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With the rains of Flowerbirth gone, LongHeat is traditionally a time of light throughout Caido. But all is not well, as the clouds clear and the sun shines. Temperatures are rising, not only in the atmosphere… and it’s about to reach fever pitch.

The following characters will find themselves feeling very under the weather this season:


Your symptoms include the following:

A high fever
Audiovisual hallucinations
Extreme thirst (for Ascended, yes, it means that kind of thirst)
An urge to seek out heat and fire, even if this is detrimental to you
A sensitivity and dislike to water

A caveat for those who have been here for some time! This is not like the Blight plot. This is a mystery to solve. It can be cured, and we expect you to do it lmao.

Whilst the illness will not kill your characters (unless you want it to), please feel free to play it IC as seriously as you would like. What we will say is that your character’s END stat will determine how quickly they bounce back from this once cured, so if it’s on the lower scale, expect to walk away with some lingering effects.

Welcome to the LongHeat seasonal event! It will last from September 1 - October 31.

All requirements must be met to complete the event. Multiple characters can participate, but the threads do not carry across! (I.E. Both characters must complete all threads to gain +2 stats each).

Please include {SEASONAL EVENT} or {SE} somewhere in your thread title, especially if you make an open thread!

Please complete the following requirements:

- In the Climb, complete a thread exploring ONE of the different sub-boards of the Burrows for clues
- Learn about someone else's exploration of the Burrows (a different area to the one you explored)
- Thread with someone who is sick and learn their symptoms, OR if you are sick, share your symptoms with someone
- Attend your area’s ME (admin will arrange this with the leaders and will post once sufficient clues have been found) to share theories/ideas about the sickness and try to come up with some potential cures
- Complete a thread leaving an offering for Safrin under the stars

Part 2 of this SE and the requirements will be posted after the MEs have been completed.

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