Thalassa Sanguis

Basic Information
Level: 3
Race: Ancient
Nationality: Natural
Citizenship: Nomadic
Profession Pirate Captain

"I am sorry to see you here, but if you had fought like a man, you needn't be hanged like a dog."

"I fear no monsters, for no monsters I see.
Because the monster has been me."

"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor."

Character Information
Face Claim: Strength: 14 /30
Age: 25 (Deepfrost 292 PC) Dexterity: 18 /30
Height: 5'2" Endurance: 18 /30
Weight: 100lbs Luck: 10 /30
Gender: Female Intuition: 0 /3
Orientation: Heterosexual Deity Alignment: Dygra
Relationship Status: Single
Long, dark brown hair curls around vibrant blue eyes that strike her enemies before her weapons are even drawn. Her shorter stature appears initially unintimidating, but when her lips part to reveal sharp words and fangs, it becomes apparent that there is more to her than meets the eyes.

Although often hidden by a hood or hat, her smaller Ancient horns are solid and glisten like igneous rock. Some have described them as "stygian blue" with the depth of their color. Her tail is similarly colored with dark blue-black scales, often peeking out from beneath her captain's coat. She refuses to glamour them, preferring to invoke fear.

Her facial features are considered unremarkable, with no distinguishing marks and no exaggerations to their sizes. People have few ways to describe her besides the characteristics bestowed upon her by being an Ancient.
When presented with multiple approaches to a problem, Thal will always choose the option that ends in the most blood. Some of this may be due to her Bloodlust, but when does the Bloodlust end and the monster begin? She often finds herself asking this question. Her outward display of confidence and nonchalance hides a fear of losing herself to the darkness of her own heritage.

To compensate for her internal strife, Thal intends to become the most legendary and ferocious pirate captain. Perhaps driving away everyone except her competent crew, will keep the monster hidden within.
Thal doesn't remember anything.

She awoke in an unfamiliar place by the ocean. Her body didn't feel like her own in both the strength it held and the strange horns protruding from her head. Even her name was a foreign echo in her mind. The only familiar aspect was an innate pull to the ocean.

Since her unfortunate transformation into an Ancient, Thal has worked to prove that she deserves a respected place in this world. Maybe if she becomes a legend now, her forgotten past won't mean anything...
Shifts: Lava Wyrm

Conditions: -Longheat 317 PC: Cursed with overwhelming seasickness by a malicious spirit when praying to Dygra.

A rough estimate of this character's damage potential is as follows:

HP: 54

Unarmed strike:7

Physical attack with a basic weapon/attuned shifts: 17

Physical attack with an upgraded weapon/attuned shifts: 27

Physical attack with a mastered weapon/attuned shifts: 37

Magical attack with basic magic/mythical shifts: 19

Magical attack with upgraded magic/mythical shifts: 29

Magical attack with mastered magic/mythical shifts: 39

Lava Wyrm

  • Magic: Fire Resistance (passive) | Cannot be harmed by heat or flame.
    Type: Dark | Rank: Basic
  • Fire Manipulation: Can manipulate flames. Must be within a 30ft radius. Control is excellent
    Type: Dark | Rank: Upgraded
  • Magic: Magic: Glamour (passive) | Can hide all or selective racial traits
    Type: Grey | Rank: Mastered

  • Citizenship Ability
    None! How sad!

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