Mini Event Greet Your Queen
Zariah Launceleyn
the Merciless
Grand Sorceress of the Arcane Academy

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So her home was too intimidating for them to vist, hm? Well, she could be flexible.

The Notice had been posted very early, so it would have been seen by many and word of it spread far by the time the audience was to be held. The Queen awaited the people, standing at the front of the room, the benches lined waiting for people to fill. Those who had yet to see her might be surprised to find their queen not a terrifying monster, nor some large brutish orc-like beast. No, she was a pretty woman with large, hazel, doll-like eyes and wild curly hair in abundance, her expression settled in a perfect porcelain blank gaze. She was thin, on the tall side, her attire fitted black pants with boots with a slight heel, a plunging neckline and a dark coat with exaggerated tails and a stand-up collar.

Beside her of course was Edrei, her Left Hand and currently only other named offical. Her guards were scattered throughout the room, but given the anticipated crowd and size of the room, it was far from the "dangerous" close quarters of the manor. To one side of the room, to welcome her guests, was a table filled with various treats and other refreshments, the drinks enhanced by noneother than Remi to meet her standards. A welcoming environment she thought, all things considered.

Please feel free to have your character enter as they would! I will move this forward in 48 hours!
Edrei Launceleyn
the Rapacious
Queen of the Hollowed Grounds / Rathskeller Owner

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Edy stood behind Zariah, her hands clasped easily behind her back. At ease, the stance was once called. Now though, Edy just thought of it as normal, despite the fact she was never actually at ease.

Dressed in the Storm Guard's uniform she'd been wearing when she'd initially been brought over, for once Edy's impressive afro of hair was tightly plaited from the top of her head, fallowing just in between her shoulder bones. Chin up with a jaw that was impeccable straight, the younger Launceleyn's eyes stared forward with unwavering emotionless intensity.

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Peter Pikely
Citadel Spymaster

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Peter stood near the front of the room, across from the tables of refreshments. He had chosen his spot carefully, close enough to Zariah to look up at her reverently, but enough in the corner that he had a clear view of what was happening in the room. His posture was similar to Edreis, though for a different reason than hers.

For once, he was dressed nicely, in dark fitted clothing and heavy boots. A scarf was knotted around his throat, and smooth leather gloves completed his look. The last thing he was going to do was misrepresent his family. Especially at something like this. Shifting slightly, Peter turned to look at the door, wondering who would be first to arrive.

Peter is very heavily scarred, most noticeably on his hands

Rexanna De Rosieres
the Penumbra
Queen of the Hollowed Grounds

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in the right heaven-yellow light,
Today is the day for the rest of the Hollowed Grounds to meet its Queen, and Rexanna makes it a point to get there as soon as she can. She, like Peter, is dressed in finery – a dark black attire accented with swathes of gold and reds. But on her left wrist, is the small bracelet that Peter had made her, and she makes sure it’s visible as she steps into the manor and into the welcoming room. She greets Zariah first, a swift curtsy, before she turns to look at Edrei and offer a nod of hello, and with that she turns toward Peter and offers him a small quiet smile.

She isn’t a part of the family, and she doesn’t try to be as she finds her place. She is however, a part of the court in one way or another, and with it she shifts her body toward being one of them rather than the crowd that’s sure to appear. Her head is held high, sapphire gaze slipping from place to place, and her pale hands are folded before her – she looks like one of them in terms of how most courts and reactions looked.

Rexanna isn’t sure she wants to see what the rest of the Hollowed Grounds think when they see her.
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Emmett Palmer

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Emmett wasn't going to miss the chance to complain ask questions, no way. He woke up early to finish his chores just as the sun was coming up so he would have the time to get everything else done before he went.

It occured to him he might see Phoebe there, and that, well, that would be awkward, but this was too important to worry about it. Swallowing down his worries and regrets and pride and everything else that was in him at once, he headed off from the farm in plenty of time to arrive at the meeting.

Slinking in near the back, he rested on the wall with his arms crossed.
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Bastien De Rosieres
Guildmaster / Artist

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Bastien had at first sneered at the idea of coming to such an event, thinking it likely to be a controlled propaganda hour he was better off missing. But now that Rexanna was a part of Zariah's court (regrettably) he felt he had to come, just in case things did get ugly and Rexanna needed some help. Perhaps it would be interesting anyway, a chance to see the woman who had once come into his art guild again, now that her head bore a crown.

He stood a couple of feet behind Rexanna, close enough for her to know he was there for her but far away enough to not look like he was presuming to be as important as her. He knew how these things worked, had painted enough lords and pretentious dukes to know that where you stood, how you stood mattered. He casually leaned to one side, hand on his hip.

As always, he was dressed well. Perhaps not entirely appropriately for the event (rather a lot of chest on display) but no one could deny his fashion sense. With a apprehensive heart but outwardly a sardonic smirk, he waited for the show to begin.
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Deimos Ignatius
the Resurrected Sword

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At the very least, Zariah had been true to her word. On the miniscule advice he’d proffered, because most of his experiences were taut, rigid, kept locked away in the back of his mind for reference (and not meant to assist the newest monarch), she’d held an open forum. Whether or not anyone would voice their opinions, concerns, and wrath was another thing entirely – but there seemed to be safety, amongst and amidst their own kind, their own horde. The temple was an easier trek, familiar, a customary world they could all feel comfortable within, even if the daunting hours pressed and encouraged them to remain vigilant and silent – awaiting an opportunity to speak, or pushing their luck into the fold.

He arrived in a familiar area, mainly due to curiosity, and to be another blackguard in case things went awry with friends. The notice board and enlistment sheet were already prior circumstances surrounding enmity, hostility, and utter ridiculousness; it was clear this might not be any different – interchanging, woven spheres of pending, foreboding damnation on either side. The Reaper glided along the back, within the shadows, intending to press himself against a wall where he could see everyone, everything, register defenses and sieges, calculate and devise – but his voracious outlook ceased for a moment when he spotted Rexanna.

For a mere instant, the Reaper’s reticent, stoic gaze slipped; an arch of his brow, an indication of curiosity and apprehension. What was she doing, so close to the monarch and family? Consternation rumbled in his chest; because he knew, he knew the way she maneuvered, the way she galvanized, the way she constructed her own machinations and munitions. He made a point to lock his gaze on her, quickly, swiftly, pointed, narrowed, the piercing depths requiring answers and explanations, before shifting, placing himself along the darker folds, the shadows, arms crossed, vigilance suddenly increased, quiet, hushed, ready for the onslaught.
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Amalia Chandrakant
the Shield of Safrin
Portal Guardian
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Amalia expected... well, it's hard to say.

Something else? Something more? More people, certainly, though the number of familiar faces does bolster the girl somewhat, pulling her a little from her resignation, her despair. She had considered not coming at all - what's the point? - but at the end of the day it seemed wiser to face her their future directly than hearing about it second hand.

She has no intention of speaking, of trying to shape it. She has done enough harm already, laying her hands upon the world.

But she wants to listen, to see what this Queen has to say. She has been told many things about Zariah, and her two encounters with the woman left varied impressions, uncertain voids. A week ago she might have arrived with wrathful eyes and blazing heart, but that was before she failed and failed and failed again, before her passion brought her greatest love to ruin.

Spotting Deimos among the crowd, Amalia makes her way to him, silently coming to stand beside the man who somehow has not rejected her, even in the face of her disastrous mistake. Black eyes dulled by sadness and trauma, the baker stares up at the Launceleyn contingent, waiting to hear what their self-styled ruler will say.
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Ronin Taliesin
the Dark Star
Preceptor / Monster Hunter

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There had been a time when, like Amalia, Ronin had been so sure of himself. So settled in his role, in his conviction, his belief in himself and his role in the world. And now that the world had chewed him up and spat him out, he found himself wandering, lost, adrift on a sea of someone else's dreams.

That wasn't to say he was unhappy, of course. That wasn't true at all. But it didn't mean he was settled.

The hunter had considered not coming at all, but his feet had taken him out to the temple as if of their own volition in the end. Ducking into the temple with his hands in his pockets, he sought out familiar faces and ended up coming to stand on Amalia's other side. Nodding to the baker and to Deimos, he fell quiet to listen. To consider. To judge.
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Jigano Silversmith
the Sage
Provost of the Loreseekers Soul Shepherd
Portal Guardian
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Jigano had not intended to come, not initially. He had spent little time in the Settlement of late; even less in his human form as the events preceding and surrounding their ill-fated excursion into the Spire had weighed down his weary soul. He had wanted none of the madness and drama Zariah's bid for power brought with it, but he was no longer the footloose wanderer whose fractured heart had been trapped in amber. It had begun to beat again, and with that return came responsibility, compassion, and a reason - many reasons - to stay.

So he had carefully washed the dyes and disguises of his bardic skills from his skin and hair, dressed in his customary clothing, and come to see what the rude woman from the Atheneum would say for herself. He slipped in the door like a wraith, silent and pale, but his blue eyes were hard as he took in those already arrayed in two fairly clear camps. He was unsurprised to see Edy where she stood, though it broke his heart a little anyways, even expected as it was. Rexanna was a surprise, however, especially given what he knew of her past.

He had to shift aside as a dozen more townsfolk and farmers drifted in behind him, some looking belligerent, others only confused as to what all this 'queen' business meant, and he went to stand by Amalia and Deimos with a nod for his friends, and a neutral expression turned towards the front of the room.

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Zariah might be in for a surprise: for indeed, the words of her notice spread further and wider than she might have anticipated. They trickle in to the Temple in small groups: heavily female, and mostly adults, though there are some older children there - none, however, older than sixteen. They weren’t stupid, you know, to completely flaunt their defiance of her enlistment. They greet each other with firm handshakes and hugs, calls of hello and how have you been? clamor and echo into the vaulted space.

In the end the crowd swells to fill the room, bodies fully line the benches until there is only standing room and many of these bodies have hard faces. Faces lined with anger, curiosity, and hardship. Faces set in scowls. Faces displaying contempt. Faces that say you are not one of us, you have no right.

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In the crowd, she is jostled, finding it difficult to make her way forward from the door. Rather than struggle against the churn of bodies, she instead accepts this fate rather agreeably and sticks to the walls, using them to support herself as she inches toward another body leaning.

She greets him with a nod and a pleasant smile as she invites herself to join him, standing against the back wall with her arms crossed. Craning her neck she takes inventory of the faces she can make out, some familiar, most not.
Kiada Njovu-Reyes
Guild Master/Mercenary

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Kiada follows the rest of them in, swarmed behind the huge gathering as they approach the Temple. They’re all natives to the Hollowed Grounds from what she can tell, and she makes it a point to slip away from them the minute they funnel into the Temple. Breaking away as quickly as she can from them while they find their places against the walls, she scouts to see who’s arrived that she knows — immediately her eyes drop toward Deimos, Amalia, Jigano, and Ronin. She hasn’t seen the man since his resurrection, and since he’s placed himself beside the best of her friends, she takes up the spot on @Ronin’s other side, ironic in the idea that the last time she stood beside the man they had both lost someone over Longnight.

Here they were again, losing something else.

She quietly greets Deimos, Amalia, and Jigano before she folds her arms across her chest and greets Ronin finally in a small murmur of hello. But then she scans those that have aligned themselves with the crown, and her eyes spot Rexanna and she snorts, immediately looking away. “Of fucking course.” She hisses under her breath and waits.
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Kiada has a large X scar on the right side of her neck.
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Remi Taliesin
the Alchemist
Governor of Torchline / Alchemist
Portal Guardian
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It was such a strange atmosphere that Remi entered.

On the one hand, it felt distinctly old. Just like home, and once again he was a man without power, without a voice, without any social standing, waiting to hear what new and binding law would be passed down from above. On the other hand though, rather than a sea of faces dressed prim and properly—nobles and bluebloods—there were the faces of his friends, and those he loved.

But was that enough to make a difference?

Standing behind the grouping of Deimos, Ronin, Amalia, and Jigano, Remi tried to stay out of the queen's line of sight, whilst feathers appeared anxiously in his curls.
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