James Aiféala

Basic Information
Race: Attuned
Nationality: Natural
Citizenship: Nomadic
Profession Thief
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation
Character Information
Face Claim: Robert Sheehan Strength: 8 /30
Age: 24 (Leafchange 285 PC) Dexterity: 9 /30
Height: 6" Endurance: 8 /30
Weight: 165 lbs Luck: 10 /30
Gender: Male Relationship Status: Lonely
Orientation: Bi Deity Alignment:

Wiry. Probably high on something. Disheveled

Attractive in a if he was the last man on earth sort of way. More the type that grows on you like a bad habit or a fungus, than coming across as actually handsome. With murky green eyes and a head of curls, it's Jame's personality that is memorable, not his appearance.

At any time James can be seen with a chaotic display of jewlery, from rings on every finger, to chains made of clover around his neck, the snake is never unadorned. He has many tattoos as well, mostly poorly done.

"Fashion Forward" (poor, lazy) James' attire is mostly comprised of whatever is left laying about: nets made into shirts, blankets into a skirt, a jacket made out of an old tent.


Imagine walking down the street and seeing a malnourished puppy sat in a puddle. The feeling of awwww combined with pity and slight disgust, basically sums up what most feel about James (or whatever name he's given). Not fond of his actual name (James being horribly vanilla and unoriginal), usually he'll instead choose Prince Anaconda of Wondermart, or perhaps, The Diamond Theif of the Most Easterly Western Coasts. Whatever he tells you you can be sure it isn't the truth.

A thief by trade and a kleptomaniac for fun, James is a compulsive liar with a heart of gold beating in his malnourished chest. A heart which, incidentally, he's happy to sell for about any price. With a charming accent (Irish), an eye for chaos, a can't-keep-me-down attitude, and a habit of doing drugs first and asking questions later, it's no wonder that James finds himself alone and friendless most of the time.

Deeply afraid of being alone, James' fine on my own! attitude is an obvious defense mechanism, as is his self-degrading humour and quick but dark wit.

Born on the coast of Caido to a whore and a sailor, his last name means regret, and had his mother spent even a moments more time on his first name, it would have been something equally as indicative of her dislike for her son.

Travelling about as soon as he was able (read: he was abandoned, but the young-adventurer narrative is much better), James threw himself at the first god who showed him any interest (Frey) becoming an Attuned. From there, the world was his oyster (and he was allergic to shellfish).

Exploring from the coastline to the interior, when the barrier fell and storms abruptly halted his trek back towards the coast, James found himself more or less trapped in and around the Greatwood. Hated by the fae for his casual and abundant lie-telling, the attuned spent most of his time in snake-form, eating small bugs and rodents to stay alive. Ask him where he's actually from and he's as likely to tell you he hails from the Flying City of the Seven Monstrocities, or The Jeweled Undercarriage of the Sea. Who knows, maybe one day he'll actually tell you the truth, not that yo u'd ever be able to pick it out from all the lies.


Rat Snake



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