Lily Balfour

Basic Information
Level: N/A
Race: Accepted
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Profession Entertainer
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Jessica Chastain Strength: 16 /30
Age: 28 (Flowerbirth 283 PC) Dexterity: 19 /30
Height: 5'9'' Endurance: 18 /30
Weight: Luck: 14 /30
Gender: Female Relationship Status: Homewrecker
Orientation: Everyone Deity Alignment:
- Thick, luscious light red hair

- Pale green/hazel eyes

- Curvy figure, neither slim nor heavy

- Well endowed

- Milk-white skin, a rather beguiling face which alternates between innocent angel and mischievous vixen

- Speaks with a bit of a southern twang

- Lily is, above all, an entertainer. She knows where her money comes from and she isn't afraid to try and coax more out of her patrons. Witty, charming, flirtatious, headstrong, she knows the effect she has on men (and often women) and isn't afraid to shamelessly use it to her advantage. Also does not mind drinking with the boys - at least, the boys who are poor and of no use to her financially.

- She genuinely loves to sing and dance, win at cards, and wear pretty things

- More likely to try to bribe her way out of a bad situation with sexual favors or a kick to the balls than to have any proper combat training. If she remembers, she'll have a small knife on her, and that's about it.

- Longs for a proper female friend. Most don't like her.

- Finds life exciting. Always looking for a good adventure. Freedom is paramount.

Lily was born into a poor family, the middle of five children, and when it was evident that he was going to be an attractive girl, her parents sold her off to a wealthy family as a companion for their daughter. There, she learned to sing and dance and be a proper woman - she might have remained a servant if the daughter didn't drown when she was seventeen. Instead of waiting for her fate to be decided by other, Lily stole some jewels and ran to another city.

There, she set herself up in a bar, putting her skills to good use while learning less... desirable, but necessary ones. She's been beaten, robbed, hungry, worshipped, and decked out in golden finery, and still, she vows she will never marry. She may have numerous benefactors, but she will never let anyone rule her life again.


Somali Cat | Nightingale | Sun Bear

Can partially shift animal form
Can speak telepathically with other Attuned even when not shifted


Citizenship Ability
The world is new to you, and you to it. During PQ/PQ+/KQs/Drops, you roll with advantage on luck-based rolls and receive an extra name during drops. (In order to use this, make sure to note the ability at the bottom of each post)
  • Type: Grey
    Pheromone Perfume | When worn, causes all within 1 foot to feel heightened arousal for the wearer. If the perfume is transferred from the wearer onto the skin of someone else (via kiss, for example), the feeling is nearly intoxicating.

  • Type: Light
    Voice Projector | A music-note shaped device that when sung into will project the speakers voice. Can also add harmonies and background music as well for accompaniment.

  • Type: Light
    Jar of starlight | Open to fill a room with the brilliance of the stars. One use only.

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    [Seasonal Event] warm this weather out of my bones
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    on 02-12-2019
    Mine To Find [Seasonal Event]
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    [DROP] It'll take your breath away
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    Damsel in Distress
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    on 01-24-2019
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