The Draig Cordillera
A mountain range as vast and deadly as it is beautiful. Alpine meadows, natural amphitheatres, and glacial waterfalls that have never been seen by human eyes are interspersed among deadly cliffs and insurmountable peaks. Guarded by dragons of every shade, these mountains serve as a boundary to the home of the god of gods: Caido. No one who has ever tried to find Caido's home has ever returned.
something fun :: Yesterday, 07:34 PM :: by Ronin
Hak Etme
Flat and arid as far as the eye can see, the desert is interrupted only by the presence of hulking skeletons from creatures long extinct, along with rolling expanses of sand dunes. Devoid of life and colour, the world is bleached white and beige... that is, until it rains. During these rare times, Hak Etme comes alive in a shocking display of vibrancy. Flowers bloom across every available surface, and the sands ripple with rainbow hues. It takes about a week to cross Hak Etme on foot.
[SE] to share the space w... :: 41 minutes ago :: by Zavien
The Feverlands
A ghoulish swamp, thick with the smell of death and decay. From the ground up to the knees, a putrid yellow fog clings to every available surface. Rife with bogs, mud-like quicksand and fearsome creatures that linger in the dark, this place is also home to some very interesting flora. It takes about a week to cross the Feverlands on foot.
Soft sands and bright skies bleed into lush greenery brimming with life. Humid and hazy, the Oerwoud jungle is never quiet, never dull. Bursting with life and colour, all manner of creatures and plantlife may be found here. Ever evolving, this is undoubtedly one of Rae's favourite playgrounds. It takes about two weeks to cross the Oerwoud on foot.
the Unseen Spread :: 07-03-2024, 02:08 PM :: by Random Event
The Second War has fractured this dense woodland into a conglomeration of islands, threaded together by the roots of the great mother tree, the Mathair. The magical devastation of the war has gifted the Greatwood some strange new properties, allowing it to defy physics and creating true wonders to behold. Better suited to those who can swim or fly from island to island, this drowned forest now spans about 500km from end to end, taking up to 20 days to traverse on foot. (Not that you would want to, any more!)
[SE] Running from silence :: 06-19-2024, 05:05 PM :: by Talyson
The Climb
Spilling across the land and water south of Halo, the Climb’s name is ironic given the volcanic collapse of its loftier areas. Navigating the region takes some 24 days on foot, and is made all the more challenging by the sweltering pools of lava that bubble across the region's surface. The intricate cave systems beneath the Climb are home to many natural wonders, but the true marvel at its core is that of the bejeweled goddess, Dygra. The Climb is the birthplace of the Ancients, and Dygra is an attentive mother to her children.
we tried the best we can :: 3 hours ago :: by Koa

The Citadel
An icy jewel nestled along Halo’s northern border, the Citadel is a large and thriving civilisation. The city walls are steep (some 35ft high) and well guarded, and a magical dome protects against any inclement weather. Within, a Frey-forged greenhouse ensures that delicacies from across Caido are available to all citizens. Food and fuel is plentiful, and comfort is easily found here.
Learn to live with the pa... :: Yesterday, 11:54 PM :: by Elizabeth
A haunting wasteland of snow and ice. Once hospitable, the Tundra is now a world of death preserved on ice. What will kill you first? The elements? Snow-blindness? Or the monsters that roam the endless cold?
[SE] burns like a blue st... :: 2 hours ago :: by Deimos

Inner Quarter
The largest island within the Hollowed Grounds, the Inner Quarter is easily as large as all of Halo, and sits at the very heart of the region. Formerly a sanctuary for those trapped behind a magical barrier, the area boasts a surprising amount of knowledge and industry, from marketplaces and housing to guilds and farmland.
Outer Brambles
A ring of broken islands decorates the Hollowed Grounds. Difficult to traverse due to the dense woodland and thorny brambles, the islands are nonetheless a good source of lumber, berries and game. Luxere in particular are common during Deepfrost, illuminating the Outer Brambles with an ethereal glow throughout the season.
how hard can it be? :: 8 minutes ago :: by Dantalion
Outer Islands
Formerly a sprawl of grassland, this collection of small islands is scattered along the northwest of the Hollowed Grounds. The soil is fertile for those willing and able to till it, but space is understandably limited. With very little cover from trees or inclines, on a clear day, one might be able to see right across the islands.
[SE] six feet under, digg... :: 1 hour ago :: by Melita

The Barrows
A grassy plateau speckled with burial mounds - barrows, ancient tombs for long departed souls. Hundreds stretch across the distance, each holding an iron door within a stone frame. Mist perpetually envelops the area, muffling all sound and staggering the senses.
idealism sits in prison :: 2 hours ago :: by Ronin
Queen's Gambit
An enormous and beautiful rose garden nestles among the slopes of King's End. The hedgerows form an intricate maze with a literal mind of its own; stories say that a cutting from these hedges was used to sow the Labyrinth in the Hollowed Grounds. The maze is nowhere near as simple as it first appears, and the hedges are wont to move around on a whim, so the layout is constantly changing.
[SE] Maze Runners :: Yesterday, 10:14 PM :: by Michael
For those who do not wish to venture into the Barrows, an area exists along the fringes of the hills. Quiet and peaceful, Mourn is a place of reflection dotted with stone benches and spaces to leave flowers, lanterns and other such offerings.
[SE] burned us down :: 4 hours ago :: by Zavien
Along the southern coast of the peninsula and running parallel to the ocean, what was once a bustling road leading into King's End is now overgrown and deserted. What's more, the Boondocks ends quite suddenly at the water's edge, as if the road was once much longer but has since been eaten by the sea. Ships often mistake the area for a pier and risk running aground if they sail too close; indeed, the skeletons of several shipwrecks rock wistfully in the shallows.
Notice Board :: 07-14-2024, 01:34 PM :: by Maea

Ahi Coast
Lined with tiki torches that glow white and cool during the day and yellow and warm at night, the Ahi Coast is always alive with fire and song. White-sand beaches stretch towards the city of Haulani, or else disappear into the crystalline waters of the ocean.
In the name of the sound ... :: 2 hours ago :: by Ronin
The largest city in Torchline is a feat of magic and construction in equal measure. The events of the Second War have raised half of Haulani into the clouds; the top of the city is now about 1km above sea level. Many streets and buildings have been constructed on stilts to bridge the land and sky-based areas; a steep climb, fences and foliage cover the perimeters to prevent accidental falls. Warm, welcoming and ever-so-dangerous, Haulani is home to some of the best fishing fare in Caido and promises riches and wishes to those who like to gamble.
the bright lights led me :: 3 minutes ago :: by Charlie
Arclight Ocean
Pale turquoise in its shallows to a deep, swallowing blue deeper out at sea, the Arclight Ocean is so named for the bands of concentric light that seem to scatter across the water when the sun sets. No one knows what causes this phenomenon, but myths abound - from merfolk to magic to old and ancient technology.
All the stars have fallen... :: Today, 05:49 AM :: by Jude

City Area
A bustling metropolis of clean and orderly streets, Stormbreak makes other regions seem feral and uncouth in comparison. Often swathed in mist until the early afternoon (or later, if it happens to be a cloudy day), there is an ethereal quality to the area that ensnares the senses, making it easy to lose your way.
remember treading water :: 2 hours ago :: by Deimos
The Falling
The perimeters of Stormbreak taper off into steep cliffs and a long, long drop into the sea. The view from here is breathtaking, and those brave or stupid enough to attempt it can climb along the literal edge of the region. Hand Mines and sentient marble statues may be found hidden in the rocks here, in case of any Abandoned attempting to climb into the city from below.
You don't have to shout o... :: 05-14-2024, 07:58 PM :: by Deimos
City Gates
The gates of Stormbreak lay to the north of the city, and are sharp, 30ft high and flanked by two grand statues of dragons. These are made from the same sentient marble as those within the city and can detect magic and will immediately turn all Abandoned to stone. The walls are of the same height as the gates, ensuring that visitors to the city may only enter through the correct channels.
straying from the same pa... :: 2 hours ago :: by Deimos

IC Written Communications
Any number of strange and wondrous creatures can deliver letters and other pieces of corresponds within Caido. Letters across boards can be sent via raven, within boards by hand, messenger, or other mundane magical means!
a message :: 07-14-2024, 05:51 PM :: by Remi

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Character Applications
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