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Sunjata Wrenzaok
the Flood

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They had agreed early Deepfrost, and Sunjata had pushed for it more and more as the descent of visions come true had him on edge the last few months. So they had agreed, Nate was back from the Grounds, they had posted it and prepped everything. And then the day was upon them as the day shifted toward the sunset and the bonfires were lit.

Sunjata, dressed relatively well, remains close to Nate — an arm draped around his husbands shoulders, a soft smile playing on his lips, sipping at some type of wine that they’d brought in from the Grounds — he didn’t want to get too drunk immediately, of course. Already there’s a couple people around, some preparing the food and setting it out, some simply milling about, and yet all Sunjata can do is try to ignore the creeping shadows that come in on the edges of their party. Luckily for him, Haai runs up and down the beach, leaving splashing waves in her play.

I wonder who from the Grounds is going to come.” He rumbles idly, gaze slipping to Nate with a spark of amusement within, doing its best to chase away the shadows. This was their day, after all.

This is the ME for Jata and Nate’s reception ;D anyone is welcome to attend (Hollowed Grounds and Torchline invited via Notice Board)!

Please wait for Nate to post first, then have at it!! <3
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Nate Wrenzaok
the Lone (Free) Ranger
"Doctor" / Guildmaster

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The day comes so suddenly, it almost surprises him. Almost. Nate is scrambling, near the end, trying to keep his fingers in everything; the food, the drinks, the preparations for the bonfires. After everything, was it so much to want just one thing go off without a hitch?

This is the nicest he’s dressed for anything in a long while, shorts and borrowed shirts  traded out for something white, fancy, and altogether entirely inappropriate for a party. His arm is wrapped loosely around Sunjata’s waist, his hand squeezing the attuned’s hip. Every now and then, he steals a sip from his husbands glass, enjoying the familiarity even if it does nothing for him.

”I don’t know — I didn’t actually invite anyone personally.” Maybe he should have though, written something out and delivered it while he was in the Grounds. Though, by the same token, he has absolutely no idea who’s living where these days, so it could have simply been an exercise in frustration when he was already in a sour mood. ”I’d still be happy even if no one showed up, though.” The words are punctuated by a kiss pressed against Sunjata’s cheek, before Nate throws his gaze around the spread they’ve set out, a bright smile splitting his face.
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Neos Rivetter

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Neos, to be perfectly honest, felt a bit out of place as he approached the area mentioned in both Torchline and the Hollowed Grounds on the separate Notice Boards, looking around to take in the scene as a whole. He had only met one of the mentioned duo, and that was when he was first tossed into Caido rather abruptly...and he realized that after taking a few seconds to try to pronounce the odd name and having it click in his head who the person was. This meant he had no idea what to bring for a gift if one was required of him as well, since he didn't know the other mentioned in the notes. Gulp.

Adjusting his hat to make sure it stayed on during the evening and possibly night hours, he glanced about the area after walking up to it, not seeing anyone yet but anyone that might have come to help and the married pair in question. To be fair, he had looked over the messages on the notice boards, when he spotted them, multiple times to make sure he wasn't seeing shit or missing something.

Since arriving on Caido, he's seen a lot he hadn't experienced before in such a short time, and now he would be adding yet another thing to that list. He'd be honest, it confused him. Even with his travels, Neos has had certain preconceived notions about the nature of sex and marriage, and he had questions. Ones which wouldn't be appropriate to ask here...honestly, he had the feeling asking to begin with would land his ass on the ground, if not in it. As much as he wanted to ask, even he knew it would be a damned asshole thing to do so, so he merely swallowed down his ignorance and curiosity, and let the duo enjoy their day.

"...hi, Sunjata," he began nervously, tugging at the collar of his black suitjacket before offering a hand for a handshake. "Here's hoping the past few months have been well for you." He wore a sheepish smile on his face, before he looked towards the other, to who he assumed to be Nate...and he had to bite his own tongue hard on the sudden degree of wrongness he just felt on an instinctive level while keeping the same expression on his face. Now that he thought of it, he felt the same kind of wrongness when he first experienced the ambiance created by the Voice in Halo...was there a connection? There was something going on he didn't know about, and what little remained of his animal instincts were flagging on it, but he had to keep himself from asking about it, at least now. Questions can be a few days later, at minimum. "And I'm guessing you're the lucky one with him? Nate, if I recall correctly," he asked while also offering the Ascended a hand for a handshake as well.
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Aurelia Murlow
the Fireheart

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Aurelia is determined to come to Sunjata's and Nate's wedding - and she is also determined to bring Milo. She wants to show her support for them, even if things had become slightly estranged between her and Sunjata. Even if it was brief, and even if she wrestled with the feeling internally, she did feel some amount of guilt for helping Gideon. It was technically a betrayal, if preemptive and unknowing...

When she saw the notice up on the board, it had caught her attention. At the time, she'd told herself she wouldn't come, wouldn't fit in, would feel far too out of place.

Yet she does, her hand clasped against Milo's as she leads him along the sandy beach. When she'd made the decision to really come to the wedding, she'd asked Milo to come with her. She hadn't explained why, but she needed him beside her today. Perhaps that had been apparent in the somewhat pleading way she'd attempted to convince him: "I know he's the governor, but don't worry. He's alright. He knows I work for the Ark. We're just going to celebrate and, I want to be there for him. He's one of my closest friends here and he's helped me with a lot."

Aurelia isn't much of a formal type. She's never been to a wedding at all, actually. Her world had plenty in the way of... business and riches and fancy occasions to dress for. But these things had always been beyond her standing in society, made her uncomfortable at the idea. And, living her life mostly to herself, she'd never had a need for dresses or nice shoes or jewelry or anything of that sort.

So, she comes dressed.. a bit humble, perhaps, but she is attempting to match the occasion nonetheless. Her hair is fashioned into a braid and she is wearing golden, looped earrings. A cloak made of fine fabric drapes around her frame. It's deep brown with colorful, floral details sewn along the edges. Beneath it, as she sweeps it behind her shoulders, she wears a loose white blouse and khaki pants, as well as a fresh pair of boots which strap up the length of her calves. Something she'd traded for as well, given that her old pair were ruined from getting soaked in the ocean.

She also doesn't come empty-handed. Well, she literally does, but Milo is holding the gift they'd brought. It isn't wrapped, merely folded and bound by a rope. The feathery blanket is well-crafted from the pelts of Ramphires. Shades of pink, purple, and yellow blend and split from each other, but the material is soft and warm; fit for keeping snug in the Deepfrost.

Her eyes are bright as her and Milo approach, close enough to spot people setting out food and drink, as well as Haai playing along the waves. Her gaze travels the sands toward Sunjata and Nate. A grin spreads against her cheeks and she heads straight for them. Letting go of Milo once they're near, overcome with sentiment and happiness for them, she rushes past the stranger conversing with them (sorry Neos) and throws her arms around the two grooms to pull them both into a tight hug. Whether they want it or expect it or not, she's doing it!

"Congratulations, you two!" She leans back, letting go of them after another squeeze. "I've never been to a wedding before but, I'm glad this is the first- oh!" she lifts her brows and reaches out for Milo, stepping back to his side, giving him a small nudge. A more tender smile softens her expression now, "This is Milo. The gift was all his idea!" She'd simply gathered the materials to make it out of, and with Milo's help they'd found someone to put it together into something nice.

Once their introductions are out of the way, she takes the opportunity {before the pair might get swept up by more arrivals} to ask, "How are you guys feeling?" This question doesn't come with naivety to at least some of the pair's troubles. But she does hope they can forget all of that, even if only for a time. Gods know they could all use the distraction but, she won't be the one to say that aloud.
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Bastien De Rosieres
the Dionysian
Ambassador for the Hollowed Grounds / Artist

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Well, there was no way he was going to miss this, busy or not.

Bastien arrived to the event in one of his best, most colourful outfits, fully prepared to celebrate in the most extravagant ways even if he could not fully experience all of them himself. On his back he carried a bag containing, for the most part, alcohol; a large amount from the Sanctuary's stock - mostly sweet wines and fruity, light beverages, fitting for a cheery party.

It was uplifting to step from the dreary winter of the Grounds to Torchline, which even in Deepfrost night shone brightly; up to the event with the beautiful view of the sea. "Sunjata! Nate!" He called, hurrying to see the two grooms. "I've brought some things to move your party along, if you see what I mean-" Putting his bag on the floor, Bastien produced several bottles from it. "-But also a gift for you both."

He handed to both of them a large, loosely wrapped package, light and soft. Inside they would find elegant, long robes, designed to be comfortable for wear around the house and matching in patterns, embroidery up the cuff and sleeve and on the back. Sunjata's was a deep red, and Nate's a dark blue. "I have been learning how to stitch, and I thought you could use something to wear in your new home." He explained, grinning to them each in turn.
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Melita Najya

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Her own invitation had been tucked along her nightstand; awaited, maybe, in between her bouts of trepidation and apprehension, shoved aside for another day. For another hour. For a time not meant for merriment. So she pushed the brimming, quelling things down, down, down, and instead, rummaged through the bottom drawers, where she’d tucked away presents acquired long ago. When she’d known, understood, Nate’s value for Sunjata, when things stuck and stayed as opposed to everything else. Acquiring her goods, she wrapped them carefully, placing them within her bag, snagging at Fangorn nestled at her feet, and then hastening off.

She trailed after the bonfires, the cast colors of sunset, the seasonal swing of Deepfrost. Her eyes went immediately to the others in the vicinity, and she bided her time, waving casually to Aurelia and Milo, eyeing the available drinks, refreshments, and snacks. Something burrowed and buried inside her as she waited to meet with her family, and she fought it off again – because this was their moment, and she wasn’t here to spoil it. Not for the instant, anyway.

Eventually she glided over, a devilish grin adorning her features. “A formal congratulations, then,” noted with a cheeky, Cheshire smile, coming forward to embrace them both, to share her strength and adoration in accord. Then she lifted up her own gift, unwrapping the objects and artifacts to extend them outwards for inspection, perusal, and taking. “I’ve had them for a while.” Then she stood back, hands tucked behind her, waiting to see their reaction – twin daggers, both adorned, enameled, and embedded with metallic feathers at the hilt, some blue, some silver. The only features not identical to one another were the sun on Sunjata’s, and the moon on Nate’s, nearly hidden at the top of the handle.
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Juniper Dubois
the Amberwing
Greatwood Guardian / Diplomat

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Chances were no one had expected Juniper to show up at this event. Honestly, she'd debated whether to go at all. She didn't actually know either of the celebrants well, having met Sunjata once and Nate not at all, and Nate's Ascended nature might make it a bit awkward for a Fae to show up, especially if other Ascended attended. But the invitation had said it was open to everyone, and Juniper saw it as a potential diplomatic occasion. Not that she would be so rude as to press business on Sunjata during his wedding reception, but it wouldn't hurt to sow a little goodwill between herself and the governor -- and to show that she respected him as a person, beyond what he could potentially do for her. She didn't plan on picking fights with any Ascended, or even bringing up politics if she could avoid it, so it should be fine.

Juniper dressed nicely, in a gauzy, flowing dress and delicate high heels that were quite impractical to walk in -- a fact made irrelevant by Juniper's decision to hover a few inches above the ground. She wore a fine cloak for warmth, more important when she'd traveled the Greatwood to get here than here on the beach, though even in Torchline things were starting to get chilly.

She'd brought a gift, too, and she watched for an opportunity to give it, trying to find a time when the hosts weren't occupied with other guests. At a gap in the conversation, she floated up to them and greeted them both, bowing her head -- but smiling, a bit ruefully, amused by her own excessive formality. "Governor. I came to wish you well -- you and your husband."

Turning to Nate, she added, "I don't believe we've met. My name is Juniper; I'm an ambassador from my people."

That should explain her presence, so she offered her gift, held out to both of them equally: a small package wrapped in delicate paper. Inside rested a pair of matching necklaces in the form of flowering vines, intricately crafted -- a common gift for a newlywed couple among the Fae. Some of her people would have found it odious to give such a thing to outsiders, especially when one of them was Ascended, but Juniper thought that this, too, would be a good way to reach out to those beyond the Greatwood.
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Adam Pikely
Smuggler's Liaison

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Once Adam would have shown up just to tease the couple about getting married like gross old people, but he could hardly do that now, married himself (ugh, when did all this maturity happen?!). Still, the way he confidently swaggered into the reception with a smirk on his face would tell anyone he was in a fun mood, a one liner already stored up in his head for when he came before the couple.

There was a drink in his hand, even though he couldn't really enjoy it fully - it was in the spirit of things, right? And he'd never been to a party without drinking; it didn't feel right.

"Y'know Sunjata, this is better than your first wedding. Maybe by number three you'll have it pinned down?" Adam laughed loudly at his own joke, clearly pleased with himself, nudging both of the grooms arms. He did not have a gift, having barely arrived back in the world and still collecting his mind, but his presence was enough. "For real though, congrats guys. It's nice that you're, you know, in love and shit. Makes things better."
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Milo Kydd

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He knows one thing, that he knows Nate. He doesn’t know Sunjata, doesn’t know the full extent of Aurelia’s friendship with the two grooms, but he knows he’s been roped into coming along, helping figure out a gift and getting said gift made, and when the day comes? He tries to be as put together as he can. Hopefully Nate didn’t hold too much of a grudge over the Sear cat ordeal. As it was, though, he’s dressed well — a sweater of sorts over dark pants, red hair tamed, and a blanket bundled in his arms as Aurelia guides him to the beach.

A’ight.” Milo offers with a quiet huff, a shrug of a shoulder. “I’ll do m’best.” To be on his best behavior, as well. He’s content to glance around the party, lead by the fiery woman beside him, when she lets him go and promptly dives at the two men. It’s all Milo can do to keep that easy going smile on his face, head dipping in greeting to Sunjata, then his gaze lands on Nate when his brows raise a bit. “{aay}Oy, the sear cat wasn’t kiddin’ was it?” He asks, realizing shortly after it’s probably not the best thing to bring up.

His cheeks flush a bit and he extends his arms to reveal the warm, feather and fur blanket, with a bright grin on his face. “Good t’meet ya, officially ‘course. ‘N congrats.” He doesn’t have much else to say, already feeling a bit awkward about it all, and so he lets Aurelia do the talking before they’re swept away again and the blanket is taken.

Then they were free, and his hand finds Aurelia’s again, his chin jutting toward the drinks and food. “Y’wanna get somethin’?
Rigby Arcara
Street Urchin

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Normally Rigby would be far far from the festivities, he avoided most events at all costs lest he accidentally run into someone who wanted to steal some of his time with a boring anecdote or something of the like. But tonight he was hungry, and so here he was; where the food was plentiful and booze was filled to the brim.

It was a bit too raucous for his liking, but that was the nature of receptions. The ghost haunted the food tables, glancing around for people who might god forbid know him as he shoved some desserts into his pockets. He recognized many of the faces, but there were three specific ones that might recognize him. The husbands, and the knife girl. Probably best he steer clear of her, he still bore a light scar from last time they'd met. So the boy slipped away to the very edges of the crowd, lit a cigarette, and hovered.

Might as well stick around, see if anything else catches his eye.
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Neron Launceleyn
the Hailstorm
Owner of the Kraai / Spymaster

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Neron knows them both, so he doesn't think he should bring a gift.

Then again, Sunjata is technically his "boss", so perhaps he should.

He also used to be a duke, and that's a whole thing in itself, so...

Neron brings booze. He'll also bring Morgan, if that's what she wants (the invite is open, regardless).

He swans up to the happy couple - looking just as stormy and broody at their wedding reception as they do everywhere else - and offers the best bottle of whiskey he could find out to Sunjata, knowing better than to give it to Nate.

"Congratulations," he murmurs. "Let us hope that only one of you really remembers what happens tonight. That's a sign that it's been a very good party, or so I've heard." He has not heard. He knows. Gods does he miss it sometimes.
Morgan Aristomache
the Glacier
Warden of Halo

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Morgan had not left Halo for the season to attend social events and had initially bristled against the idea when Neron had first suggested it, but she'd softened when she'd thought about just how long Deepfrost really was. She couldn't spend the entire season preparing for the fight, glowering at targets or inspiring Ascended. There had to be some empty days, some days spent doing something close to relaxing, and so she'd come here.

It was odd, to know it was Deepfrost but to be on a beach. She had taken one of the drinks, standing nearby but not overly close to Neron as he went to address the couple. Only knowing Sunjata, she gave him a nod from a distance, not having much to say. She did not know the man beyond their professional meetings, had never met his husband, was mostly here because Neron had asked.

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Nate Wrenzaok
the Lone (Free) Ranger
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The trickle of guests starts slow, with a man Nate's never seen before, at least not as far as he remembers. Gods know he hasn't been paying attention lately. The stranger seems to know Sunjata though, offers his greeting, his well wishes, his hand. Nate's brows raise, his lips quirking as he's turned to and the man seems to struggle for a moment, before recovering. Normally, Nate would refuse his hand, would make a scene, but he doesn't here. Sure, it's his party, he can cry if he wants to, but there's something a touch more satisfying about being as unnerving as he can instead. "You do recall correctly." He confirms, unblinking stare locked on the man now, his own cool hand firm and unyielding, released only as more people begin to trickle in, as Aurelia rushes towards them. "Enjoy the party, huh?"

There is a very familiar face trailing behind the hunter, though Nate doesn't get the chance to comment right away, not as Aurelia wraps them up in a hug that he leans into warmly. "I'm glad you came." He rumbles, the smile obvious in his voice. "And it's good to see you again kid." This is aimed towards Milo, his hand thrust out enthusiastically to be shaken, the sear cat incident water under the bridge, the humour in it easier to see with two eyes. Though it shouldn't be, the gift is a surprise, as every one after this will be as well. The blanket is lifted from Milo's arms, his fingers moving through soft feathers as Nate presses it towards his husband, meaning to tickle it against him, before turning to set it on a nearby table. "Thank you." The words stick in his throat just a little, but he can play off the sparkle in his eyes as joy instead of emotion, leaning in to hug Aurelia tightly again, an arm thrown out to pull Milo in as well. As for how they are, that's a question his husband can field, Nate not sure at all how to respond.

"Oh, now it's a party." Nate laughed, stepping forward to greet his fellow ascended, to hand the bottles off to someone passing by to be set out with the rest of the alcohol they have available. "You didn't need to bring anything but yourself, Bastien, really." It seemed a theme was developing, as far as gifts went, though Nate wasn't complaining, especially not when they were so fine and well made.

Melita approaches them next, Nate immediately leaning down to wrap his niece up in a hug, lifting her off her feet just for a moment. "A formal thank you." He offers back, setting her down again as he does. Just in time for her gift to be offered, Nate taking one dagger and leaving the other for Sunjata, looking it over with a watery gaze. "These are beautiful Mel. Thank you." He says, noticing the sun on the one he'd grabbed, and moving to trade with his husband, a bright laugh leaving him.

The next figure to arrive had Nate stiffening, his arm returning to its place around Sunjata and squeezing just a touch more firmly than he really needed to. This wasn’t the fae who’d attacked him, obviously, her eyes kinder, less filled with hate, but that didn’t truly ease him. All Nate can do is nod in response to her introduction. Is he being rude? Maybe. Is it justified? He certainly thinks so. The word ambassador is enough at least to make him move, a stilted grin returning to his face as he reaches out to accept the gift with Sunjata, letting the attuned tear away the paper and reveal the necklaces. ”Thank you.” He says softly, almost reluctantly.

Nate is all too eager to focus on the next familiar face that approaches, Adam a sight for sore eyes, even if he was still a strange sight. ”How long’d it take you to think of that one?” He snarks back quickly, easily, grabbing the feeling of normalcy and shrouding himself with it quickly. A deep chuckle leaves Nate as he reaches out to clap the other man’s shoulder. ”Thanks man. It means a lot.” Well wishes were certainly more along the lines of what he expected to receive, and he was happy to get them from Adam of all people, something he had never even thought was a possibility.

Stormy is his, their natural state of being, especially with the surprise arrival of a fae, but that doesn't mean the smile doesn't do it's best to break through as Neron approaches, a hand coming out to greet him, once the bottle is passed over to Sunjata. "It's going to be a very big party no matter what happens." He laughs, his arm moving to squeeze his husband close. "I'm hoping for a repeat of his birthday, actually." Not the most recent one, though Neron doesn't necessarily need the clarification.

It's nice, honestly, to be able to mingle and relax. It's worth the work, worth the waiting they had done.
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Sunjata Wrenzaok
the Flood

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Me too.” He agrees softly toward Nate as the Ascended kisses his cheek, an easy smile crossing his face. He doesn’t expect to see Neos first, the man arriving and greeting him first, a hand outstretched for a handshake. “Thank you Neos.” He rumbles, shaking the attuned’s hand, voice drawing quiet after that for Nate to speak, to offer his own hand, the pass off while Sunjata realizes Aurelia’s approach. He offers a nod of agreement to Neos, that same easy smile placed on his lips, until Aurelia’s crashing into them and Sunjata has one spare moment to glance at the red head beside her before he’s hugging the woman back. It’s a tight hug, a friendly hug, a quiet huff of a laugh leaving him at her enthusiasm.

Well, welcome to your first.” He rumbles toward Aurelia with a playful grin spreading across his face – his gaze immediately drifting toward Milo with curiosity – realizing that Nate knows the boy and yet Sunjata was clueless. He’d have to ask Nate about it later, but for now there’s a beautiful blanket draped in Milo’s hands that Nate lifts, tickles his cheek with the feathers and softness of it – a snort leaving him as he reaches to run a hand through it too. “Good. We’re feeling good.” He offers Aurelia in place of his husband, the arm around Nate squeezing tight as if for emphasis, another quiet thank you echoing Nate’s. “It’s good to meet you too, Milo.

And more arrive, Bastien with drinks that have Sunjata pausing to snag one of the bottles before Nate’s completely squirreled them away for displaying them out for the party. “This one’s mine.” He rumbles to Nate before flashing a wide grin to Bastien in greeting. The next gift is unexpected, Sunjata’s steel gaze lifting to Bastien’s face with a playful grin as he opens the package just enough to spy the robes. “Oh these are wonderful. Thank you Bastien.” He steps forward then, aiming to squeeze Bastien’s shoulder with his thanks, to raise the bottle he’d snagged in another quiet agreement.

And then Melita arrives, and despite whatever happened between them, Sunjata’s nothing but relieved and grateful to see his niece there. He waits until Nate’s done hogging his niece before he’s moving to embrace her tightly as well. “Thank you heuningby.” He murmurs, pouring all of his thanks, love, and appreciation in the words as he can. But he pulls away as she offers the gift, dark brows raising in surprise as he picks up the one designated with the moon, immediately noticing how Nate goes to swap them. “You didn’t have to, Mel.” He rumbles, peering at the blades with appreciation and love in his gaze when he peers back at Melita. “Amazing taste, though, as usual.” He compliments once he’s done inspecting the gift and placing it back in the box, his attention flickering toward Nate with an easy smile.

Oh, and he feels the tension as Juniper approaches – a bit of surprise crossing his face as he offers her a smile of greeting, as he tries to send as much warmth and love and goodwill toward Nate through the bond. It’s okay. He murmurs to his husband, squeezing him back, his gaze never leaving Juniper. “It’s a welcome surprise to see you Juniper.” He offers easily, his smile growing a bit wider as she produces a gift – almost as if it’s a peace offering. It’s beautiful, though, and he lifts one of them to inspect it – some sort of warmth settling over him at the fact she’d included two. She’s working to find who among her people attacked you. She’s a friend. He explains rather quickly toward Nate, setting the necklace back in the box and taking it. “This means a lot, I hope you enjoy the party.” He dips his head toward her.

And then there’s Adam, a joke aimed loudly at them that has Sunjata unable to keep from the bright chuckle that slips from him. “This one’ll be much more fun.” He rumbles toward Adam, a grin spreading across his face. “No thirds though, sticking with this one I think. Don’t think I could get rid of him if I tried.” He nudges Nate playfully, a crooked smirk crossing his face as he peers over at his husband briefly, gaze flitting back toward Adam after a moment. “Thank you. Glad you came.

Regardless of how much Rigby wishes to remain a secret, Sunjata spies the boy in the corner, hanging along the edges, perusing the food before drifting off toward the edge. And honestly, if he wanted to eat, it was there. He was welcome in Sunjata’s eyes to help himself, to gorge himself if he wanted, to celebrate. But Neron captures his attention next, a bottle offered of a wonderful bottle of whiskey, a small smirk crossing his face. “You certainly know my tastes.” He can’t help the chuckle that leaves him as he accepts the bottle with a quiet ‘thank you’ as his husband already moves into responding to the jest. At the mention of his birthday, however, Sunjata can’t help the feigned horror from crossing his face, an exasperated look lingering long after. “I think I was still drunk the next day.” He rumbles quietly, before passing the look off and offering an easy smile back at Neron. “Thanks for coming.

Of course, he spies Morgan in the distance too, offering a nod in response to her own. A thanks offered silently, over the distance. And then he’s peering at all these gifts, shifting to focus on his husband, to pull him in and press a kiss to Nate’s lips – chaste as it is – before smirking lightly. Good thing we’ve got a big house now, hm? I hadn’t expected so many gifts. His tone is sent with amusement, laughter bouncing lightly through the blood ring.
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