Koa Carpenter


Basic Information
Level: 4
Race: Accepted
Nationality: Natural
Citizenship: Stormbreak
Profession Dragoon
Organisation(s) Stormbreak Dragoons

Character Information
Face Claim: Simu Liu Strength: 20 /30
Age: 22 (Longheat 295 PC) Dexterity: 14 /30
Height: 6 Endurance: 20 /30
Weight: 195lb Luck: 28 /30
Gender: Male Intuition: 0 /3
Orientation: Mostly straight Deity Alignment: None
Relationship Status: Single
clean-cut | bright smile | hella swole

Koa is fit, make no mistake. From the body that could have been cut from marble to the shock of thick, lush black hair, the young soldier is a fine specimen of peak physical form, all of which is softened by a quick, vibrant smile and sparkling copper eyes.

dutiful | diligent | life of the party

There is little that Koa isn't down for, and few things he won't try. Whether it's planning a party or pulling a prank, the young man is along for any ride - and often, conducting the train. Not to say he takes nothing seriously: on the contrary, no one is more devoted to training and duty than Koa Carpenter. He is a character without capability of moderation, a fellow who spreads his time and attention freely... while keeping little for himself.

innocence | tragedy | legacy

Not yet a man when the war broke out, Koa watched as Stormbreak was torn apart and thrown into the air. He watched, too, as the Dragoons mustered to defend their home - including his mother Mahina, a fine warrior and captain, who always wished her lackadaisical son would follow in her shoes.
And though he thought he'd have more time before becoming a soldier, when his mother's sword and stories of her heroism were all that came back from the war Koa knew he had to make a choice. With his father ailing and the world in shambles he enlisted in the Dragoons, desperate live up to his mother's legacy, and to find some purpose in a world unmoored.
Koa now lives in Stormbreak with his father, Kimo, and his younger sister, Noe.

pipsqueak | black/blue/purple | fluffy | smol

Still a hatchling and the runt of her clutch, Pip truly lives up to her name. With a combination of scales and fur, she looks like what might happen if a snake and a ferret had a baby. But with bat wings. And horns. And the color of something that's rolled around in an oil slick. Which she probably has.
Currently Pipsqueak is about 4 feet long from snout to tailtip, and weighs about 15 pounds.

A rough estimate of this character's damage potential is as follows:

HP: 80

Unarmed strike:10

Physical attack with a basic weapon/attuned shifts: 20

Physical attack with an upgraded weapon/attuned shifts: 30

Physical attack with a mastered weapon/attuned shifts: 40

Magical attack with basic magic/mythical shifts: 20

Magical attack with upgraded magic/mythical shifts: 30

Magical attack with mastered magic/mythical shifts: 40

  • Accepted Channeling: Allows an Accepted to channel a herald/demigod/spirit during a time of crisis (2x a season). Can be combined with other accepted channeling to increase power.
    Type: Light | Rank: Upgraded

  • Citizenship Ability
    With so many favoured in one place, fickle spirits tend to leave you alone. You cannot be cursed when visiting a shrine by a spirit. (In order to use this, make sure to note the ability at the bottom of each shrine post).
  • Type: Dark | Style: Offensive | Level: Upgraded
    Leviathan Chakram | An unbreakable chakram created from the scale of a leviathan by the Voice. With razor-sharp edges, this discus will always return to the hand of whoever throws it, and will always do so without injuring the hands of the thrower.

  • Type: Light | Style: Offensive | Level: Basic
    Static Electricity | A ring that when worn adds lightning damage to whatever item is held in that hand (or to an unarmed strike).

  • Type: Light | Style: Defensive | Level: Basic
    MothMan Scales | Incredibly lightweight but strong scales that can be crafted by a god into armour or a shield.

  • Type: Grey | Style: Other | Level: Basic
    Taijitu Boxing Wraps | When landing an attack on an enemy (via an unarmed strike), may EITHER cause Basic Damage to the enemy, OR may give Basic Healing to the user.

    PIPSQUEAK - Mythical - Dragon (Fire Breath)
  • Player Post Count: 4,577
    KQs: 1
    PQ+s: 2
    Mini Events: 4
    SWEs: 3
    PQs: 9
    Player MP: 2580
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