Kalt Ravenshire

Basic Information
Level: 3
Race: Abandoned
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Profession Medic / Alchemist
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Michael Fassbender Strength: 9 /30
Age: 31 (Leafchange 279 PC) Dexterity: 24 /30
Height: 6’ 1” Endurance: 12 /30
Weight: 185 lbs Luck: 6 /30
Gender: Male Relationship Status: Soul bonded to Ashetta Yla
Orientation: Bisexual Deity Alignment: Wary of the gods
Crystalline blue eyes sit beneath a firm brow with a hardened energy radiating from them. He would generally be described as good looking, but he is quite fearsome, a face that makes him look a bit more aged than he actually is. He has chestnut hair and a decent amount of scruff, as he has just not bothered shaving it anymore.

His body is lean, but deceptively strong. Kalt’s build is much more suited for speed and agility than a battle of strength, but he could easily hold his own against nearly any adversary. He almost always wears his assassin’s garb, owning who he is with pride. He carries all sorts of weapons on him, but knives are his most noticeable, as he always has several on his person. The one weapon that is always obvious is the metal-tipped whip with SW etched into the handle, though that is only worn when he expects he will have to use it.

There is a significant amount of scarring on him, but Kalt’s most prominent are the whips scars that cover his entire back the backs of his knees. He also has scars from burns over his arms and two extreme burns in an X shape over his chest, plus horizontal and vertical razor scars on both forearms.

Strengths - Brilliant - Decisive - Confident - Protective - Instinctive

Weaknesses - Stubborn - Prideful - Impulsive - Quick to anger - Intense

Intense and confident, Kalt walks through the world with his head held high, allowing no room for the judgement of others to get under his skin. He is wildly intelligent, though that intelligence can sometimes get in his way more than it helps him. It’s said that it’s lonely at the top, and for Kalt, that has led to some undeniable isolation when it comes to making attachments or connections.

He is quite secure in who he is and what his capabilities are, but his insecurities lie within finding his place in society. Not only is it difficult for him to connect with people, but he has largely lost interest in doing so, finding solace in spending time with just his family. Of course that doesn’t mean he isn’t willing to attempt some sort of connection outside of his secluded little circle. Just don’t expect him to make the first move in doing so.

A major creature of habit, his habit is unpredictability. Aside from those who know his ins and outs, Kalt is absolutely unpredictable. He changes his schedules daily and never in any precise pattern. “Patterns get you killed,” he would often say. Such a motto carries into his fighting style. He will never strike where it is expected. As a torture specialist, he’s an expert on the human body and knows exactly where and how to strike to bring his opponents to their knees as quickly as possible.

Kalt can sometimes come across as cold towards strangers, as trust is far from something that comes easily to him, but he is (sometimes, for the most part...ish) willing to admit when he was wrong about someone. Of course that often is less verbal and more shown through amiable behaviors. He enjoys his alone time, and his attention can be stolen remarkably easily, so he can sometimes switch conversation topics without any warning. It usually isn’t difficult to bring it back around to the original, though.

A healthy dose of paranoia developed from his years within a deadly guild has made adjusting to the lack of looming darkness in the new land harder than he would have imagined. Kalt expects danger from others, and he isn’t the best at accepting the thought of peace, but with the woman he loves, he’s managing slowly to adapt to the thought of living without constant dread of the man that ran his life for seventeen years.

The Ravenshire History
The Ravenshire family was an ancient bloodline, who were once upon a time very powerful rulers of an empire spanning seven kingdoms. They had enemies, as every ruler did, but overall, the family ruled fairly and were loved by - almost - all.

A family just as old opposed the power and opened a rift between worlds, allowing five ancient demonic deities through into the kingdom. The old gods and the demons waged a celestial war, but the old gods quickly realized that they were losing. They spoke to the Ravenshires through a line of priestesses that assisted the royals, telling them of the state.

The Ravenshires agreed to a proposed deal from the gods: they would forfeit their empire. They would forfeit their empire for the survival of their kin and the gods themselves.

And so, the Ravenshires were stripped of their magic. All conjuration, illusion, alteration, and mysticism was ripped away from them and all foreseeable heirs, and the old gods went into hiding on a secluded island where their magic was manageable. The old gods sacrificed their own power to a constant stream of magic into keeping the demonic rulers - who had taken over the empire - in human form.

Over thousands of years, the Ravenshires waited, waited for the day the prophesied prince would be born. That boy who would harness the magic of hundreds dead before him and wage war upon the demons. They waited for their empire to be reclaimed and the old gods to be rightfully restored.

Born in a kingdom to Alarik and Alina Ravenshire, Kalt was a prophesied prince to bring about the downfall of the ancient, immortal rulers. He was a troublesome, young boy, but he was the pride and joy of his parents. His magic manifested very young, and while he had only been able to perform minor tricks, like changing his vegetables into cookies, he showed remarkable potential.

One day, the priestess that Alarik was bonded to got pregnant and saw a dark future for her child. She ran away from it, bringing heartache to the Ravenshires and confusion to everyone. Alarik, along with his wife and 4-year-old son and a few guards, started journeying into the mountains to find the priestess and bring her back.

What they didn’t count on was being betrayed.

The party was attacked and outnumbered horribly. Though they fought valiantly, there was no possible way for them to come out victorious. His mother and father were separated, and one of the guards managed to get Kalt out of the fight. Of course, the frightened boy slipped away from the guard and disappeared. What no one knew was that he had disappeared through a portal.

An orphan on the streets with nothing but a white ring with an elk sigil on it to tell him where he belonged, Kalt learned very quickly to hide and steal and survive at all costs. He was chased from taverns and thought of as street trash by anyone who walked by, so there was very little faith that could have possibly been developed in humanity.

By the time he was 6, he had started infiltrating the homes of the more wealthy. All of the lavish lifestyles and fancy items were extremely enticing, but he was clever enough to only take what he needed. However, the boy would overturn nearly everything, mostly to drive the residents mad trying to figure out what was taken. When he was 7, it had gotten to the point where he watched the residents to observe their patterns. Nobles turned out to be extremely predictable, so when they left, he would sneak in and actually make himself quite at home in their houses, helping himself to whatever he wanted to steal, as well as eating their food, napping in their beds, and even using their baths. For a street rat, Kalt was really living a wonderful life, while also using the money and items he stole to buy himself clothing and weapons, primarily knives since they were easily concealed.

Growing bored with city life by the time he was 8 years old, he commandeered a pirate ship. Rather, he attempted to without thinking it through and was more than thankful that the actual captain of the ship didn’t throw him overboard. He spent a year and a half with the crew and the closest thing he had to a father - that he could remember - and eventually decided to return to land.

When he was 10 years old, he met the man who would change his life forever. He was pulling his normal scheme, eating chicken while lounging on one of the large beds, when he heard the window open. The boy ducked into a closet and hid, then watched the door swing open as he was dragged out. The face of a stranger glared down at him, holding Kalt by the shirt. The boy whipped out a knife - though he was quickly disarmed by the experienced assassin - and earned a slight bit of respect from the man.

He let the boy go, and Kalt ran for his life. He was found by the assassin, who he learned was named Harkon, and brought to the assassin’s guild. Impressed by the young boy’s instincts, Harkon introduced Kalt to the assassin lifestyle.

The boy advanced extremely quickly. He enjoyed the attention and the rewards, as well as the fact that he was Master’s favorite. It wasn’t so unlike his life before becoming one of the assassins, but he was now receiving true training from the other assassins. Kalt surpassed quite a few of his teachers, and he was always on the move to be better, faster, stealthier.

He became a master of stealth, even on snow and gravel his steps wouldn’t be heard. He was light on his feet and rather enjoyed perching on rooftops to simply observe.

Master urged him to keep his magic secret, so they were the only ones who knew about Kalt’s abilities, though he worked on it quite often to increase them. Such a magic came very handy in his torture training. It was discovered that the young boy had been cutting himself, a masochistic motive more than one of suicide. When Master confronted him about it, he was trained in torture, as it was clear pain was a familiar friend to Kalt.

When he was 15, the presence of another street rat made itself known. He was usurped in his Master’s eyes by Ashetta Yla, who became known as the Assassin in Blue. He became Ashe’s main trainer, even while he was still in active training. He would spend hours everyday - unless he was on a job - on her training. They spent most of their time together, and he was also the one who handled all of her discipline.

Growing up together, they quickly realized that they only truly had each other. While as kids they hated each other and were in constant competition, a romantic relationship sprouted when he was in his twenties. Though he was a sadistic assassin, the abuse of the Assassin in Blue from their Master was unforgivable. When he was 22, he endured fourteen months of harsh whipping to keep Master away from her. He enjoyed dealing out discipline to everyone, but Ashe was his favorite by far. However, on top of giving punishment, he took quite a bit on her behalf.

When he was 26, he and Ashe rescued their Master’s bastard child. Though she believed herself to have failed when Theea was discovered by Master, Kalt was able to get her out by lying to their Master and using his magic to make her appear dead. He continued to raise her, having paralyzed her vocal chords to keep her quiet.

When he was 27, he was arrested with the majority of the rest of the Guild after Ashe turned them in. He had never felt such an agonizingly deep betrayal in his entire life, having hated her in pieces for taking his place as their Master’s favorite, while loving her completely. He escaped.

Bringing Theea with him, Kalt followed Master and Ashe through the portal to Northaven in the second wave. He had forged papers under the name Count Stefan Westbourne, and fulfilled his life as a hunter. His entire time there was spent hunting for his Master, attempting on multiple occasions to murder the man who had twisted an innocent street rat boy into a brutal killer.

Kalt raised his adopted daughter, while he spent his free time following Ashe. His love for her quickly spiraled into obsession, but as he watched her create the family she stole from him, he turned vengeful. That is...until he learned why she left him.

Misplaced blame ate at him, but he selfishly hunted their Master on his own instead of going to her, wanting to rid them both of the creature that had created them before he would try to find her and give her the truth of what had separated them.

Kalt is a brilliant man with an IQ of 187, even though he sometimes has the maturity of a 12-year-old.

He is epileptic. Though seizures aren't common, he has a few triggers that could bring about one, including: high stress, flashing lights, and alcohol.

Kalt always wears gloves, as he has an extreme case of haphephobia (fear of touching or being touched) and a minor case of claustrophobia.

Discord Quotes: “Drama is my aesthetic.” / “Diva til death.” / “Any situation can be a joke if you’re dead enough inside.”

  • Base Healing: Can heal 10 pts worth of minor wounds per post
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic
  • Base Telekinesis: Can move small objects in a 5ft radius.
    Type: Grey | Rank: Basic

  • Items
  • Type: Grey
    Small Ornate Black Box | Once used to hold magic, this box has retained a bit of rather mundane magic of its own. Regardless of what surface it is set up, the box will hover 2 inches off of it at all times.

  • Type: Grey
    Sword | When not in use this item appears as a small bracelet. When summoned it expands in the users hand. It can cut through any non-magical inorganic material with almost no effort (up to 3ft).

  • Type: Light
    Magic Rings | These rings connect the two wearers mentally - meaning telepathically and emotionally, rendering them privy to each other's every feeling and thought when untrained in protecting one's mind. This can cover vast distances. They will only function together if they are both put on with knowledgeable consent from both wearers.

    KYSMA - Mythical - Unicorn (Superspeed)
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