October Hart

Basic Information
Level: N/A
Race: Attuned
Nationality: Natural
Citizenship: Stormbreak
Profession Doctor
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Hannah Simone Strength: 14 /30
Age: 32 (Flowerbirth 279 PC) Dexterity: 16 /30
Height: 5'8" Endurance: 13 /30
Weight: 130 lbs Luck: /30
Gender: Female Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Largely unexplored Deity Alignment: Frey/Rae

Dark almond eyes free of judgement but nearly always tired, and soft hands often in gloves or shoved in pockets.

Tobi is nearly always wearing scrubs or some similarly stained romper-type outfit. Never form-fitting (she might have an extra limb under there for all anyone knows), her wardrobe is entirely practical and without a stitch of fashion sense. Oversized sweaters and leggings comprise her 'after-hours' outfits, but seeing as her evenings are spent pouring over old textbooks or playing piano, there's no need for anything more than that.

Tobi is the epitome of good bed-side manner at all times. Rarely riled or flustered, her needs always come secondary to those of her patients, and because she never stops working, she treats the world around her like it is under her medical jurisdiction. Her natural beauty and patience often hinders her when it comes to her colleagues, as she is often given less credit than she deserves or overlooked. Having very little desire to be noticed or lauded for her efforts, Tobi is not one to correct them.
Named for a strange and wonderful word that some of the Outlanders use to describe their system of time-keeping, Tobi's parents were scholars within the Order focusing specifically on chronicling other worlds. Their love of learning was passed down to their daughter, but Tobi's intellectual interests began to focus on the internal workings of bodies, rather than on distant worlds. Much more pragmatically-minded than her family, Tobi devoted herself to Rae and understanding their methods of evolution. When she was around 12 she submitted herself to be an attuned, thinking perhaps she wanted to be a vet. As she grew and developed more shifts, her new abilities instead made her a shockingly good healer (Rae's gift of a unicorn-shift), and therapist (bernese mountain dog shift).
She keeps her unicorn-shift secret. No one knows about it. (Given that unicorns are the bonded-creatures of abandoned, there is a stigma about them in Stormbreak)

Bernese Mountain Dog | Unicorn

Can partially shift animal form
Can speak telepathically with other Attuned even when not shifted


Citizenship Ability
With so many favoured in one place, fickle spirits tend to leave you alone. You cannot be cursed when visiting a shrine by a spirit. (In order to use this, make sure to note the ability at the bottom of each shrine post).

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