Jude Quinn

Basic Information
Level: 3
Race: Accepted
Nationality: Natural
Citizenship: Torchline
Profession Singer

Character Information
Face Claim: Timothee Chalamet Strength: 12 /30
Age: 19 (Longheat 298 PC) Dexterity: 18 /30
Height: 5’10 Endurance: 20 /30
Weight: 155lbs Luck: 7 /30
Gender: Male Intuition: 0 /3
Orientation: Bisexual Deity Alignment: None
Relationship Status: Single
Phoebe’s warm brown eyes, Harper’s curly dark hair, and height from both. Naturally fair skinned but with an unmistakable golden tone. He takes after his mother in his delicate, graceful frame, never seeming able to put on or keep weight - or muscle. He has dimples and distinct but scattered beauty marks from his father.
One would think such a large family would mean Jude wanted for nothing - and while materialistically that is true, the broken nature of his upbringing left Jude a lonely child with little true social stability. Despite this, as a teenager he does not try to seek out others to remedy this, now accustomed to his solitude. He is plainly shy, if very well-mannered and sweet. Beneath it all he is a skeptic who does not place much faith in the promises of others, thus finding it hard to create or keep long-term relationships of any kind.
Born to Phoebe and Harper in Longheat 313. Phoebe entered a magical garden where time didn’t seem to move, and for a year Jude was raised by his father and Maeve. Upon his mother’s return, he stumbled upon a Frey shrine and returned aged. His schooling was split between Torchline and the Greatwood, making it difficult to find friends. After Edmund left Torchline after becoming an Ascended, Jude only had his father to rely on and spend time with, and once his brother returned he could not take being a burden on his family any longer and aged up once more.

Winifred the Calico Cat

Found at Sohalia's new house during her move-in, Jude took her home to Torchline and named her Winifred, or Winnie for short. She is a long-haired calico that is often found laying across Jude's shoulders or sunbathing in the Court of Stars and Quinn household.

A rough estimate of this character's damage potential is as follows:

HP: 60

Unarmed strike:6

Physical attack with a basic weapon/attuned shifts: 16

Physical attack with an upgraded weapon/attuned shifts: 26

Physical attack with a mastered weapon/attuned shifts: 36

Magical attack with basic magic/mythical shifts: 20

Magical attack with upgraded magic/mythical shifts: 30

Magical attack with mastered magic/mythical shifts: 40

  • Accepted Channeling: Allows an Accepted to channel a spirit during a time of crisis (1x a season). Can be combined with other accepted channeling to increase power.
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic

  • Citizenship Ability
    Torchline: Torchline has taught you to survive her weather and her terrain. Once per PQ/PQ+/KQ/Drop, you can 'shrug off' half the damage from ONE non-lethal attack. (In order to use this ability, you must put a clear note in the bottom of your post immediately following the attack you want to 'shrug off').
    Regional Score bonus: +3 in all shrine visits, drops, PQ+s, KQs, etc. (You must post this at the bottom of any post where a +3 should be included)


    Player Post Count: 6,471
    KQs: 1
    PQ+s: 0
    Mini Events: 2
    SWEs: 1
    PQs: 5
    Player MP: 8062
    King's End
    • The Barrows - No thread
      • The Last Step - No thread
      • Meadowreach - No thread
    • Queen's Gambit - No thread
      • Eye of Fire - No thread
    • Mourn - [SE] under the stars
      • The Dreaming Well - No thread
    • Boondocks - No thread
    • Explored: 2/9
    • The Citadel - No thread
      • Palace - No thread
      • Snowcloak - No thread
    • Tundra - No thread
      • Sea of Glass - No thread
      • The Fangs - No thread
      • The Frostfields - No thread
      • Svaturis Bay - No thread
      • The Hollow Forest - No thread
      • The Greenwing - No thread
      Explored: 0/10
    Hollowed Grounds
    • Inner Quarter - Speak until you’re heard
    • Outer Brambles - No thread
      • The Labyrinth - No thread
      • Levinsward - No thread
      • Peekaboo Rise - No thread
      • Glade - No thread
        • Oasis - No thread
        • The Spire - No thread
    • Outer Islands - No thread
      • Bone Bridges - No thread
      • Jack Tar Landing - No thread
      Explored: 2/16
    The Draig Cordillera
    • The Draig Cordillera - No thread
      • Amphitheatre - No thread
      • Infinity Fields - No thread
      • Caido's Lighthouse - No thread
      • Weightless Waterfall - No thread
      • Summit - No thread
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    Hak Etme
    • Hak Etme - No thread
      • The Furnace - No thread
      • Boneyard - No thread
      • Sunshine Pools - No thread
      • Sea of Dreams - No thread
      • Suvahasi - No thread
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    The Feverlands
    • The Feverlands - In the middle of it all
      • The Hanging Tree - No thread
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    The Climb
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