The Draig Cordillera
A mountain range as vast and deadly as it is beautiful. Alpine meadows, natural amphitheatres, and glacial waterfalls that have never been seen by human eyes are interspersed among deadly cliffs and insurmountable peaks. Guarded by dragons of every shade, these mountains serve as a boundary to the home of the god of gods: Caido. No one who has ever tried to find Caido's home has ever returned. All posts made in this board will be automatically rolled for a dragon attack! Post at your own risk! (Instant death is very likely. This is your only warning).
King's End
A region of fertile, rolling hills. Interspersed are strange hidden monoliths, which are buried deep beneath the soil. It is rumoured that this is the burial ground of former gods, for anyone who has tried to dig too far down usually falls victim to a horrific accident. It's probably just a legend though...probably.
[se] blue moons :: 08-12-2022, 04:07 PM :: by Remi
Hak Etme
Flat and arid as far as the eye can see, the desert is interrupted only by the presence of hulking skeletons from creatures long extinct, along with the occasional sand dune. Devoid of life and colour, the world is bleached white and beige... that is, until it rains. During these rare times, the Hak Etme comes alive in a shocking display of vibrancy. Flowers bloom across every available surface, and the sands ripple with rainbows hues.
i'm not that innocent :: 07-28-2022, 01:49 AM :: by Wessex
The Feverlands
A ghoulish swamp, thick with the smell of death and decay. From the ground up to the knees, a thick and putrid yellow fog clings to every available surface. Rife with bogs, mud-like quicksand and fearsome creatures that linger in the dark, this place is also home to powerful stores of ability-boosting mushrooms... if you can find them, and return alive.
[se] that is eternity :: 7 hours ago :: by Lena
Soft sands and bright skies bleed into lush greenery brimming with life. Humid and hazy, the Oerwoud jungle is never quiet, never dull. Bursting with life and colour, all manner of creatures and plantlife may be found here. Ever evolving, it is rumoured that Oerwoud is one of Rae's favourite playgrounds.
stories of spring :: 08-11-2022, 04:09 PM :: by Melita
The Climb
Nestled in the shadow of Halo's walls of ice, The Climb is just as inhospitable as its icy neighbour. Sweltering pools of lava bubble on the region's surface from an active volcano, immediately dissolving the bodies of any unlucky enough to fall in. Hellhounds, Lials, massive rats and other creatures scour the surface for food and find shelter in the intricate cave systems at night. There are natural wonders here, though, for those brave enough to find them; hot springs, caverns crafted from diamond, and even underground pools rumoured to have healing properties.
heaven's a mindset away :: Yesterday, 11:18 AM :: by Deimos

The Citadel
An icy jewel in a frozen and unforgiving wasteland, the Citadel is the single thriving civilization within Halo. The city walls are steep and the people are hard and untrusting. One message pervades this society above all else: Stay warm. Stay alive.
[se] where we tread :: 7 hours ago :: by Deimos
A haunting wasteland of snow and ice. Once hospitable, the Tundra is now a world of death preserved on ice. What will kill you first? The elements? Snow-blindness? Or the monsters that roam the endless cold?
here comes the sun :: 08-08-2022, 08:25 PM :: by Frey

Sidhe Village
Dozens of hidden pathways seemingly lead to this safe haven, though only those with keen eyes and knowledge of the area will be able to follow them. The thriving heartland of the Fae, much of the ground area is used for communal purposes. A marketplace shields one edge of the village, and the centre boasts a beautiful square which is open to the skies above. The trees are filled with homes of the Fae, suspended as if part of the forest itself. In the evening, their light suffuses the branches with a warm glow.
swept off my feet :: 07-26-2022, 07:45 PM :: by Hotaru
The Wildwood
A dense and eclectic maze of trees, the clue is in the name for the Wildwood. It is easy to get lost or turned around, and travellers will often find themselves right back where they started. Brimming with life and illuminated by Will-o-Wisps, this place truly is a wonder to behold.

The cluster of buildings at the heart of the Hollowed Grounds still bears marks of disrepair, but this former refuge has become quite the bustling town. A maze of cobblestone streets, businesses and housing, the decor is basic, but after three centuries behind a barrier, it seems to be trying to find its own identity once more.
inching ever closer :: 08-12-2022, 01:45 AM :: by Varus
Old buildings on the verge of collapse, winding, empty streets, skeletal structures and hidden lanes and alleyways. The outer parts of the Hollowed Grounds are still dominated by ruins, and exploration has been rife by scavengers and hunters.
can your mouse tell jokes... :: 06-21-2022, 06:13 PM :: by Neron
The Outskirts
While subtle, there is a definite border between the Hollowed Ground and the land beyond. Once a magical barrier separated the Grounds from the rest of Caido, but it has since been removed. Now there is only a barren scar in the earth that indicates where it once was.
No Rolling Stones :: 08-12-2022, 04:22 PM :: by Talyson

Ahi Coast
Lined with tiki torches that glow white and cool during the day and yellow and warm at night, the Ahi Coast is always alight with fire and song. White-sand beaches stretch towards the bordering jungle or disappear into the crystal-clear waters of the ocean.
if the price is right :: 08-11-2022, 05:29 PM :: by Jack
The largest city in Torchline is the perfect kind of paradise. Warm, welcoming and ever-so-dangerous, the natives will hold the door open for you whilst picking your pockets. Home to some of the best fishing fare in Caido and promising riches and wishes to those who like to gamble, Haulani never wants you to leave.
[se] just a pinch :: 08-11-2022, 07:17 PM :: by Flora
Arclight Ocean
Pale turquoise in its shallows to a deep, swallowing blue deeper out at sea, the Arclight Ocean is so named for the bands of concentric light that seem to scatter across the water when the sun sets. No one knows what causes this phenomenon, but myths abound - from merfolk to old and ancient technology.
finding treasures, findin... :: 07-23-2022, 12:44 AM :: by Paige

City Area
The capital city of all of Caido is perhaps not quite so grand as one might imagine. Magical individuals are not allowed within the grounds, and so everything within has been created by hand or with godly intervention. Stone statues line nearly every archway and road, fashioned out of sentient marble that can detect magic and immediately turns all Abandoned to stone. Situated on high, rocky bluffs, the capital is surrounded by the sea on three sides, leaving only one way in - by foot. Only Attuned, Accepted and demigods of the Old Gods are welcome here.
there she was, like doubl... :: 08-11-2022, 01:02 PM :: by Wessex
The Falling
A series of cliffs accessed by walking paths that extend over air geysers. If timed right, you can jump off and be pushed back up to the cliffside by the force of warm air rushing upwards. To time incorrectly however will lead to certain death.
with claws :: 08-12-2022, 05:22 PM :: by Melita
City Gates
The gates of StormBreak are sharp, high, and flanked by two grand statues of dragons. The are made from the same sentient marble as those within the city; they can detect magic and will immediately turn all Abandoned to stone. The walls are of the same height as the gates, dotted with guard towers and home to the city’s militia - the StormBreak Dragoons.
but I'm listening :: 08-08-2022, 10:45 AM :: by Lena

IC Written Communications
Any number of strange and wondrous creatures can deliver letters and other pieces of corresponds within Caido. Letters across boards can be sent via raven, within boards by hand, messenger, or other mundane magical means!
Feathers for Favours? :: 08-11-2022, 11:00 PM :: by Talyson

[se] you never know :: 08-11-2022, 05:58 PM :: by Flora
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