The Citadel
An icy jewel in a frozen and unforgiving wasteland, the Citadel is the single thriving civilization within Halo. The city walls are steep and the people are hard and untrusting. One message pervades this society above all else: Stay warm. Stay alive.
oh, it doesn't show signs... :: 34 minutes ago :: by Loren
A haunting wasteland of snow and ice. Once hospitable, the Tundra is now a world of death preserved on ice. What will kill you first? The elements? Snow-blindness? Or the monsters that roam the endless cold?
never had a friend like m... :: 35 minutes ago :: by Jiao

Sidhe Village
Dozens of hidden pathways seemingly lead to this safe haven, though only those with keen eyes and knowledge of the area will be able to follow them. The thriving heartland of the Fae, much of the ground area is used for communal purposes. A marketplace shields one edge of the village, and the centre boasts a beautiful square which is open to the skies above. The trees are filled with homes of the Fae, suspended as if part of the forest itself. In the evening, their light suffuses the branches with a warm glow.
Safrin's Chosen :: Today, 02:17 AM :: by Safrin
The Wildwood
A dense and eclectic maze of trees, the clue is in the name for the Wildwood. It is easy to get lost or turned around, and travellers will often find themselves right back where they started. Brimming with life and illuminated by Will-o-Wisps, this place truly is a wonder to behold.
an examination of spiritu... :: 3 hours ago :: by Kaimana

The Spire
An obsidian tower dominates the very core of this place, striking at the sky like a black needle. The walls are smooth but for a square outline at the base of the structure which might be a door. The top has been blown open when our characters managed to make their way into the Spire, releasing the Voice from where she was held prisoner. The Spire boasts many locked rooms that have yet to be explored. Upon entering there is a staircase leading up and one leading down.
let it grow :: 2 hours ago :: by Jigano
The ruins immediately around the Spire have been tamed by the new arrivals, creating a refuge in the chaos. Buildings have been renovated, repairs have been made to the streets and there are even a few rudimentary attempts to decorate.
golden like daylight :: 1 minute ago :: by Loren
Old buildings on the verge of collapse, winding, empty streets, skeletal structures and hidden lanes and alleyways. Ruins dominate the city and make up the majority of its landscape. Exploration is dangerous…but it might be rewarding, too.
[se] give me a second lig... :: 47 minutes ago :: by Loren
The Outskirts
While subtle, there is a definite border between the Hollowed Ground and the land beyond. Once a magical barrier separated the Grounds from the rest of Caido, but it has since been removed. Now there is only a barren scar in the earth that indicates where it once was.
The Festival of Fiat Lux! :: 25 minutes ago :: by Melita
A small spot of completely natural beauty sits in the shadow of the Spire. So completely at odds with this desolate wasteland, the Glade boasts a circle of fragrant trees and a rolling expanse of sweet grass. The sound of birdsong and distant, babbling water suffuses the place.
young blood :: 3 hours ago :: by Jigano

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