Vanya Hali


Basic Information
Level: 1
Race: Attuned
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Adria Arjona Strength: 12 /30
Age: 28 (Leafchange 282 PC) Dexterity: 12 /30
Height: 5'7" Endurance: 14 /30
Weight: 140lbs Luck: 7 /30
Gender: Female Relationship Status: In love with Ronin Taliesin
Orientation: Bisexual Deity Alignment:
Vanya comes as all Hali children do: Gorgeous, tan, and dark hair. She holds an hourglass figure, tawny skin, hair that’s full and thickly curled, dark and lush. Full lips are often pulled into a smirk, frequently lighting with a grin or a laugh.. And occasionally pressing into a thin line of what could only promise some sort of fallout. Her eyes are a rich nutmeg in color - some might say they’re warm… others might say there’s a bit searing. They certainly always contain a certain kind of fire, ready to burn through every challenge she sets her sights on. She dresses scantily, preferring the freedom of movement, and never quite caring enough to cover up. She’s a fit woman, her body honed by a lifetime at sea and being made sure she could handle herself a weapon. Ah! A weapon. Her saber is her baby, kept clean and sharpened at all times, treating it with as much care as she does her own talons.
If it weren’t for her siblings to take care of, Vanya would surely have never kept herself in check. Vanya isn’t a hothead, per se, but there is a certain rough quality to the woman. She enjoys joking around with her family, teasing and giving them all kinds of hell, and she certainly enables any antics that ensue (“I dare you to go put that on Xen’s pillow.”). Big sister, indeed. She enjoys her nights off immensely, though, and finds herself looking for any kind of fun to be had. She prefers dragging any one of her siblings along, always happy to show the world how strong their family is. Vanya to her family is perhaps the one that can adapt to whichever one she is with - she makes it a point to find something to get along over with her siblings. Beyond anything else in the world, her family is everything to her. She is selfish in the way that she will do whatever it takes to do what’s best for her siblings. She’s hungry for more in life, but not if it doesn’t include her family. There is nothing she wouldn’t do to keep her family safe and together, loyal to them above all else. On the ship she always made herself most useful with cartography and book-keeping (“Someone’s gotta do it, and none of you knuckleheads are.”), and she tends to get a bit… edgy when anyone gets into her logs and books (“Gideon, by the Ocean, get out of those!”). Vanya is anything but shy. She’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind. Some call her rude or crass, she calls herself straightforward and confident. She laughs loud, and certainly bonds with her only sister over the fun of being… not so lady-like. She uses humor and snarky remarks as a defense mechanism, determined to keep even the most minor of insecurities at bay. There is no room for those, not when she needs to stay on top of everything. Barring her humor and fiery nature, Vanya has an insatiable hunger to be on the top. She works as hard as her siblings do to ensure they are the best seafarers there are. She wants power, and she wants a lot of it. Not in the traditional sense - she wants no one to lord over. No kingdom or followers… but a financial empire for the Hali family? Being so high up that they’re untouchable? She has every desire to see to it that no one will ever have the power to do anything to them that they don’t want happening. Of course, she’d be lying if she said she doesn’t get excited at the idea of being so invincible. While Vanya appears open, and while she is determined to be the one everyone goes to, she does not, under any circumstances, let herself be vulnerable. She takes everything in a stride, to a fault, as she never allows herself a moment to process anything. She would rather stay busy, rather work or go out on the town or go fishing. She does not like idle time, and she certainly does not like to be alone. She will seek out company over have any time that she could possibly wallow in her own thoughts. She forces herself away from unhealthy thoughts like “Am I giving too much of myself for this family?” or “Am I expected to marry one day?” or “Do i want any of my siblings to find lives of their own?” or the worst of them: “Do I ever want a life of my own?” Puh! All horrible things to think. She avoids her personal struggles like the plague, fairly convinced that if she ignores them, they’ll just go away.
Vanya is second born to a family of six children. Her father, Cephas Hali, is a shapechanger taking the form of a shark, and worked as a sea merchant for Northwind. He has connections with Warren Swanson , a land merchant, and they have worked together on occasion. He met and fell in love with a non-magic original, Isolene, taking her aboard his ship. Their first child was Xenos, and only two years later Vanya followed. Vanya always idolized her brother, and wanted to do everything she could to keep both her brother and father happy. Her mother, however, was always distant to her.. And the answer as to why was revealed when she abandoned the family for some pirate on the seas. It wasn’t long before Cephas married a second wife, taking a chance on love again with a woman named Galene. Unfortunately, she perished in childbirth. Vanya didn’t understand, and she hardly remembers Galene, but she remembers her excitement at having her first little sibling, Saiden, to love and dote on. Cephas later married his third wife, Aquila who is a a blueblood original (baroness), when Saiden was less than 2. Aquila became the main mother figure for the children. Vanya, however, always had her problems with the woman. She selfish and money loving and taught the girls to be feminists, not conforming to what is typically expected of women, especially blueblood women. Vanya did latch onto these lessons, but it was the underlying issues in the woman that had her wary. Aquila was a sex addict, which even came out among the Xenos and Saiden as they got older - something that frequently infuriated Vanya. She birthed Gideon and Zephira, though, and Vanya was certainly overjoyed to have been made a big sister again. She was especially excited to have a little sister when Zephira was born, and latched onto her quickly. When Vanya was fourteen, her father took her to shore without her siblings. They were gone two days, and when they returned.. Vanya was sporting a golden cuff that marked her a shapechanger. Highly illegal, putting a minor through the ceremony, but to this day Vanya refuses to discuss what happened, or why her father chose her to become a changer. Cephas started to participate in polygamy with his fourth wife, and Vanya’s youngest brother, Aramis was born shortly after that. She is perhaps a bit over protective of her youngest sibling, considering Cephas seemed to stop caring for his children altogether. Their father was never committed to either her or Aquila. He had given up on love and was more committed to gaining money and jewels. Eventually he took his fifth wife (3rd at one time), Jezebel. Vanya despised the woman from the start, but her father would not listen to reason… nor would he siblings. Jezebel brought Vanya’s worst fears to life: Her machinations drove them apart and she convinced their father to purchase more ships and the children were split between them. Split by religious differences, Xenos and Aramis went together on one, then Vanya and Gideon went on another, and finally Zephira and Saiden on the last ship. Vanya was heartbroken at the separation.. But it was perhaps Xenos that hurt her the most. Van always idolized her brother, and he would not allow her to accompany him. She of course adapted, and she loved her time with Gideon, just the two of them and their own ship. She grew quite close to her little brother, clinging to him rather than face the hurt of her family falling apart. After they were split for a few years, their father called them back when got very delicate job, and he needed his best crew: his kids. They all return to the Siren’s Call with just the six children and their father. On this first job with them all back together, they ended up caught in the middle of a naval battle between Northwind and her enemies. They all managed to survive except for their father, Cephas.. A death the family carefully never discusses. After that they remained on the Siren’s Call together, much to Vanya’s relief. Still, there was much tension between the siblings after their separation. It was when they were caught in the middle of a vigilant storm that they had to pull together to survive it. Their beloved ship took heavy damage, but through relying on each other, they survived. Aramis was thrown overboard, but luckily his life was spared - something they all thank the Ocean for. Vanya vividly remembers the terror of seeing her little brother plunge into the violent sea, the way she’d tried to shift and find him, only to be beaten back by colossal swells and heavy winds. While she often rolls her eyes at Aramis and his antics, nearly losing him had been jarring, and she finds herself more protective of him than she once was. The Hali's felt like the storm was punishment from the sea for the naval battle incident, a battle they should have never been involved in. Through the trial of the storm, the bonds of the Hali children solidified, realizing how much they truly need each other, no matter their glaring differences. Shortly after that, they were contacted and asked to go to the new world, Northaven, which apparently it's now called, has recently lost their only ship and many of their dock workers and sailors. The Hali's family reputation made them a front runner to replace them along with their ship, the Siren's Call. A portal is opened straight into the ocean and they sail the Siren’s Call through to the new world. The family lives on the ship together. It is large enough that it can’t come all the way to the docks so a rowboat is needed to reach the ship. Vanya is all too happy to leave Northwind behind, and eagerly moves into this new world with a hunger for more. This place provides more opportunity for her and her family than she ever could have hoped. She is eager to sink her talons in and gain the ground she knows the Hali’s deserve, and she is looking forward to the new connections she can make here.

Osprey | Sea Otter


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The world is new to you, and you to it. During PQ/PQ+/KQs/Drops, you roll with advantage on luck-based rolls and receive an extra name during drops. (In order to use this, make sure to note the ability at the bottom of each post)

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