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Light and life has returned to the Hollowed Grounds, but LongNight's touch lingers on the hearts and minds and lips of all. Still, spring has sprung and that only means one thing - the time of Fiat Lux has come around again!

But something seems a little off this year. The snows have melted, but not... quite. It’s a bit muddy. Very muddy. SO muddy. Did that mud move? No, surely not.

Still, preparations for the festival are dampened by the schlorp and squelch of... of... oh gods, it’s everywhere. It’s everywhere!

Welcome to the Flowerbirth seasonal event! It will last from November 1 - December 31. It looks as though some memory snow has melted into the dirt, and through means unknown it has started to schlep its way around the Hollowed Grounds and the Greatwood! It doesn’t look like it means any harm (probably) - it’s just... very annoying.

All requirements must be met to complete the event. Multiple characters can participate, but the threads do not carry across! (I.E. Both characters must complete all five threads to gain +2 stats each).

Please include {SEASONAL EVENT} somewhere in your thread title, especially if you make an open thread!

Please complete the following requirements:

1. 1 thread cleaning up after LongNight. (This can be things such as repairing houses, clearing debris from the streets etc.)
2. 1 thread contributing to Flowerbirth by planting something! (Is it a tree? Flowers? Crops? Herbs? Something MAGICAL?)
3. 1 thread interacting with the Memory Mud in general.
4. 1 thread shooing some Memory Mud out of a board. (Pesky stuff!)
5. 1 thread playing with the Memory Mud. (Creativity encouraged, it is not smart.)

There is also a new record for seasonal flora/fauna!

Memory Mud (Flowerbirth): What happens when memory snow melts into a muddy puddle and Rae feels sorry for it? Voila! Memory Mud is unintelligent and largely harmless, squelching its way into the most inconvenient places! More annoying than dangerous, it might play fetch with you. But probably not.

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