Alistair Valentus

Basic Information
Level: 3
Race: Accepted
Nationality: Outlander
Profession Monster Hunter
Primary Organisation ☆ Monster Hunters Guild
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Kit Harrington Strength: 15 /30
Age: 25 (Deepfrost 284 PC) Dexterity: 12 /30
Height: 6' 0 Endurance: 20 /30
Weight: 225lbs Luck: 6 /30
Gender: Male Relationship Status: Best avoided
Orientation: Straight Deity Alignment:
Of average height, strong build. There's an air of mystery and endearing sweetness to him, making him easily approachable.
Those who know Alistair know he is a young man of vast education, but takes care not to flaunt it. Well versed in the written and spoken word. Well mannered, as any gentleman of higher standing would be. He enjoys the company of others, favoring a good laugh more than most things of value.
Alistair believes he is of common parentage, but really recalls no memories of a mother or father. He was in and out of orphanages before seeing his chances at a proper life were best out in the streets. As a life of a street rat he picked pockets clean and lived mostly on the run, sleeping wherever a shadow would hide him. It was than someone discovered the boy and offered him a chance to earn himself a better life, to become something more than a stray feeding off the scraps of others. The boy who had not even a name, how had a home. The gentleman, Ishmal Valentus, was a famed scribe of modest wealth. Not only did he give Alistair a home, but the two things of value he could ever truly have...a name, and an education. In the years that followed until the first wave was sent, Alistair had amassed a vast education in the written word as well as mathematics. Ishmal was indeed proud of the stray he took on, and knew in his heart this world would not be enough for him. There was something beyond that needed to come for this young man. A place where he could build upon a fresh life and shed the weight he believed, still weighed upon Alistair. Using his standing within the kingdom and some extra coin he stashed for an occasion such as this, Ishmal endorsed the passage of Alistair to go along with the second wave when it was set to go. He had them believe they were taking in a young man of promise, and written skills only rivaled by his own. It was the last gift he could offer to the young man who had been the son he always desired. It was also a gift Alistair knew he could only repay by, becoming a man Ishmal would be proud to look upon. As the second wave approached, Alistair would indeed take the journey, having only the skills and the name he inherited from his most generous guardian. Life, as he thought, would be different. He was now a man of education, entering a world that knew nothing of him. It was a chance to build himself a new life...asserting himself proved rather difficult. The early months had been a rude awakening, fantasies are just that. The harsh reality of the world is that not everything comes as easily as we want to believe. It was difficult to find work, and knowing and trusting no one in a foreign land helped his cause little as well. Shaken, desperate, and starving he crept back into the shadows he once knew. Stealing what he could to survive, until a fateful evening. His ignorance of this knew land still apparent as he attempted to steal coin, which held no value here, from a passing Devrum Calob and Anya Caddigan. Shamed, and staring to the eyes of a man with every intent to kill him...Alistair was coaxed from his delusions. He ran, faster than he had ever run, as far as his legs would carry. Sitting in the frigid could he listened to voices in passing, catching one conversation of someone who builds upon the labor of those seeking a second chance. It was this man Alistair would find, and take the first steps toward building a life Ishmal wished for him. Finding himself in the Tamed Lands he found the man of second chances. To his surprise it was the very man set to "gut him for the pigs" or so he said. Cautiously he approached and stated his terms, which in and of itself was a nerve wracking experience. Though, after a moment and under strict terms Devrum accepted to do just that. Alistair would pay back whatever he had taken 10 fold with labor and the blood, and sweat which will come of it. In doing so Devrum opened his home to the young man, and stated he would be alone no longer for those who share his pain and hard work will now serve as his family. A touching sentiment from someone he expected anything else from. With a renewed faith and chance to prove himself, Alistair was a quick study. He learned exceptionally fast the ins and outs of the farmland, and even showed some of his own dormant knowledge aiding Devrum with inventories and such which needed tracking. His eagerness to learn and strong work ethic earned him high regard among his peers and even Devrum himself. On the occasion he isn't working, Alistair favors writing and painting the vast landscapes he's come to admire. He also trains vigorously, sparring with many, including Devrum which had become a tradition of sorts at the end of the work day. It was a good test for endurance for himself and the man who appeared as a mentor of sorts. Those who know him, speak of his gentle nature despite his hardened appearance which comes from the work he does. He is well spoken and retains the manners of someone of Blueblood origin, though he considers himself a commoner in every other regard.


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