lbs
Race: Attuned
Nationality: Natural
Profession Baker / Librarian
Primary Organisation ☆ Loreseeker's Guild
Secondary Organisation
Face Claim: Dichen Lachman
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Orientation: Unknown
Relationship Status: Single
Deity Alignment: Old Gods/Vi
Striking, slender, her features are captivatingly distinctive, all hard edges and smooth lines, panes and angles. Indeed, there is very little softness to her; from toe to tip she is a sharp creature, muscle and bone and little else.

Still, there is a grace about her, a haunting quality to the way she flickers from place to place, room to room. Nearly silent, a rush of warm air - she might have been a dancer, were she so inclined. As it is she became a scholar, though training with staves keeps her in physical shape.

The girl does not dress up her beauty, perhaps because she does not know how. Her long honey-colored hair is worn pulled back in braids; her clothes are simple and functional, nothing more. At times she will ring her eyes in kohl, her only real foray into makeup. A beautifully wrought gold flower pin is sometimes woven into her hair. At all time she wears a pendant made of moonstone - both gifts from her mother, now deceased.

Quiet. Thoughtful. Studious. Attentive.

Shy. Judgmental. Righteous. Stubborn.

Loyal. Insightful. Generous. Humble.

Jealous. Anxious. Passionate. Insecure.

At 0, she is born a bastard.

At 3, she learns what that means.

At 5, she begins school and finds herself to be bright.

At 7, she finds others to be cruel.

At 10, she loses her best friend.

At 11, she begins training.

At 14, she falls in love.

At 15, she is heartbroken.

At 16, she becomes an orphan.

At 17, she leaves for Sanctuary.

At 18, she begins to work in the Atheneum.

At 19, she joins the Order of the Spire.

At 20, she...
...encounters her first Outlander, Deimos.
...attends the Festival of Lights. her grandmother's bakery.

Amalia is afraid of the dark and is rarely seen without a lantern

Snow Leopard


  • Type: Light
    Vi's Flower | A large lotus that will never die or wilt

  • Type: Light
    Rare Luxere Antlers | These antlers glow a soft red despite being detached from the luxere. They will provide constant light and will protect anyone who holds them during LongNight

  • Level: 1
    Strength: 11
    Dexterity: 15
    Endurance: 12
    Luck: 7
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