Basic Information
Level: 1
Race: Abandoned
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Katie Mcgrath Strength: 6 /30
Age: 25 (Deepfrost 285 PC) Dexterity: 11 /30
Height: 5'3" Endurance: 18 /30
Weight: 100 Luck: 10 /30
Gender: Female Relationship Status: Trying not to die
Orientation: Pansexual Deity Alignment: --
5'3" fragile build. Pale. Waist length black hair, dark eyes.
Straight back and practiced, militant posture. Walks with a limping gait, favoring left leg. Protects and favors right shoulder.
Hyper vigilant - jumpy.
Traumatic scarring and injury to right temple, recent. Mild deformity of right eye socket. Hair along the gash grows in white in her eyebrows and scalp. Thin silver scar crossing the left upper lip - practically invisible save for a subtle notch.
Necklace composed of two wooden fish interlocking, one dyed mauve, the other black. Silver chain and accents.
Simple dress though impeccably cut and tailored. Right eye, black eye patch, an eye embroidered in silver thread. An adventurer's belt, lined with straps and clasps, the buckle is a staring silver eye. An empty scabbard for a dagger at her left hip, fastened about the thigh. High-quality outlander adventuring boots, knee-high and laced tight. Silver clasps and buckles - thankfully there are no eyes.
Scarred palms and forearms, thin and pink. Hints of burn scarring beneath her right sleeve and collar.
Posh, educated dialect, manners and bearing. English accent.
Despite her love of solving mysteries and cataloging the unknown as an explorer might the natural world, Mel enjoys a certain degree of mystique and anonymity, being quite partial to pseudonyms, riddles, symbolism, and omens. Her aesthetic and personality heavily influenced by occultism, dreary gothic vibes, and a fascination with what some will recognize as plots and themes of cheap romance and adventure novels. Yes, I mean those novels. Despite the potential absurdity of a gloomy Victorian nerd-witch with a penchant for code names and dime store romance, however, there is an undeniable undercurrent of potential - prone to darkly intense looks and "getting what she wants" attitudes, one would be forgiven for being a bit nervous in her company.
Her memory is but an island of scenes composed amid the confusion of a life forgotten.

A valley at night and the frigid arrival of winter. Wet skin, the smell and taste of river water, the bewildering realization that she had not drowned. A wolf cries in the distance, and then another and another - she would fear the worst, but the worst has already happened. It would be a mercy to be eaten by wolves.

She focuses on the tower in the distance overlooking her death - it's only one of many that the structure has observed. There will be many more, she's certain. She does not think she is special, she does not regret the anonymity of dying here alone as a statistic in a dangerous land. She had no choice but to come here, and perhaps she had no choice but to die as well. She is relieved. Her gaze slowly drifts back to the pale moons overhead, the movement causing a swell of nausea as she rolls onto her side, vomiting brackish water. Pain wracks her body, her vision streaking red - and she forgets.

In her hand is clasped a dagger where one had not been before. Does the air smell of sulfur or is it only her imagination? She had thought the wolves might find her quicker than this - she knows they would never turn down a meal - corrupted flesh was still flesh, after all. Something must be keeping them away... something...

She thinks she sees him, in fact she's convinced of it. There is little she knows but she knows that to meet him again means death. She feigns unconsciousness for a time, but if he's watching, he knows. She's been awake for minutes now, if only barely. She is waiting, she is biding her time. She is hoping that he that he cannot read her mind, though she would not put it past him.

Warm wet air - the smell of rain, the smell of spring - engulfs her senses - she does not remember how she came here, but that does not matter. New energy floods her limbs where before they had been like lead and she, finds her knees, barely registering the obnoxious squeal of steel on black glass. Weak and deeply confused she recounts her memories several times while kneeling and finds them lacking. There must more, but it exists outside of her understanding which is largely limited to the absolute animal terror inspired by the thought of being found.

- Once an accomplished scholar and promising witch studying means to curb an eldritch invasion in her homeland Mel arrives in quite a state of physical and emotional distress including a good old touch of the amnesia. While not entirely incapable of recalling some facts and knowledge from a life spent researching topics including botany, occultism, medicine, and accounting the details and specifics are more difficult for her to pin down. Existential questions regarding self are answered largely through observation and snippets of memories, though she appears either unable or perhaps unwilling to recall anything too personal.

For OOC Reference

  • Base Illusion: Can create minor sensory effects within a 5ft radius
    Type: Grey | Rank: Basic

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